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I love Hideous Energy for great comic recommendations and a great laugh. David and Austin make me look at the medium as more than a fan, and have given me a better understanding of what goes into the process of creating in the medium.
I’m a lifetime comic reader (trade waiter in my old age) who rarely reads anything by Marvel or DC. I appreciate your thoughts and discussions regarding comics by other publishers. I’m loving the Hellboy book club. Thanks!
This podcast differs from a lot of podcasts I listen to just on the sole basis that they aren't boring. They actually enjoy what they talk about,and when they don't like something they let you know, which is awesome because personally, I hate when people sugarcoat things. they also have a great sense of humor not an episode goes by where they don't at least try to joke around a little bit, even if the topic is super serious one. But when they do need to get serious, they do it well.
I rarely pick up a comic book, yet have choosen to listen to this comic book-centered podcast every week for the last three years. The hosts are thoughtful, articulate, engaging, hilarious, crude, at times bonkers and many more adjectives. Most importantly they're entertaining as hell and are the kind of people I want to hang out with. The more you listen, the more they feel like the talking end in your very one-sided friendship. If you love comic books or love cool people, give Hideous Energy a listen.
Helped rekindle my love of comics. And movies. And random stuff. Love this podcast and wait patiently for it every week.
I love these guys! They are crazy funny, as well as very insightful and fun with all there comicbook and occasional movie reviews. This podcast is also one of the only thing that gets me through those long, agonizing Wednesday workdays without going postal. Thank you Dave and Austin. You remind me everyday that love is not a lie!
Honestly, I don't know how these guys come up with such brilliantly stupid thoughts. Or how those thoughts escape from their skulls, but I am eternally grateful. Each episode is full of laughs. On top of that, there is highly intelligent and thought provoking discussions on comic books and popular culture. Trust me, random review reader, this podcast is top notch.
Got turned on to this a few months ago by a pal and I love this show. I can always count on Dave and Austin for some pretty hilarious and thoughtful chats.
The most indepth, insightful, and educated comics podcast for a truly highbrow comics fan. Also lots of balls jokes.
I almost didn't leave a review because I couldn't give the show six stars. Five will have to do:(
These guys are great and have a reverence for the artform and an irreverence for the business that makes them entertaining to listen to.
This podcast is epic
Look, I love Comic Geek Speak. Non-cannonical Comic Book Podcast also rocks. But Alter Ego is PERFECT. Perfect length. Perfect mix of unscripted banter, jackassery, and meaningful content. I always cheer when I see a new Alter Ego Comic Podcast show up in my iTunes. Frickin' AWESOME. I'd love to grab a beer with these guys... although I suspect I'd end up breaking that bottle on the bar and defending myself against a drunken Jason.
Hilarious and occasionally insightful weekly podcast. Great reviews, recommendations and interviews and always up to date with the latest news and books. I wold warn however that they will destroy your enjoyment of Green Lantern with their Sinstro voice.
Jason, Drew and Steve to a great job on the podcast. They come off smart, but not too smart, and without the stupid "Who would win in a fight between Superman or Thor" conversations that too many fanboys indulge in. Besides, Jason would find a way for Taskmaster to have beat them both, so it doesn't matter. I look forward to this every wednesday morning when I get settled in at work.
Although I like the interview portions of shows like Comic Geek Speak and Fanboy Radio, everything else about those shows is almost unlistenable. Alter Ego Comic Cast has great hosts, excellent professional production, and a quick concise format. It's a show about comic books, not classic literature, so it shouldn't take longer to listen to the show than to read the material covered on the show; I like comics, but I have a life. PLUS it has an awesome theme song (DEFINITELY unlike the aforementioned podcasts).
GREAT JOB GUYS! I truly enjoy the format of this podcast. The synergy these 3 guys have is great! I look forward the podcast EVERY week. Keep up the good work. :)