Reviews For 7th Son: Book One - Descent (The Beta Version)

It grabbed me from the first sentence and took me on a ride I have not forgotten to this day. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great science fiction story.
Found this by pure chance. A little adverts would go a long way
I am enjoying this podcast! I had sifted through many to find one that is interesting. I'm hoping for more.
Best audio ever
Wow. Great story so far... Now onto book 2!!!
I returned for a second listen, a couple years later, and I still love the series. I'm truly enjoying my second run and catching details I missed the first time through!
A fairly well written, original idea. I enjoyed the playfulness the writer use with the character and their interaction between each other and the 7th staff. Yes it has foul Language. Yes it has some cheesy dialogue. But it isn't a bad story nor is the telling of it. This wouldn't be a book I'd have bought an read, but I really enjoyed listening.
For those who have a deep seated hatred of Dean Koontz, this will be a negative review of the book. With that being said, I haven't enjoyed a series this much since Odd Thomas. Well, the first Odd book anyway. Great character development and great story. Loved it.
The plot line flows pretty well and surprises break fast. Some twists are a little predictable but the characters are all interesting. I am hooked. Yes there are trite parts but if you have read anything by some of the more prolific best selling novelists you will find plenty of flat dialogue and/or plot points. I have listened to first 21 chapters and definitely want to listen to the rest.
I love all of these books, but this first story really hooked me. A great story, well performed.
I loved all on the 7th Son podiobooks!!!
What a boring story. Predicable at every turn and a lot of recycled ideas. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and it never did. If I didn't have so far to drive on this trip, I would have never listened to all of it. I just kept thinking it was building to something. Never happened! A real boring read.


By Debmsw
I do not know if I can come up with the night enough nice things to say about the quality of this trilogy. This trilogy was so exciting and so interesting that it kept my kept me on the edge my seat for every single episode. Every day I walk my dog for hour. Every day I listen to a couple episodes of this trilogy for that hour. As a podiobook as good as this one ends I'm saddened for a weeks because I feel like I've lost part of my family because I'm longer able to listen to what is happening with the people in the story. The bottom line is, this is the best podiobook(s) I have ever listened to. Please keep books coming, you're a terrific writer.
D/L this!!!! Great stuff!!!
I enjoyed this series very much. A new (to me) concept in sci-fi. Very high quality recording.
The story is juvenile, the dialog is really corny, and big bad guy is about as cliche as you can get. Every time there is a big, dramatic plot twist you'll be thinking, "well, that was obvious". If need something to listen to, and you've run out of Sigler stories, this can pass the time, but don't expect to be blown away.
It grabbed me from the beginning an didnt let go! Great book!!
Hooks you in with the first episode and keeps you on that hook till the very end!
I was hooked in the first 10 mins of episode one! no stop thrills, I found myself cheering the 7 along. I highly recommend this book along with the other 2 books
this is by far the best sci fi book ive listened to in years,im torn between sigler,hutchins and harwood!!!these guys are the best at what they are doing!!!they are the future of book reading!!!
I am a podiobook addict and have found this one as one my favorites. The author is a good reader and keeps the story entertaining. I would recommend this series to anyone and everyone. Enjoy!
After the first couple of chapters, 7th Son will have you hooked! JC does a much better job at reading the story and keeping it interesting than his counterparts Sigler and Harwood. The story while far-fetched at times, does a good enough job of suspending your disbelief and really engaging the listener. You may as well download the entire trilogy because the story only gets better! There are enough plot twists to keep you guessing and the final few paragraphs are terrific - hopefully leaving the door open for a 4th installment. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoys good storytelling and has imagination enough to just let go and let the author take you on a roller coaster ride. Awesome!
J.C you are a genuis brillantly written book keep the new stuff
Too many cliche characters with little development, too much meaningless dialogue. I wanted them all dead after Book 1. I'm not trying to bait the souless clones out there and I really like the free podiobook idea but this didn't do it for me.
A horrific descent into the lightless world of the neverborn. An unmaking of self that starts with the soul and kills the body last.
Intriguing and unique take on the cloning story.
This is a phenomenal, intriguing audiobook. The story keeps you hooked all the way through - a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter keeps the suspense level high. Definitely listen to this book if you want an exciting and interesting audiobook to listen to. And the best part: this one is only the first of the trilogy. If you just can't get enough, don't worry: there are two more!
This story was mentioned on the Leviathan podcast (also highly recommend) and I am so glad it was. This is a great story that blends solid characters with a "conspiracy theory" plot with a lot of action. Great job!
A smart, entertaining, and adrenaline pumped read. One of the best free audio books on iTunes. I highly recommend!
This was one of the first podcasts I listened to and I was hooked. Once you get through the introduction of the 7 the story takes off, plunging you into a world of super-secret government experiments and more than dastardly villains. Hutchins has done an amazing job telling this story in all three books and this is the first story I would give to anyone who has not experienced podcasting before. This is a must listen for anyone who likes action, suspense, thrillers, sci-fi or government intrigue.
I listen to books, stories and podcasts throughout the day while I'm at work. This book was great and had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to listen to Book 2!!!!! Keep it up JC - Give me more Alpha!
once you can wrap your mind around the large cast of characters, this is a fabulous story! Hutchins gives life to the characters with his voice. the compelling story was hard to put down! as a geneticist myself, it seems relatively plausable and the science seems well researched. great story!
I am not a sci-fi person, but considering that most of the audiobooks on here are sci-fi, I decided to try this audiobook. I was absolutely captivated while listening to it. The voicing was great, and the story itself kept me on the edge of my seat. I would recommened this to anyone.


