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Dovid ('s son) rocks!
I'm in love with the idea of making Aliyah to Israel, and this show explores that and much much more. It connects you to other Jews....
Very informative for those wanting to move to Israel and those who are still thinking about it. Hosts are great and guests tell you of their own experiences. Very helpful!
Helped give me extra encouragement in my super quick aliyah process which lasted about 1 month! Thank you so so much. I love listening now that I live here and especially during the omer when I don't lsten to music.
This is a great show with practical advice and humorous stories all about aliyah. Even if you just love listening about life in Israel you will enjoy this podcast!
This is a great show - and not just for those moving to Israel! I love listening to the experiences of the people working through the process and making the big move to a new country. The show's host are fun and funny - just a pleasure to listen to!
if you're interested in moving to israel, then this is good for you