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This is wonderfully informative. Would love to see you come back!
These are the most wonderful podcasts. Please, please do more!
I have been binge listening to all of the episodes for the paste few months since I discovered this gem. Now I’m going to do it again but slowly. Love it. Thank you Paul. Paula from San Francisco
I have just started to listen to this series lately and I have learned so much about the saints. It is very in detail and covers a lot of questions. If you have not made one yet could you make an episode on St. Francis de Sales and Archbishop Fulton Sheen please.
we are I feel aren't war with evil and need to fight this evil with faith my faith is helped my hearing the stories here!
So many saints get lost or forgotten in time. This podcast is a great way to learn and be inspired by their stories and faith in God. The man who does this packages what could be dull and dry into an entertaining and enjoyable thought provoking hour of learning not only about G-d and his grace but the men and women who serve him. Think you for a wonderful program!
These are amazing to listen to, and I’m glad there is such a great archive. But not much recent. I would hate to think he has stopped producing these.


By BStahr
Dr. Paul does a fantastic job gathering obscure information about various Saints and passing it on to his listeners. He often includes podcasts from his various trips to Saint related areas. I've quickly become a big fan, and I look forward to his updates. No matter what faith you are, if you are interested in the Saints, this is the Podcast for you.
GREAT PODCAST!!! Loved your most recent podcast on the Pope That Quit... hope to hear more about the saints soon.
Sound quality is good. Information is fortifying.
Fun and informative please keep up the good work
I do data entry for a living and was very happy to have stumbled upon this podcast! I love listening to it at work, it makes the day go by fast and I learn so much. I adore Rome, having been there a couple of times and Dr. Camerata's sightseeing tours in Rome when he went to the Corpus Christi Procession brought tears to my eyes! It was amazing to be hearing the bells of St. Maria Maggiore in my office!I hope he makes this for years to come!!


By Kcmom6
Covers well known saints, but also unknown ones we can all try to model our lives after
My husband and I love listening to these podcasts together and learning all we can about these remarkable people. Paul's passion for the Saints is truly inspiring. His time off has given us time to listen to all of them. I just hope we get them all done before he starts pumping them out again. ;-)
Very informative.
We missed your Podcast!
Paul is very funny and enjoyable to listen to with the entire family. We are learning so much about the Saints and Holy Mother Church. Saincast is a true blessing. Thank you!!
Wow. That's all I can say. Give it a shot and you'll be so awed by the Saints.
I have enjoyed the Saint Cast quite a bit over the years, learning quite a bit about the saints and the Catholic faith. I miss new episodes, and I hope that the podcast will return to active contribution in 2011. A job well done!
when are you coming back, we miss your great job.
Thanks Dr. Paul. Your podcast is always a welcomed arrival in my listening in-box. I can't wait for your next episode. Thanks. Don
Awesome Podcast! Truly worth listening to, so ripe with great insight and amazing testimonies to hammer home how we too can, and should be saints in the making. You're awesome Paul! Dan
Entertaining, informative, Catholic & fun! A must hear Podcast! Loved the podcast on Thomas More!
Dr. Camarata does an excellent job of presenting the lives of the saints so that anyone can relate to their lives. The saints were real people, sinners just like you and I, but found a way to draw closer to Christ, and become saints. Keep up on saint news of today! Saint Jepardy to win prizes! Many expert guests! Opportunity to to call or write in to ask questions! Wonderful soundseeing tours! Addicting!
Great podcast!
I started with #1 a month ago, and am working my way to the current #137. While I have hopped around a little bit, they started out GREAT and just keep getting better and better. There's nothing like it. I can't wait until the next one is posted!
Great pod cast, I am new to the Saint Cast and am so happy to have discoverer it. Thank you for all your hard work and taking time out of your busy life to produce such an insightful, fun and unique pod cast. May God continue to bless you.
Saintcast is one of my favorite podcasts. I am not a Catholic Christian but an Anglican, and yet I am so inspired by the lives of the Catholic saints. Paul does a wonderful job discribing the lives and works of these great Christians, and He is very easy to listen to. A great podcast indeed!
