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Love the voice, love the format, love the stories.
I'm not sure what everyone else is hearing but dayum, you can tell he is reading from a script. If He is actually a She then my review still remains as being a terrible/scripted podcast.
What the heck?!? This is so creepy it makes Ghost Adventures seem like a kids show!
The hostess needs to change her speech patterns. It’s almost like she speaks 2-5 monotone syllables then pauses. “This... is when... the really creepy stuff... comes out” or “In 19...73...” This would really help the show’s pacing. I get the style choice, but it becomes stilted and predictable. Great format, though, and good production values.
The stories are creepy however the unnatural pauses in the narrators voice are distracting.
I really enjoy this podcast just wish it was a bit longer.
I love it i just keep listening to it on repeat


I did not like it


Love the story telling and topics!
Super obsessed with the way you narrate and the sounds... very chilling effect to the narrations 👍🏽 please please post more recordings!


By yèét
It good
I was looking for a horror/scary story podcast and this is the only one I clicked on and I’m hooked!
If you are looking for something different from other true crime podcasts this is a really unique one. She delves into scary and interesting subjects that are not talked about much. Her deep voice makes listening to the stories more interesting in my opinion.
Yeah, content is amazing and extremely creepy. I just wish you (k-town) read a little more poetically. Your voice is amazing as well. You have a tone that’s very chilling and selling. If you could just not pause every 4 words and maybe pause every few sentences, you’d probably be #1 on creepy/haunted podcast. Just some listeners advice.
I listened to one episode. The content was fine but the way it was read really throws things off. She sounded like there was a comma every 3 or 4 words. I understand pausing for dramatic effect but this was pretty much EVERY handful of words.
This is one of my favourite podcasts out there. The host has a good voice for the creepy side of it. But, are you still making episodes? In your last podcast, you said you were going to start making podcasts like every week. But that was like two months ago, so...just wondering.
This podcast is pleasant enough to listen to, but there is no overall direction or point.
Listen to all episodes and she just disappeared...
K-town can make anything sound creepy, in a good way! I just am waiting for more...
One of the very best scary podcasts available. Listen. I’m sure you will agree. All of the seven episodes out now are first-rate. More, please!
Good show! But talk more!
As for all the haters talking about the narrator’s pauses and affect—reminds me of how I could not STAND Lore podcast’s Aaron Mahnke’s style of narration at first and suddenly I was hooked on his voice alone. It’s unique. You be you. I enjoyed the style as much as the stories, just want the eps to be longer, please. :)
K-Town has a way with words when doing her shows, but the last 3 podcasts I listened to had no interviews, just short recounts of doppelgängers, and a segment on the Deep/Dark web. All very good listens, but they were awfully short. Looking forward to more shows.


By Eyli
I could not even get through the first episode. While the sound quality is good, the narrator is not. It’s like listening a female William Shatner (the impressions of him at least). It killed the atmosphere and left me annoyed.
I like the idea of this podcast, but 5 minutes long isn’t an episode. Five minutes is a preview. Please come out with longer episodes!
Where is the new epi? Said on the update that they wld start up again april 29 every sunday night. Still nothing. Great stories. Greatly told. Need more. Edit the update if they rnt coming please.
This is..where..the child...sleeps. She bed. What she said...that night...was creepy. - Terrible Narrator
Will probably need to listen to something funny after this but I’m freaking hooked already. Binging all of the episodes as we speak.
Wow, beautifully written, the narrative is creepily delivered.. Don’t turn off the lights while listening!
Love your episodes can’t wait to get more of them. I just can’t stop replaying them over and over again.
When selecting a new podcast for my library, the first consideration is always content. The second consideration is the richness of the voice(s). I can in all candor listen to K-Town all day long. Great podcast and hostess.


More plzz
I’m new to your podcast but have listened to several while at work today. I love you and your program. Can’t wait to here new stuff. Subscribed today.
I literally just started listening to podcast. Never gave it a listen until a co worker talked me into it. I love the supernaturals stories. I love all the scary, creepy stuff. All these podcasts I’ve heard so far had sent chills down my spine multiple times.
Can’t wait for new shows! Thanks for this podcast it’s entertaining!!


The stories are interesting, but it’s nearly impossible for me to listen to the whole podcast without getting annoyed with the cadence of the narrator that I assume is supposed to be “creepy”...? Just talk the way you normally would!
They are chilling , way to short. Its almost hard to get into it. This just isn’t a podcast that I am really interested in. The narrator was decent, I enjoyed her voice. The episodes are just too short.
This podcast is great. Definitely keeps you listening. I’m scared to ask where how they farm their resources but so far it’s a great show. Glad to see it’s back, thought it was given the ax for that Internet one. I listen to a lot of podcasts you can get bored at times if the speaker isn’t engaging enough or the content isn’t there. This podcast never disappoints.
So these are creepy and well written, but I feel the narrator is trying to channel William Shatner in her presentation. She talks in 3-4 syllable spurts with a pause in between each spurt that seems to have no purpose.
The manner in which the stories are told is unnecessary and tedious.
The pauses are so distracting. The stories are dumb. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Amazing show, I always look forward to the conversations and topics every time a new podcast comes out!
Love this podcast!! Can’t wait for more episodes!!
Yay! I have listened to this podcast and have been anxiously waiting for ,ore episodes! One of my favorite shows! K town is a great speaker and her voice is velvety! Some more spooky stuff!
More stories PLEASE!!!
Can't wait for more episodes of the x podcast! If you want some good, creepy stories, this is a great one to listen to 👍👍👍👍👍
I Listen to it everyday and now I’m scared of the dark!
The pauses of the narrator ruins what would otherwise be a great show.
The podcast is good. The amount of pauses can be slightly annoying but I understand why. Unfortunately, K-town, WHERE IS THE CONTENT!?!?! If you want a good audience, you need to make some more shows.😡