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Great job guys. More news less religion please.
Ecstatic to have you back thru podcast!!!! I'm 100 '/, hooked - honest / down to earth reporting - can't have enough. Everything I need to know about Israel - you have it!!! We love you in the USA!!!!! cab / California


By zevoov
I'm addicted. Great hosts -- every one of them. If you love Israel, you'll love Israel National Radio. And if your knowledge of what's going on in the world is not so clear, this is the place to go and learn. ARETZ YISROEL L'AM YISROEL!
I really enjoy the various shows and I am glad that theyhave finaly been posted individually. All we need now is Tovia Singer's Show. The show names do not need 'Israel Nation Radio' repeated. Either use just the show name or put the show name first so I can read it on my iPod.
I enjoy the guests that Tovia Singer is able to bring to my iPod. I know I'm getting a true inside look at what's happening in Israel.
Great concept, however do not try to keep these as this Podcast constantly reloads itself and you have to re-do the Podcast. A pain in he arse, but worth it. I guess after awhile if they do not fix this, I shall just listen on the radio.
I listen to Israel National Radio programming daily. It's compelling, highly addictive, and the topics are always interesting!
I like to listen these guys, they are funny and NOT biased like many left radios ( only filled with hatred and lie ). I like to listen INR not only via internet, only wish they have radio waves over Israel and States.
I highly recommend INR programming. Most hosts are broad appeal. And if not, they are still very interesting when covering newsworthy events. As a Holy Land news junkie, there is no better place to park your ears. But I'm not too sure about that Singer guy.... funny, interesting, good info, but a little hostile... definitely has a damaged spleen. Still, I am looking forward to getting to know him someday; AFTER the reconciliation of the Messianic Kingdom to come.
I listen to Israel National Radio all day long! All the shows are interesting and soul-full! If you are intested in the true state of Israel - from Jews who love God and Israel, then these shows are for you!

By c4pu
Enlightening and keeps you interested.