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I want to love these guys, but I tuned in to another “Defending the Faith” session, hoping for guidance, and instead got another segment of the sales pitch of the day. Enough already. You’re making it impossible to tune in.
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Long time listener who has noticed that right wing politics are now more important than Catholicism on this show. These apologists unfortunately sold out to a political agenda.
I’ve been listening to Catholic Answers Live probably since the year 2000. It’s a great way to firm up your Catholic apologetics. Because Lord knows the catechesis of the late 20th century was so horrendous. And this is why so many Catholics are falling away. My only complaint is that I wish they were a little more critical openly critical about the change agents that are in the Vatican and that I have been in the Vatican for decades. And talk more about the homosexual infiltration of the church which is led to the widespread pervasive pedophilia scandal and all the communist infiltration as well documented by Bella Dodd. Pope Francis is a leftist.
Great teaching.
I have listened to Catholic Answers for years now. It’s often though a challenge stay tuned in and undistracted. The current host is very chatty, overly humorous and tends to interrupt the guest speakers with his own comments. It would be most helpful if he toned down his verbosity and stayed out of the way of the speaker and caller.
I like that the speakers are respectful to callers asking questions and do a great job of explaining the Catholic Church’s position on various topics. I’ve learned so much about what the Catholic Church teaches from this show.
My favorite episodes are when Cy Kellett and Trent Horn are on together; their repartee is quite entertaining!
Great host + great guests = great show
I am studying at my dioceses catechetical institute. I just finished year one of a two year certificate for adult faith formation. This podcast aided my learning , I believe that the success that I achieved at school was influenced in a positive way by being an everyday listener. Thanks for your apostolate.
I’ve learned so much from this show. Great guests that know about the Bible and the early Church. They have taught me a love of Holy Scripture and have helped me grow in my relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ! God Bless!
This show is just so informative and the apologist they bring on the show are just really smart people and they know everything there is to know about the Catholic faith and can answer any objection one may have about the Catholic faith.
I learn so much about my Faith every show
I have found no better source outside the Church (but absolutely with the Church) to learn and understand the faith better than at Catholic Answers and all their resources (Forums, CA live, etc. Thank you to everyone at CA and all those who help support CA!!! Don’t just listen; become a supporter!!!!
For Catholics and also non-Catholics. I have learned so much about the catholic faith from this show. The host is charismatic, and the guests are knowledgeable and charitable.
Wonderful refresher for the poorly catechized. Helps me explain beliefs , practices and traditions to candidates in RCIA!
No easier way to learn more about your Catholic faith. I absolutely love this show.
I love this podcast! The apologists give a lot of information in laymen’s terms to answer caller’s questions. Cy Kellet is an amazingly sweet and gracious host. He definitely makes this show fun! I learn something new about our faith every day. Thanks CAL!
For the last several weeks, the podcast image has disappeared and now blank. Please correct this.
Clear, concise teaching on all matters of the Catholic Faith. Lots of fun too!
Praise God for the CA’s ministry
I can’t get enough of this podcast! Cy is such a great host!
It is quite possible I would not be a practicing Catholic today without this podcast. It helped me realize the beauty of my faith and never failed to provide intelligent and truly satisfying responses to my questions and objections.
As a lapsed Catholic, I've found this show to be excellent remedial catechesis. There's great banter betwee Cy Kellett, the host and a rotating group of co-hosts. Trent Horn is like the Catholic Ben Shapiro, Tim Staples is the platonic ideal of a CYO coach, Jimmy Akin is the master of the occult and arcane, Fr. Hugh Barbor is the avuncular elder statesman. The callers add an unpredictable element to the show that makes it entertaining. Great stuff.
Catholic Answers Live is an exceptional show, teaching through words and actions about the Catholic faith. This show has brought me and my wife closer to Jesus and strengthened our understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The host, Cy Kellett, and the best Catholic Apologists of our time make the show fun, educational, and entertaining. I highly encourage everyone to subscribe and listen. Thank you to everyone at Catholic Answers!


Very informative during my conversion process.
