The Old Farmer's Almanac Radio Report

Reviews For The Old Farmer's Almanac Radio Report


I just skip forward 1:10 and never hear the ads :)
Are you serious? A two minute podcast and the first minute is full of commercials? Unsubscribe.
Who wants to listen to marketing ads for half the broadcast!
I tried this podcast and found that second-for-second, it is 61% commercial. The info presented is great, but I'm not going to download an ad everyday. PASS!
I don't know what the other people are talking about. The podcast is short and informative. The narator is a pleasure to hear. Thanks Steve
It's nice for small snipets of info but I would like to see longer podcast. It would also be nice to see an app. with the almanac that you could read and look up info
Used to be quick and interesting; now just long insulting commercials.