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I’ve listened to this podcast since 2007. It draws me toward God like nothing else. I’m so grateful for it.
I like the Pray as you go podcast. It is a prayerful way to begin a day. It helps me be more centered. Give the over to our Lord.
The music choices are always beautiful.
These podcasts are a great way to start the morning. Setting my eyes on Jesus and the Word are just what I need while driving the kids to school. The length of the podcast (10-15 min) and the style of meditation put you in the right frame of mind without eating up your whole morning!
Excellent content, but the recent speed change takes away from the podcast. Please consider slowing it back down to real time!
Frankly, we always had difficulties with the Scriptures. It wasn’t easy to always make sense of them, or to get all the value, or even to enjoy them. Until we discovered this little miracle. These meditations are very accessible, yet deep and touching. You can surely find 10-12 minutes in the day to feed your soul.
Regardless which denomination you practice, if you bear the name Christian, you will find this time of quiet prayer and reflection to be a wonderful supplement to your day.
Frustrating because I cannot get the daily readings I subscribed for. Is there a solution?
The style of this daily devotional is as chill and peace-fullfilling as you can find.
I feel so grateful to have been introduced to this app. It is wonderful! The music, the scripture, the self-reflection... it is such a help to ground myself and get in touch with the Spirit.
I love starting the day with this podcast.
The music is amazing and gets better. They explain each reading and make you understand and almost feel like you are there. Truly unique, and just what my soul has been searching for. It’s what catholicism needs!
This podcast is like a stream in the desert. Thank you for sharing this gift of communion with us.
The reflections are suburb, and so conducive to contemplation.. our religious community has been using this site for about seven years. Thank you so much.
I listen to them morning and night, it really makes me think/pray.
The thoughts, the prayers, the music, all are wonderful! Thank you for doing this. You bless many more people than you know.
A perfect daily prayer. I've gotten so much out of it.
These podcast serve to ground me in the morning. The beautiful music, the Word of God and the moments of reflection help me direct my thoughts to the Lord Jesus so that he may nourish my heart, mind and soul with love, truth, conviction and grace. I highly recommend them as a spiritual practice to mature in Christian faith.
I listen to this podcast every morning, integrated into my morning routine. And it is life changing! Don’t change anything, it’s perfect just as it is. Thank you!!!
Did you ever stop to think what crazy person wrote the word of "god"? Quit wasting your lives!
Wonderful way to start my day. Thank you
Beautifully produced with lovely music selections woven throughout readings and thought provoking questions that keep listener engaged all the while in a peaceful meditative focused state.
I’ve once really loved this app. It helped me greatly in morning my meditation & prayer time. I enjoyed the previous format, listening to the music interlude at the beginning of the podcast, then the scripture reading, a meditation question, then silence - a short quiet time. I don’t like the current format, playing music throughout. I find quite distracting. It appears that an effort to improve on a very good podcast has had the opposite effect. Please revert to the older format. God bless. Prayers up for you all at PAYG. In Christ, Patrick
I listen to this as much as I can. I especially love this song that is within the reading. Can anyone tell me what the name of that song is and who the lady is that is singing it? I wish to own it for my phone for future listening 🙏🏼💕
I am so grateful for all the work that goes into making this podcast. It has been one of the greatest blessings to my morning. Highly recommend.
It's perfect for meditating when you wake up. I wake up early to work out and this daily prayers give me a daily mental and spiritual workout every day now.
I listen to this daily and begin each morning with it. The verses and flow of the podcast really help me set the tone for my day. Thank you to the publisher of this podcast. It is a blessing and a big part of my daily prayer and meditation.
I listen to this podcast regularly, every morning before I start my day. The music, scriptural readings, and meditative guidance are the perfect length of time. I thanks God Christians of different denominations are coming together through this podcast. I would like to point out the spoken audio portion of the podcast dated 14 May 2017 is of lower quality than previous podcasts. There has been some degradation in audio quality. Thanks and God bless!
