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Reviews For Deep in Scripture Radio

This is the most wonderful series for Scripture studies that I have found. Totally faithful, and so in depth. You will definitely grow in your understand of Scripture and the faith. God bless you Marcus and Coming Home Network!
I love the content yet time shifting is a requirement for me. This program can result in gorging yourself, wondering why you thought styrofoam ..... Thanks Ignorant but less so
If you hunger to know more about God's word and His Church from others who love the Faith-wow-you'll love This podcast!
I Love these podcast!
This is a great podcast discussing scripture and it's role in living the Catholic faith more fully. Awesome. I never cease to be inspired from listening.
I love this podcast. I love to watch the journey home but I wish that there was more than 1 new show a week so I'm glad I found Deep in Scripture podcasts to fill in the days! I'm new to the Catholic faith and I love it! So I am trying to learn all I can. Thanks to everyone responsible for this program!
Wonderful and I enjoy every minute.
Thank You! Great podcast for Catholics or others wanting to know more about the Catholic church.
This podcast is one of the best in scripture study for catholics. What a great way to learn scripture from a catholic perspective. It surely satisfies that hunger to hear and understand the Word. Thanks you for making this show available via podcast. God Bless you and your work.
Excellent! First of it's kind for Catholics. Fantastic for someone wanting to dig into scripture.
I'm very glad I can listen to Deep In Scripture on podcast now as I would frequently miss episodes on the radio. Now I can catch up! I love the in-depth study of Scripture that I learned to love in my days in Bible college. Now, as a Catholic, I'm thrilled to study the Scriptures with the all the history and beauty of a Church that remembers 2000 years of apostolic teaching. To God be the Glory.
This podcast is very helpful for teaching myself as I teach others about knowing God and loving God. May God specially bless all those that are associated with this podcast and others that help us know the purpose of life. Keep up the good fight!
A wonderful resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible! Marcus and his guests offer an in-depth review of scriptural passages exploring the history and meaning contained within. Each verse comes alive!