Rock Crazy!!

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By Rattie
Great podcast, but it needs more A7X! =)
Finally some of the rock and roll songs that actually took real talent to write and preform. I'm sick of all the modern artists who claim that they are the "new face of rock and roll." Thanks for playing some real rock and roll!
they have everything i always love to see what new songs they will have on good job
I love rock crazy and let there be rock
great music good i just want full albums like "pink floyd" "wish you were here". press yes if you agree.


By BOB9395
it is really cool u should put ozzy osbourne on
i was looking for an avenged sevenfold song then this podcast came up i looked around in it and found the song and many others for FREE
Doesn't even play all the songs!
i just whish they could like make more episodes and keep up with that
Just the title, the best bands and for free!!!
is, like, my life now. seriously. best mix of rock stuff on itunes <3
Being someone who has never listened to rock, and just aquired an interst for it, I had no idea who was "good" and what their hits were. I didn't want to take chances buying music so I searched the podcasts for ne that has streaming rock hits. I obviously found this, and instead of finding out who was good, I was also relieved from having to buy music at all! now whenever I want to buy a song fom Itunes, I just request it here instead!
Great but the song names and bands are sometimes wrong
amazing! simply amazing!! iTunes doesn't have very many of thses artists. Plus, it is all censored and there is some newer songs on there too!


It's one of the best podcasts you could buy
It's a buncha great stuff,and it's free! He even plays some AC/DC!
wow, thanks for playing alot of the bands that i tunes doesnt have (the beatles, AC/DC, led zepplin)