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I had downloaded the Rick Steves' audio podcast on my phone before I left home. I enjoyed the introduction to London and was ready for the tour with Rick. It worked! It was easy and I could not believe he knew where I was and how much his commentary helped me enjoy the museum more. It was very relaxing! I have downloaded the Museum d'Orsay already and cannot wait to go today. Important to download at home or in a good hotel that has good wifi.
We just used these audioguides on a 3 day visit to Paris in January. They were a great addition to our trip that allowed us to see the important sights without having to pay for audioguides. We had a couple issues with the first part of the Louvre tour because the Greek Statues area was not in the same layout as the audioguide. Once we figured it out we were ok and the rest of the tour was very helpful. However the tour only covers one wing of the Louvre and there was much more to see. We also pretty much could not use the Orsay museum audioguide because much of the museum was under a large renovation and nothing was in the same places as the audioguide. After a lot of frustration trying to find things, we evenutally abandoned the guide and just perused the museum on our own. Otherwise the Versailles tour and the parts of the Historic Paris walk that we used were great and we plan on using the Italy guides on our trip this summer!
I ordinarily roll my eyes a little at Rick Steves' TV show, but these audio guides really changed my mind. The Historic Tour of Paris was fantastic, and really helped give us historical context, while also allowing us time to absorb everything. The only part that was a little too fast was through the Consiergie, but otherwise the guide was perfect. Much recommended to anyone going to Europe. Thanks so much to Rick, Lisa, and their dedicated staff who put this together. 5 stars!
There is a comment by "adrock" below indicating that there is a problem with Rick's audio tours because the old one gets deleted whenever a new one is downloaded. Please note that this is not a problem with the audio tours themselves. There is a setting within iTunes that can cause this "problem" (also known as a "feature" if that's what you want it to do!).
This is a very handy way to get a personnally guided tour by Rick. The tours are similar to the museum and walking tours in his guide books, but better. Having Rick narrate makes it much more interesting.
I loved using these on my trip to Paris. Very helpful and informative and I didn't get lost. These podcosts provided a great highlights, history, and tips for the areas.
WOW, Rick, AWESOME Podcast! If I ever do go to France, I'm going to listen to your guided tours at the same time:) LOVE that your podcasts are about an hour or so...fills my data entry workday with pleasant daydreams of actually being there...seeing the Mona Lisa and the rooms you so articulately describe. DO MORE and please go to Ireland and Scotland and describe the Castles,etc! Great job, Rick:)
Rick Steves is my one authority for Europe traveling info. Every time we have went to Europe, a couple of his books came with us!! Rick Steves tells us info that can save us money, and give us a lot of fun!! When I read about these on his website, I quickliy downloaded one and put it on my iPod. The tour is easy to follow, informative, and funny!! What is even greater about this whole thing is that I am going to Paris in a couple of weeks! Now I won't have to buy expensive audio tours at the Louvre!! Thanks again Rick!!
I love everything Rick has done so far. I watch his show every night on my digital PBS station and listen to his tours and radio shows while I'm working on the factory floor. For me it's a trip to Europe everyday. Keep up the good work.
I'm getting ready to visit Europe and between Rick Steves and Samantha Brown (from the Travel Channel), I'm set! Definitely recommend it!
Who else but Rick Steves would post these as podcast for free!! For anyone not familiar with Rick's materials, please disregard the last posting. I respectfully must disagree and this looks more like someone who has personal beef with Rick. I have never failed to have a great trip when I have used Rick's guides and materials. Thanks Rick and keep up the great work!
Are you kidding me?! Free?! These are too good to be true! Thanks Ricky-boy.