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Reviews For The Christian Worldview radio program

Excellent production, solid biblical insight, and a motivator to grow in the faith. I really enjoy this podcast and thank God for it!
David Wheaton is a stand-up guy who knows his Bible, has a solid system of theology and uses that to help the listener think through the issues of our day. Great wisdom to be found here.
Very narrow American-centric Christian Worldview. Using the term "Democrat Party" betrays Mr. Wheaton's blatant disrespect showing his very right wing polarized Republican viewpoint. The worldview here is dominated by Republican political views. A true Christian Worldview would not be dominated by a worldly government model. Traveling internationally, one would find that Christianity has many different cultural expressions. Thus there truly isn't a single Christian Worldview or at least there can't be one that is so specific as to be blinded and limited so wholly by 21st Century Western American Reformed Evangelicalism.
Christians are not hateful, we exist to glorify and to live for God. David does a good job emphasizing that point, additionally he explains what is prophecied in the Bible. GREAT AND THOUGHT PROVOKING SHOW!!!


Many people today think they know what Christianity is all about. They have Christians all figured out - they think. Listen to David Wheaton and learn what a Christian Worldview is really all about. If you love politics, pop culture, or just timely conversation, check it out!
Thank you so much for giving us God's view of current issues, as best you understand it. :) I'm almost 17, and absolutely love learning about the Christian worldview, and you make it fun, too. The (False) Gospel According to Oprah was an eye-opening episode! Hmmm...what this world's coming too... Thanks again! ~"Jesusgirl Amy"~
One of the only--if not theonly--commentaries on current affairs and the Biblical Christian worldview. This is an excellent resource for the student or adult to gain a better understanding of the worldview.