Reviews For Interfaith Voices Podcast (hour-long version)

I am a long-time listener and enjoy this show. However, they are currently very slow to post new episodes, update the website, or keep current on Twitter about the radio broadcast. This lag time definitely reduces the number of times I share episodes. For example, today is April 14, and as of this moment the latest episode available is April 3. I have contacted the show with no response.
Great Cast !
The many faiths and perspectives that lead to honoring God and life.
I love that they cover many religions, even the piece about the church of Norway and Atheism in Europe.
Thanks for continuing Maureen's legacy with new host Amber Khan! She's doing great! This is such a rich, inspiring example of media helping to educate the public about religious literacy.
Interfaith Voices meets an unmet need in radio, and does a fantastic job of it! Great guests! Great topics! Always interesting, and Maureen is an amazing interviewer.
I adore Maureen Fiedler for her activist past and the talent she displays here as a host; this podcast always leaves me feeling more fulfilled after listening and has taught me as much as any religion course I've taken.
Love this program. It is very well produced with interesting topics, speakers and engaging host.
I have learned so much about different religions (including “nones”) on this podcast that’s brought me a closer understanding to other’s view. The conversations are thought provoking and inspire kindness regardless of what we choose to believe in. I look forward to every new episode!
I love this Podcast, and listen to it weekly. This is an informative program narrated in such a beautifully open way. Thank you for sharing all of the voices you share.
The range of topics covered and perspectives presented is unusually broad. This is a unique and very thoughtful program. If more people were to listen to this program, we would be more accepting of one another. I would highly recommend this program irrespective of your faith background.


By CelizLA
A really fun, instructional, and respectful podcast about the depth and breadth of lives and beliefs.
Sr Maureen and her co producers offer commentary and interviews you won't hear anywhere else. If you are struggling to make sense of other religions, of how spiritual things fit into our secular world, or how religion fits into politics make this a regular feed. They ask question no one else is asking.
Each episode delves into topics that are being addressed in our daily news cycle, in addition to, topics and individuals that are blazing a trail for the next evolution of how faith is being practiced (or not) and how people tap into the ineffable.
This show allows me to learn about faiths (my own and others) from real practitioners of those faiths without any guilt, trepidation, conversion tactics or squirming in my seat. Thank you for producing a high quality, entertaining and yet in-depth podcast about religion and spirituality! My life and my faith have been changed by listening to this program. Thank you.
In a world that seems more and more polarized, Interfaith Voices offers a welcome forum for insightful and open exploration of the role religion - however one defines it - plays in government, in culture, in our daily lives. One does not need to be an active participant in a religious tradition to appreciate the informative, thought provoking, and often entertaining dialog.
Interfaith Voices helps me understand the beliefs of fellow human beings who pray and worship differently. They might use different languages to pray but their sincerity is shared. Interfaith voices has helped me listen and understand more clearly. The program has expanded my horizons.
Always intriguing. Always compelling. This exploration of humankind's spiritual and religious expressions and their intersection with culture, science, the arts and even sports never fails to entertain and enlighten.
I've listened to four episodes now. I've enjoyed the variety of topics and the quality of the guests and the hosts.
I love this podcast. It is such a civil exploration and discussion of religion and its impact in our world and our country. I wish this was required listening for every high school student because I think it is insightful, respectful and would help advance civil dialog in our country around some of the complex social issues that are difficult to discuss in a meaningful way that advances civil society.
Varied and always interesting !