Wow the Catholic Answers show is so well done - always interesting, and I love how the presenters treat opposing views with class, charity and respect, yet they conviningly show the splendor of the catholic faith. There are shows for every question/topic about the faith, and resources for various levels of dpeth you're interested in. Thank you!
I’ve found this show to be educational in learning about Jesus’ church!
This podcast is a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about Christianity and the Catholic Faith, whatever your belief background is. There is such a wide range of topics covered by the show, and the apologists are top notch. I am especially impressed by how they respond to callers on the fly in a loving and compassionate way.
I've learned so much and enjoy listening to the variety of speakers. Love the host, Cy, he is very funny!
Great listen whether you’re Catholic or not.
This is my favorite faith related podcast/program. The host and guests are top notch, they have solid biblical answers that repeatedly support the claims and teachings of the true church as founded by Jesus Christ. Highly recommended as a go to resource.
Please listen, and let it light a fire under you too! Let our zeal for the salvation of souls, ours, our loved ones, and all humanity, work for the glory of God!
This podcast is very well done. Questions and topics are discussed and it is done in a very respectful and kind manner. The answers given are a big help to me in learning how to defend my Catholic faith.
A great podcast for the faithful and the faith filled ...
It’s been sooo sad to listen to Jimmy and Tim (two men I greatly admired) slowly sell themselves out to the Francis effect. Young orthodox Catholics on fire for the church have become middle aged modernists, bending and twisting and nuancing francisisms tell they pass as Catholic...crushing their credibility, and the faith of those pour souls who turn to them in this catechetical vacuum for “answers.” Truly, they are fiddling while Rome burns.
Catholics and non Catholics will learn from this podcast! It's a call in radio show all about apologetics of the Catholic Faith. The host in my favorite he is so funny.
This podcast produces good fruit. After listening, I desire to spend the rest of my day praying.
Clear answers delivered with obvious good will toward all. Catholicism is very misunderstood, and callers who sincerely question what they have been led to believe are answered with detail and charity.
For the past 18 years, Catholic Answers has been an integral part of my faith journey. It has helped me learn more about my faith than any church service or program. One part of the Cursillo method is study, and has been helped by Catholic Answers. It is not conservative nor liberal, but orthodox to the teachings of the Catholic Church. That’s why I love it!
Do you want to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches? In an age of confusion, uncertainty and relativism Catholic Answers stands as an invaluable resource for every one who is searching for truth. Catholic Answers was instrumental in leading me and my family home to the fullness of truth five years ago. Be warned though: If you approach with an open mind, you will be crossing the Tiber.
It’s a great podcast, and is really funny listening to all the non-Catholics trying to stump the hosts. I really have relearned a lot about the Catholic faith that I forgot since I graduated from parochial grammar school a million years ago. It’s inspiring to listen to people who are passionate about the faith, and I recommend this podcast to anyone trying to learn about Catholicism, or to anyone trying to reconnect with the Church. +nnDnn+
If you want to learn more about what it means to be Catholic, this is the podcast for you. Thoughtful, well-researched insight is always shared with grace and humility. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide the production of this show.
I love being able to learn about my Catholic Faith while I’m doing chores around the house. After several years of listening I have an incredible, basic, understanding of the Bible, Church history, Church Tradition, The Mass and The Churches stance on social issues. Life changing!!!!
Firstly, although I consider myself Christian (unfortunately Catholics don’t) I’m not a catholic. Secondly, this podcast is absolutely AWESOME! Their answers are insightful and true to the faith (as far as I know it). The content has helped build and strengthen my belief in God, Jesus the Christ, and the importance of Christian theology in our society as a whole.
Catholic Answers is a great way to learn about the Catholic Faith and bring you closer to Jesus.
The topics are varied and wide in scope but also accessible. The answers are given fairly and gracefully with care for each caller. To claim this isn’t an accurate look at Catholicism is to be say it isn’t a look at Catholicism that You would like. It is a look at the Church and her teaching.
My husband and I started listening to Catholic Answers Live about 4 years ago. I was raised Catholic and have learned SO much about my faith and how to share it from the knowledgeable apologists! My husband, raised Lutheran, will be brought into the Catholic Church this Easter, thanks to the explanations of Catholic teachings on this show!