Nice blend of meditation, faith, and spirituality. Hope they continue to make more. Thank you
I listen to it on jogs, in the car or to pray before bed at night! Great balance of guided reflection and time for personal prayer with music
I love the combination of scripture, music, and reflection time. Beautifully produced.
I've listened to this podcast off and on for several years. About a year ago, after an apple update, I stopped being able to download it quickly. I've subscribed and unsubscribed to no avail. If others have this same problem, it would be great if someone could try to fix it.
Wonderful. Every episode w some nice music to meditate on, a scripture passage and some prose. I only wish it were somehow updated to subscribe to my box, rather than have to manually download since they are all "old" episodes


By Llamimi
This is a new addition to my morning routine and I enjoy it immensely.
The quality and format of this podcast are very high quality, with good music and helpful guided reflections on the Gospels.
This podcast is uplifting and a quick way to pray. The episodes are short, but powerful. The music is perfect for each episode. Thank you for easy ways to devote time in my faith journey. I love how they tell me which day it is in our liturgical calendar.
This is an extremely well made prayer session based on the daily Mass readings. Very good presenters and extrordinarily well chosen music draw listeners into a really intimate relationship with the scripture by letting it ask me questions. It helps me create a prayer "bubble" daily for ten to twelve minutes that I can't help returning from transformed. As an added bonus they identify all of the great music they use and have links for purchasing it on their web site.
As a busy mom, it's hard to find quiet time alone to reflect much less get a moment to read and dive into scripture. This podcast has become a favorite point in my day because no matter what, I always have 10 minutes. Beautifully arranged with song and scripture, it's takes me away from the chaos for those moments and allows my heart to hear again. I highly recommend this podcast. You'll love it!
I've been following these meditations the last 2-3 weeks and have found myself refreshed, and learning and connecting with God in new ways through them. Wonderful idea, thank you Jesuits.
I have been using this app for about a year and the content is consistently wonderful. A few minutes of meditative music, scripture reading reflections and then more music. It is very peaceful and the music is very diverse. Note that if you go to their website there is a link called " what's that music" where you can find the names of the daily music. A great resource but a consistent theme is that this podcast never downloads on schedule, e.g. Mine is set for daily refresh and it doesn't do it more often than not. You can often times manually go to the feed and get it but sometimes, as is the case today, future episodes don't even appear, Nov. 13th is the last one listed. Despite this it is a wonderful free resource, my comments are not intended to be critical, just feedback in hopes that someone on the app development team can look into it. Thanks!
This podcast quietly calms the soul and searches the depths. A fabulous springboard for deeper prayer or as-is while you are driving, walking, doing chores, or whatever. One of my favorite podcasts. Recommend very highly.
Love these podcasts in the morning as I’m getting ready for work. Great stuff!
Absolutely stunning combination of music, Scripture, insights and reflective questions for the listener/participant. Length of 10-12 minutes is excellent, as well. I find myself hungry for and listening to the casts repeatedly. Participating in this podcast is changing me.
This podcast is so inspired and complete. From the opening chimes to the soothing voices with lovely accents. :-) From the gorgeous, prayerful music that helps you gently center yourself to the scripture reading that makes God's word accessible. And then, the best part! The guided reflection has short prompts that enhance your understanding of the scripture and help you open your heart and mind to what God has to say to YOU in this moment. When your hear the reading again, it comes to life more fully and deeply. When you close with the Glory Be, you will realize you've been transported to a holy place, one you can carry with you throughout your day.
Great variety and format
God bless all of you for doing this; it has totally changed my prayer life and it's great!
A quiet good way to enter the day..thank you for this
A gentle and kind podcast that reminds me of what's truly important
My daily meditation and prayer of contemplation. Thank you


By Mwhbh
Listening to this first thing in the morning helps me lifts myself to God for the day. Wonderful music ever as well !