WOW, JC Hutchins did a great job on the 7th Son Series. Totally Mind Blowing Awesome, Great Concept for a story. Wonderful characters and action that will keep you on the Edge of your seat! I highly recommend these stories. Be sure to check out Books 2 & 3...
I know I'm late to the party, but I had to write my own review. This is an incredible book, especially considering it has not yet been published in print. This is a techno-thriller that is still accessible and easy to follow without feeling too simplistic. I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books in the series, and I would recommend 7th Son to anyone who is looking for a techno-thriller that includes such lofty topics as cloning, mind-control, geo-political terrorism, oil supplies, and revenge. A classic. I could totally see this being made into a TV series (it is similar in many ways to the show '24', but without Jack Bauer). AND IT'S FREE!!! You have NO REASON not to give it a try. It takes about 30 minutes to get going, but once it does, it's very easy to stick with, all the way to the end.
it's very simple: when this book is released into print in 2009, it WILL be a best seller! one of the best and most original thrillers i've read in a long time. jc hutchins is a name we will all be hearing more about !
Great story and great narration! I recommend it (to adults)
I loved this podiobook! Thank you iTunes for this one. It was like a mystery yet sci-fi thing, you know cause they're clones and all, and I HATE sci-fi type things. The beginning got me hooked, the middle was kinda slow, I almost lost interest but kept listening, then the end was like OH EM GEE! Good book. You should listen.
This is not a perfect book/podcast, but I highly recommend it. Let's start with what bugged me: 1) In the first book, Hutchins throws around bad metaphors like a dog shaking off droplets of cold water after being sprayed with a hose on a hot summer day. These get fewer and fewer as the series goes on, though, so stick with it. 2) A few plot holes that you just have to shrug at. They don't matter, so ignore them. 3) He does voices. Very annoying at first, but I got used to them, and by the end of the book didn't mind them at all. Also, he tries to read all dramatically at first, but that gets better as the series go on. The good news: This is a compelling book. The ideas are extremely creative, and the surprises were real surprises to me. Things get tied together, the loose ends all get wrapped up in satisfying ways that don't pander. We're given hints all along, but they only make sense when it all gets put together. Once I got past the initial "getting to know everyone" stage of the book, I couldn't stop listening. I highly recommend getting this. I enjoyed it so much I made a donation at to benefit the author. I'm looking forward to his next book.
I've had the pleasure of listening to the entire trilogy of this story. It's absolutely captivating! I was somewhat skeptical when I read what the story was about, but I gave it a try. This story has memorable characters, unforgettable heroes and villains, and unforeseen twists. Whereas you can predict what may happen with some story plots, you can't with this one. Just when you think you've figured it out, you're wrong. While the first story started a little slow for me, it picks up momentum and goes from there. Once you get into the story it's difficult to stop listening to it. Apologize to your spouse, children, boss, friends, and family members now, because you won't be spending too much time with them once you start listening to this story.
This is the best podcast I have heard.I cant wait to down load the next 2 books.
You must try this book. Give it until chapter 4 before judging, that is when it hits the fan and it never lets up after. J.C. Hutchins has brought the most ancient form of entertainment, story telling, to the 21st century. His voice recordings are equal to his writing ability. He captures the characters personalities with the force of a full audio drama cast. This novel appealed me on multiple levels. There was the sci-fi novel reading college kid in me not wanting to put the book down even though it was 3:20 in the morning. There was the school aged boy watching Empire Strikes Back for the 57th time and still feeling the chills run up my back as Han Solo was betrayed by his friend Lando. There is the professor who loves the philosophical questions 7th Son demands of its listeners. I am the old time radio buff, who found 7th Son when he went looking for more antiquated entertainment. I am beta.
As a route manager for a national arcade company, I am on the road nearly every day. I found this podcast by mistake and fell in love with the story. The concept is captivating and the further along the story goes, the better it gets. Not one for the kiddies however, there is some language, but Hutchins has me hooked and I can't wait to listen to book 2! AWESOME!
This is one of those stories where you can't wait to hear what happens next. Entertaining and intriguing. A great concept well executed.
I am embarassed to say that I am a late bloomer and have just now finally gotten my first Ipod. I am an avid reader and just started working the night shift and thought it would be cool to listen to some audio books while I'm at it, what I didn't realize was how expensive they are! I was thrilled when I found this FREE story, not expecting much I have been greatly surprised...I am totally hooked and can't wait to go to work so I can find out what happens next! Thanks J.C., you do an amazing job both with the writing and the reading! I have already recommended this author to several of my friends.