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This is a really good podcast! I really liked the buffy one too. I'm glad someone does a podcast on one of my favorite shows!
I'm am so addicted to this podcast. I listen to it during my lunch break, my conference period, and when I get home. This is a great podcast to listen to if you like Angel. Buffcast is great as well. These guys will make you laugh and have you think more in depth about the episodes. This is a must have!


Ok, so I've listen to the BuffCast, and if you read my review on there, it is a little frightening. I'm respectful, but I voice all my concerns. I really liked the guys, however I wasn't a fan of their Buffy podcast. This one really shows their personality and they talk about Angel. I could tell already that this is a different show, because on BuffCast their personality is quite different. They actively enjoy talking about Angel, and their characters. I find them to be so much more likeable on this show. I do like them on the BuffCast, but on that one, they forget things and just seem bored with it. On Angel Investigations, I can feel they are passionate about the fandom, and I applaud them.
I loved the buffy cast.. but sadly enought i missed out on the 3rd season one... and i love this.. Maybe you guys could do a charmed one?!!
I was leary about the "Geekshow" guys doing an Angel podcast, especially after hearing Season 3 Buffcast (sorry guys, call it like I hear it), because it is my absolute favorite show, but with their new format plus all the additional work with the website, and message boards really pulls it all together. I love it. Most importantly Lexington Represent... Go Cats!
If you're a fellow-geek who loves Angel and loves to dissect each episode, this is the podcast for you. 2 episodes in, and I'm hooked! Along with the Buffcast, this podcast allows geeks to enjoy 2 other geeks banter about the Angel TV series. The message board on the podcast's website allows for a great interactive element to the podcast, so that listeners can add their 2 cents.
Found it quite entertaining, and evenhanded. The other whedon podcast have a cult sound to them, joss did make some bad episodes out there. Like it keep up the good work. P.S. First and Favorite one is “BILLY” sick, dark disturbing, but not Buffy, very Adult. Better than “HERO”