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Reviews For Israel National Radio - Walter's World

Walter's World is okay but, lately, the podcast download takes way too long. I have no problem with any of the other INR shows. Shalom Walter! Time to unsubscribe.
Bingham, Walter Bingham, takes it to the mattresses without breaking a sweat. World political defrauders and dirty rotten rats better run when this WWII vet takes aim, he is a crack shot and will leave them with bleeding consciences. With insight and razor sharp intellect he cuts through political-correctness to bring evil into the light. He teaches and inspires the next generation to take up their weapons of intelligence and fight against the darkness that threatens the whole world tomorrow, but Israel today. And he does all of the above with humor and a touch of genuine class. His insight will leave you shaken, and perhaps even stirred.
Walter sounds a little "old school" in his delivery. But not dissengagued. More what you would consider an elder citizen worthy of veneration. Good show. I catch the podcast when I can, and have always enjoyed it.
I appreciated the variety of information plus entertainment from Israel. Last night on the eve of Yom HaZikaron the presentation of Rabbi Sacks relating Ezekiel to today was particularly interesting.
Travel the world and Israel with Walter! He is so much fun! He takes to to the people and places where Jewish life is really happening. I look foward to this podcast every week!
Enlightening and keeps you interested.