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The subjects of this podcast and the research are good. The big problem is that the host has read the episode into some type of mechanical voice device causing the voice to sound ROBOTIC. All intonation is lacking. Why this is being done beats me. The same host uses his or her real voice or ads and there’s nothing wrong with that voice.
Totally scared me lol I’m a grown adult and it still made me feel weird inside
What can I say, I like K-town’s voice.


This was cool until the dumb Blackwood podcast preview came over. It sounded so fake. Ugh.
I love this show so much
Total garbage. Am sorry
Short and creepy-sweet tales that leave you wanting more. Yes, the delivery/narration is different than many other podcasts I tend to follow, but after an episode or two, I am hooked. The stories are no-nonsense and to the point, which I think adds to the creepiness. I find myself intrigued by K-Town’s stories and inspired to dig up more of the dirty details on each tale. Looking forward to more weirdness from The X Podcast!
Awesome show!! Wish they were longer than 20min.
Love! The incredibly haunting voice doesn’t hurt either. 😉👌
This channel is little more than a funnel to get listeners to support them through Patreon. Some of the topics are interesting, but everything on here is extremely short and surface. Maybe their Patreon page has better material but this review is for their podcast page. If you want to spend money to find out knock yourself out, but there are tons of great podcast options on these topics that are free and won't beat you over the head with the constant Patreon promoting. Podcasting clearly isn't in there wheelhouse or what they want to be doing and they should really be looking for other avenues to get their pay to listen material out to those interested in paying for it. I'm here for podcasts, not whatever this nonsense is.
The narration is just so boring.
Very creepy, scary!!!
I liked the podcast when it first started but has since gone downhill. The upload schedule is inconsistent and oftentimes the upload is just a plug for Patreon content. That’s really not a big deal though. The dealbreaker is that they’ve started using unsubstantiated research and propagating misinformation. It’s hard enough to get people to decipher fact from opinion and promoting research that has no backing only helps to confuse those people and makes it harder for society to move forward. This podcast is now a waste of time for me.


By hdhdbfi
I love your voice. I can’t wait for more.
I enjoy the content. However I personally don’t prefer this type of narration style, where there are too many pauses. I understand it may be for a certain effect, but sometimes it becomes a little tedious for me.
This podcaster does ZERO deep dives into the topics . Only gives bullet points we all can read on Wiki. Boring.
I love these stories, they are a good length for my commute and at this time of year they set a creepy mood!
The stories are creepy but I certainly cannot handle this person’s voice. The dramatic pauses are less dramatic and more irritating.
The voice and it’s tone. It’s pacing.
I was browsing for supernatural podcasts and I discovered this. I have an interest in the supernatural and this podcast is really intriguing. Great to listen to on the drive home or while cleaning the house! I like listening to stories of doppelgängers, paranormal activities, spirits, etc,.


Very chilling!! The episodes about the deep web gave me goosebumps!
Sounds like the mic is in your mouth
She is the best story teller ! Awesome and interesting stories! Both podcasts are the BEST
This podcast is actually really freaking creepy!!! Love it!
She talks in 3-4 word sentences and its annoying.
I like the show however I feel the show would be much better with a different reader, a reader that can pull you in not one that sounds like a robot.
I literally can’t wait for K-Town to drop another installment!
Chilling and absolutely amazing to listen to in the background.
This type of podcast is right up my alley but unfortunately I had to unsubscribe because it's so hard to listen to- the speech pattern and tempo are just weird and distracting. 😢
Was an amazing show! While it lasted of course. Now you are required to pay a monthly fee in order to hear stuff that is already free to everyone. Shame on you. Once again, the world proves its all about that dollar!
I couldn’t even tell you what the stories are about because of the start and stop narration.
I’ve listened and subscribed to The X Podcast for a good while.. The stories and interviewees are fantastic, but I can’t handle the narration. The extremely awkward pauses are laughable. The cadence is so over the top that it completely takes away from what could be a fantastic podcast.
Great show! But haven’t heard a full episode in a while. Show is only available to patreon members? Not sure what’s going on.
Listening right now in a lake cabin deep in the north woods of WI on vacation with my teen twins. It’s storming and we just lost power. Perfect lol. We are loving the scary stories, and your delivery! Creepy
Thank you. Well done. Awesome attitude and voice
I couldn't get through the first episode without switching to a different podcast. The narrator pauses every 2-3 words and it's just awful to listen to.
Love the presentation of the podcast!!! We need more!!!
This podcast is amazing, I love how different and how in depth it goes into the paranormal/conspiracy world. It’s awesome!
If you find scary and haunted stuff fascinating, than this is the right place. I binged a lot of this while on a 13 hour road trip!
I really like this show I just wish that K-Town posted more,. I was so hooked when I heard the first episodes and I’m like an anxious wreck waiting on new episodes it’s kinda like when you find a good TV show then only find out there’s 3-4 episodes per seasons it’s driving me crazy. Post more please post more we are begging you
Your audio is not the best. Its hard to make out what you’re saying.
Very very interesting topics. Although I’d like longer episodes than 15 minutes. 5 stars tho
Love this! I listen to this in the early hours of the morning and it makes me so scared!


First episode seems to be comments taken from a Reddit thread and read in an annoying, halting manner.
I can' all....the't.....make things....creppier.....just follow. But really the content is good and I would give it 4 or 5 stars but I couldn't get past all the pauses.
There’s some fairly simple words that are mispronounced, which makes me think they’re reading someone else’s work. It’s also very monotone.
I absolutely love this. Thanks!
I love how this show gives me a lot of suspense and the stories always leave my imagination wandering.