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Did the narrator... study... Christopher Walken’s... voice pattern? And decide... to follow it... with a more... annoying... tone? Yes... the answer... is yes.
The narrator’s voice is persistently monotonous, flat, and lacks inflection. It takes away from the story and sounds super cheesy. Plenty of great podcasts out there with more personality that cover the exact same cases.
Good investigation, interesting subjects, unfortunately the narrator “K-Town”’s voice is unbearably monotone and hard to listen to. I know her voice has much better inflection and is capable of so much more by listening to her free speech or commercials
Like the warnings say this podcast is not for the faint of heart. They leave no grisly detail out of their stories and bring the true horror right to your phone. You will be left with goosebumps and a new look on those around you.
The forced creepy voice get annoying from the start The narrator seems to be reading off a script at an elementary school level This podcast would of been well executed if these things were not hindering it
K-Town narrates this perfectly. She really sets the tone. Looking forward to more podcasts from you guys!
I wish each episode were longer, as well. That’s my only complaint. Creepy, well-researched brief tales of terror and mystery. I love it! Keep it up, K-Town! We X-Podites(?) appreciate you! Maybe we need a fandom name? :)
Keep them coming , scary meaningful frightening.
the pause makes the stories very interesting. The fact that after these stories i looked them up and there all true witch scared the crap out of me.
I loved your podcast, but when you started the commercial I thought you were going to stay, “I have a friend and she’s pretty curvy, she doesn’t have that problem anymore because she found stitch fix. This is a technique in which the criminal is attached to a tree and the hips are cut off. This provides a skinny, model look.”
I’m sure the voice used is supposed to reaffirm the creepy, haunting feel of the podcast, but the monotone and “dead” voice is not engaging.
I love this podcast and the way the host reads/presents but you need a more consistent uploading schedule. What is the schedule btw?
How can anyone listen to this? The narrator's cadence is absolutely unbearable.
I love the x podcast voice . Interesting stories I hope in the future there are more .
I couldn’t even make it an episode. Narration is so bad it was distracting. Could read just fine when it came to reading out ads, but can’t be bothered to try for the actual stories.
I don’t know why this person is talking like this but the inflection and intentional deepening of the voice is not pleasant to my ears.
Please do these at least weekly! They are outstanding!!!
Host has a horrible, monotone voice. Could not stand it and had to stop mid podcast
The content is interesting but the host’s excessive efforts to make her voice sound airy makes this podcast unlistenable.
So boring. The host’s voice puts me to sleep. I’m here to be scared!!
I listen to them all in one day!! I can’t get enough
Can’t wait to hear more. Love the details and your voice is perfect for it.
The narrators voice is hauntingly beautiful and interesting, making for an intensely interesting listen about intensely interesting content. Love this pod
I love this podcast so much. Wish the episodes were longer!
In theory I liked this podcast. The stories were creepy and interesting, and the research seems accurate. What killed this for me was the delivery. The hosts voice during the podcast goes completely monotone, and the flow of her speech is stifled. I don’t know if she’s going for a creepy vibe, which would explain the monotone. It just sounds like she’s reading a paper for the first time, in front of a class of students, and never once looking up from the page. During the ad reads she sounds natural, so it’s just during the more scripted parts. Very disappointing. I will have to check again in a few years to see if she has gotten better.
Came over from mysterious radio and I enjoy both podcast...
Get some influction in your voice.
Juicio myvibhu mucho
Short but great


By hype58
Keep it going, and maybe make new ones that are longer. I enjoy listening to them, and are usually upset when they are done. Your work is much appreciated
....that’s all I could say after hearing every detail one by one... either “oh my gawd” or “oooooh sh**!”. One advice: please include some breaks between information because not only does it lead to Information Overload, but we can’t absorb what we just heard. Otherwise, excellent Podcast!!!!
I don’t know what it is, and I read some of the negative comments, but I REALLY like K-Town’s delivery. It has grown on me and I look forward to new episodes.
Great podcast wish the shoes were longer
The subjects of this podcast and the research are good. The big problem is that the host has read the episode into some type of mechanical voice device causing the voice to sound ROBOTIC. All intonation is lacking. Why this is being done beats me. The same host uses his or her real voice or ads and there’s nothing wrong with that voice.
Totally scared me lol I’m a grown adult and it still made me feel weird inside
What can I say, I like K-town’s voice.


This was cool until the dumb Blackwood podcast preview came over. It sounded so fake. Ugh.
I love this show so much
Total garbage. Am sorry
Short and creepy-sweet tales that leave you wanting more. Yes, the delivery/narration is different than many other podcasts I tend to follow, but after an episode or two, I am hooked. The stories are no-nonsense and to the point, which I think adds to the creepiness. I find myself intrigued by K-Town’s stories and inspired to dig up more of the dirty details on each tale. Looking forward to more weirdness from The X Podcast!
Awesome show!! Wish they were longer than 20min.
Love! The incredibly haunting voice doesn’t hurt either. 😉👌
This channel is little more than a funnel to get listeners to support them through Patreon. Some of the topics are interesting, but everything on here is extremely short and surface. Maybe their Patreon page has better material but this review is for their podcast page. If you want to spend money to find out knock yourself out, but there are tons of great podcast options on these topics that are free and won't beat you over the head with the constant Patreon promoting. Podcasting clearly isn't in there wheelhouse or what they want to be doing and they should really be looking for other avenues to get their pay to listen material out to those interested in paying for it. I'm here for podcasts, not whatever this nonsense is.
The narration is just so boring.
Very creepy, scary!!!
I liked the podcast when it first started but has since gone downhill. The upload schedule is inconsistent and oftentimes the upload is just a plug for Patreon content. That’s really not a big deal though. The dealbreaker is that they’ve started using unsubstantiated research and propagating misinformation. It’s hard enough to get people to decipher fact from opinion and promoting research that has no backing only helps to confuse those people and makes it harder for society to move forward. This podcast is now a waste of time for me.


By hdhdbfi
I love your voice. I can’t wait for more.
I enjoy the content. However I personally don’t prefer this type of narration style, where there are too many pauses. I understand it may be for a certain effect, but sometimes it becomes a little tedious for me.