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I wish everything they played was Shazam-able or I was able to find and download or own but it’s ok. It’s not their fault it’s just so good
Love RA and this podcast. I do wish that they included links to the artists' social pages so I could follow but usually they're not too too hard to google. But I love listening to this while working.
The greatest App of all time and now this? Keep it coming :)
Each episode is a full set from a different artist. And if there’s anything to be said about RA, they’re master curators. Really hoping to see this make it over to Apple Music Radio!
Discovered this podcast while searching for atheist Aron Ra’s podcast! I didn’t have my glasses on, so I started one up and was entranced for an hour with the most wonderful, inventive electronic music! I’m now registered and plan to visit every day. Great job! Please keep it up!
Seems like it started up again unless it used to be under another name but this is a legit podcast!
If you love music and have appreciation for electronic music this is the best podcast I have in my collection. Be open mind and enter to another level of beats and a new age of sounds.
The best and most consistent quality podcast featuring different genres of electronic music. After listening, I have gained a far greater understanding of genre, artist and label sounds. Recommended to anyone interested in music--it's types, styles and abilities to make a long standing impression.
Like if everything is slow
Thank you RA, awesome job ! (J.Zab, pleeeassse!)
Great music selection. Great electronic beats. Perfect for taking with you on the road or work.
she is unique and hot. she knows what they like .
Perfect for pouring over my work late at night. Just found this podcast and sorry I didn't find it earlier.
RA you should really think of adding the track lists to each podcast you publish in the directory. This would make your podcast even better.
Simply put, the RA Podcast consistently bangs out the very best mixes, week after week. If you don't subscribe, shame on you.
Love the tempo of all the RA DJs. Perfect length and tempo for a run. Just what I was looking for. Keep the tracks rolling!
I practically wore out the grooves on my Reaction vinyl back in early 2000. Petar Dundov rocks. This is my favorite podcast right now. Beautiful and dark, minimal yet really gets it moving. Fantastic listen...
trust RA to bring great mixes to the table... a subscribers must for lovers of dance. also checkout the colectivo futurecast and ibiza voice to compliment your music podcast subscriptions!
I was sent here because I'm a regular at the dancemusicblog podcast. I'm glad I checked it out. These are the Top 2 podcasts for a variety of dance music from top DJs around the world! Keep it bangin'!!
It is realy very worthy of having some space in your library
i c a n n o t stop this music; and i dont want to. there is something very mysterious to it but extremely magnetic too. i love it - thank you 4 this. (fever ray fever ray!!!!!!!!!)(karin & her musicians are intoxicating)


By Djmarcu
I don't know how I found this pod, but I am glad I did. I think I've downloaded all of them. But anyone know how to submit music, I would love to hear them play my stuff with there's. Good work!
Great but where do we buy the songs? and what are they? What are the title tracks? I still think the Radio 538 Dance Department podcast is the most well put together.
One of my favorites. Always quality djs making quality mixes.. Upfront, new music, guaranteed.


By A Jack
BEST podcast...period. Top notch world class dj's tearing it up. Surgeon mix is oustanding! minimal madness!!!!!
Been RA Podcast fan since the first Craig Richards episode, been rocking it out on my car ever since...keep em coming brothers....Mexico,Ciudad Juarez salutes you all. Great Job!!!!!
I've really enjoyed nearly everything I've heard on this podcast. No talking over the music, just good music from talented DJ's.
ive downloaded over 50 of these, and they continue to blow me away. its free.......
but crap! the music stopped when I clicked the write a review link!
I've been really impressed with the quality of the R.A. podcast. Consistently great sets from world-class DJs.
This podcast is my absolute favorite. it is truly first class!
Thank you RA! This is the best ever!!!
How are so many of these so GOOD? And free? Apparently, promotion goes a long way! Excellent work in RA:105 especially...if only they didn't "archive" all the old ones so you couldn't listen to them again!
He makes me want to be a better dj... It's flat out inspirational...well done.
I look forward to getting a new one of these delicious babies every weekend.
Resident Advisor delivers the goods. Keeping w/ great Dj's w/o any commercial BS.. this is one of the better dance music podcasts I have found. Hell, Underworld was a recent guest if that tells you anything. Anja Schneider also has appeared. Also, very consistant w/ the updated releases. Weekly! Good full mixes! Enjoy!
this podcast has brought me into a whole new world of music that i can't believe i hadn't discovered on my own. thanks richie!!!
They just keep getting better and better and are updated very frequently, usually weekly. They get some very good up and comers on the decks and they are usually a techy-minimal sound, sometimes a bit more upbeat and sometimes not. I have noticed that the overall BPM has seemed to go up a bit in the more recent mixes and a few "fun" mixes that wouldn't fit in with the older stuff are showing up more frequently as well. Too bad you cannot still download some of the earlier casts, as they need to be in any music library. I especially liked the more recent Jeremy Caulfield and Ben Klock (which is the most recent) mixes. Great stuff!! if you can find the Stephan Bodzin mix anywhere out there.....DOWNLOAD IT!!! A great piece of work to say the least.
Alway keepin' it fresh and on the cutting edge of the EDM music. Great bit rate and download quality. Love that it's weekly gig and the auto download on Itunes. By the time I'm putting the one mix down a new one is being downloaded. Thanks for keepin' the EDM scene flowing!!! -Beatfreak1
I'm a Nike+iPod addict. RA's podcast goes with me during every run. No other playlist can compare. It's excellent for workouts: highly enjoyable, goes on for an hour, has great beats and is updated weekly. Please don't ever stop this podcast, it's fantastic!
this podcast is the best around for electronic music...REAL electronic music, the weekly podcast has never let me down...over hour long mixes for free, quality. RA is the best thing thats happened to my ears....keep it movin
I like, is very good! High five!
This is the best podcast out there. Major props. Keep it up!
great talent and sound expressionists from the clicky and bleepy side of techno. minimal in nature, but gets bumpy and bleepy rather quickly been digging all 8 mixes so far.