Reviews For Israel National Radio - Yishai Fleisher and Friends

Great show. Professional, hard-hitting, high-brow talk from a guy walking the walk in the Holy Land with guests from every level of government and society. Raw intelligence. Enjoy.
Its a blessing to finally get Israel National News shows via iTunes. Next stop XM Radio!
Hands down my favorite and most important connection to what is going on in Israel. I couldn't be more grateful for Israel National Radio!!!
I enjoy listening to Yishai and Friends. I like his passion for Israel. I feel like I'm one of his friends, just listening to him.
This is one wonderful podcast. Not only is it typically up-beat, it is extremely thought-provoking and always intelligent talk. I never miss it!
I've not listened to this podcast for long, but what I've heard I like. Good host. Open minded, but able to take strong positions. And very passionate about The Land. I like him. I'd go see this guy in a heartbeat if he speaks anywhere near the Houston area.
A great commentary on timely topics and very entertaining
Yishai is so passionate about the land of Israel that it inspires me. He is a well educated, young Jew educated in America who is a pleasure to listen to. He tells it like it is. If you love the land of Israel, you'll love listening to Yishai. Beware, you may decide on aliyah!

By c4pu
Yishai has an acute perception of whats really going on. A fascinating show.