The Saintcast is an invaluable program. Paul Camerata's podcasts explore the most intimate details of the lives (and sometimes death) of the saints. Paul Camerata has a very soothing voice, and his show is masterfully crafted and is reminiscent of a Catholic Saints version of "Hearts of Space". The ambient music adds depth and sets the scene for the stories of the saints.
I really enjoy this podcast for my walks during lunch or after work runs. It stays fresh and interesting. Great job!
Learn about the Saints with neurosurgeon Dr. Camarata. He is smart funny and interesting, and this is a well produced podcast with lots of information that I've never heard before.
Dr. Paul, Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring shows found the show in the last year and am now finally up to date!!! My Ipod is my sanity at work. Keep up the great work and blessings on you and your family!
The quality, content, and variety of Dr. Camarata's podcasts are amazing. Even non-catholics, curious about the Catholic Church would find it interesting. Keep up the excellent work.
I found this podcast while poking around in iTunes a few weeks ago and downloaded all of the podcasts and listened to them all (finally!). This is one of the best podcasts for learning more about each saint in better detail. Lots of user feedback options are available to give input to the author. Way to go! Keep it up!
This was the very first podcast I subscribed to when I bought my first iPod and it remains my favorite. Dr. Paul does an excellent job of telling the stories of the Saints of the Roman Catholic church. He produces a top notch podcast with a voice that is pleasing to listen to. I recommend that you subcribe to this podcast, you certainly won't be disappointed!
The podcast of Paul is very well researched. He also puts a lot of time and effort into preparing for each podcast. What is most inspiring is the lover he has for the church. Saincast together with ipadre are the 2 best religious podcasts that I have listened to. Keep it up Paul.
Dr. Camarata (aka Dr. Calamari) produces an excellent well researched podcast. I just finished catching up on all 129 episodes produced to date which took the better part of the summer and the investment of the time was well worth it. I look forward to learning a great deal more!
Excellent listenting
I'm learning more about the saints in every episode, especially those saints who aren't as well known as others.
I thought it was interesting and entertaining , I was actually suprised 5 stars
Another great SQPN podcast, Paul (although a ND fan) is amazing and the information regarding the various Saints is wonderful! It's like being in religion class again, this time paying attention!
Camarata's podcast is a dream come true for any Catholic (or religious history buff) who wants to know more about why the saints are special. One highlight is his "soundseeing" podcasts from holy sites in Spain, Italy, and France--they've inspired me to plan my own pilgrimages. His sometimes goofy sense of humor only adds to his appeal. I just started listening a week ago and hope he records more after I've caught up.
In this day and age it is so important to get centered. To realize our minor sufferings are just that - minor. Hearing about the great saints, especially in the wonderful and entertaing format that Dr. Camarata has developed, is vital. I love this podcast. Keep up the great work, Dr. Paul!!
Ever wanted to know more about your faith? What better way to understand it than by looking at the lives of the saints—holy men and women who can point us to God. The saintcast is a great show that will certainly help you to learn about the saints and, in the process, help you grow closer to God. Filled with humor, history and fun, this is a podcast that will certainly keep you interested.
Dr. Paul must be a great man. . . He shares knowledge of the " Catholic All-Star team" with us as well as helps people with their most important biological system, their nervous system. GREAT cast and I'm sure the saints will intercede for Dr. Paul and bless him and his family. God Bless Dr. Paul !! Randy
Sincere and accurate Paul could have been a voice artist if he wasn't a brain surgeon.
I absolutely love the SaintCast! I have learned so much about the saints because of this podcast. Thank you Paul for producing this great podcast and keep up the great work! May God, continue to bless you and all the other listeners to the SaintCast! All should listen and learn about the saints! I heartily recommend this podcast for all those who want to learn more about the saints!
A great way to understand and learn about all those people that with little patience and great hearts leave a mark in the humanity. Great Show Dr. Calamari...sorry Camarata
Doc has the best voice not to be on TV. I always learn something new and there are so many saints I didn't know about. Great job Doc and the guests are wonderful.