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Why oh why did I have to scrounge around and dig through the press to learn that although my Podcast said there was an episode available on Monday, I could not locate it. Why was there not a download placeholder that explained why no Podcast would be available? Like me, pretty sure you have lots of overseas listeners that would have appreciated the heads up instead of calling Apple to ask what was gong on. Come on guys, you’re better than this!
What happened To yesterday’s (February 3 2020) podcast? Wee bit controversial? Come on BBC you are supposed to be the national broadcaster. Let’s hear the truth.
Often have download problems with this podcast. But not with others. Been trying to get Sept 19th episode for 2 days. Show is generally ok. Depends on the guests and what’s happening on any given day. However I feel a bit less groupthink should be the area to seek to improve upon. Can be great when guests are interesting and there has been a new development. Thanks for sharing - BBC Scotland - in any case.
Where did this podcast go?!?!?!!! We want it back now!!! Plz bring it back, this was the only good Scottish Football podcast out their
As an American who came to football in 2003 (28yrs old then), I have grown to love many leagues. My wife and I honeymooned in Scotland and ABSOLUTELY loved it and the Scots were wonderful. I found out a few years later that I have a few Scottish ancestry, so it made me even more proud to follow SPL. This podcast is good, but not often enough and not detailed enough. I would love a weekly SPL PREVIEW show. Again this is a great primer into a fine league.
Thanks for bringing back the podcasts. As a Scot living in the US and spending most of my time in China this is a great way to keep up with whats happening in Scottish football. Please add more (Saturday reports, off the ball etc....)
Where has it gone? Episodes just stopped being posted, is there a legal issue? This podcast was great to keep up on the scores, games and issues of Scottish football back home. Was a great source of entertainment and knowledge, especially loved it when off the ball was put on. Hopefully it will return soon, bit perplexed it just stopped... any answers?
Was my favourite podcast and, as an expat Scots footie fan, kept me well informed on progress and gossip. Then just disappeared in late November. I've written to the BBC several times but with no response. Can someone get this back!?!
Where did these podcasts go? I line in North Carolina, so this podcast has been great keeping me up to date with what's going on back home? Are they coming back?
This podcast is not updating anymore (none since Nov 25th)! Anyone else having problems?! This is a great podcast though!
Superb programme, great banter and an informative perspective on Scottish football ( to the level you'd expect in the country that invented the game ) As a Daily it whetted the appetite for forthcoming games; and the gossip - unbeatable! Was a Daily now a Weekly - for that reason you deserve a solitary star! Please bring back the DAILY Podcast.
It is the only podcast worth listening to a second time or third. VERY funny! And you might even learn the capital of Peru. (Listen to 6/10 to get that one)