Reviews For Learn Statistics | Audio

I wish I would have discovered this podcast while taking DOE! It is a great way to review concepts and Keith does a really great job tying in the history of the techniques, simultaneously clarifying why certain methods/terms/assumptions are utilized today. Its also helpful that he provides links to additional research papers on his website, if you'd like to read the original work. I hope he never stops recording these!
All that read this must know that Keith Bower is a god when it comes to teaching statistics. He is able to take what is widely thought of as one of the most mundane subjects and makes it interesting. He often references popular American TV culture as a teaching aide. I haven't listened to all of these podcasts yet, but I will bet you a shiny nickel that he makes at least one reference to the series 24 and/or House! I would listen to anything that this gent puts out and would take any class he teaches. Truly gifted this one!