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Reviews For Menlo Church Sermon Podcast

These messages are relevant and pertinent!
The current series on That’s a Good Question is outstanding
John Ortberg is the best living pastor today - I am convinced. While living in the Bay tending to my ailing daughter fighting for her life and recovery for months, his Sunday preaching was an oasis of hope amidst a great personal trial. Now back in the Northwest, I listen to his sermons from afar. The depth and clarity of his sermons challenges, gently condemns, and ultimately inspires. He is too humble to seek a larger audience, but he deserves one. Pick literally any sermon and see for yourself.
Love John Ortberg sermons! So relevant!
I appreciate the stories, heart, and humor of these podcasts. Great Bible teaching and inspiring messages. Strongly recommended.
What an amazing teacher…John is truly a gifted teacher and teaches in a way that is both entertaining as well as great at getting the point across in a way that all people are able to understand.
I have the pleasure of working at this church and can tell you that the teaching is reflective of people who practice what they preach. Love catching the podcast when I miss a weekend!
Love John’s thoughtful and applicable approach to following Jesus! Definitely worth listening to.
Menlo Church's thoughtful and dedicated approach to following Jesus in our progressive culture has been absolutely essential to my own spiritual journey with knowing and becoming like Christ. I love the way it equips me to engage with my culture from a posture of love but commitment the things God values
I have been blessed for the last ten years by the teaching of John Ortberg and the staff of Menlo Church. I cannot recommend enough this teaching and hope others are blessed by it.
John Ortberg and his team do an amazing job each week of teaching the Word of God in a relevant and applicable way. This is my go-to podcast when I want to hear a message that I know will speak to my heart and focus me on Jesus.
So easy to listen to, so much to learn
I have been listening to MPPC sermons inline for years, I travel to Mexico and have peace that I can download the sermons to take with me to the most remote places there, what a blessing!!!
Dear MPCC My cousin who used to live in the bay area rec'd listening to some MPCC sermons as I go through a very difficult period in my life, and am rededicating myself to God. Pastor Ortberg's, and the other Pastor's teachings have been such a blessing to me, allowing me to receive healing from God that I didn't think was possible. I truly believe that God has blessed your church with the gift of healing, and now through the use of technology that gift can be amplified and shared with so many people. For every me, I'm sure there are 100 others who are also being blessed and healed. Please do not stop. John P in Oxnard, CA
I truly enjoy listening this sermon over and over while I am driving during week days. Thank you all of MPPC staffs for updating sermons :) It really helps me be close to God.
Each week it's a true blessing to listen to MPPC sermon and Sanctuary sermons. Thanks for all the staff, Especially John Ortberg, Lindsay James, and Scott, your ministry has been a blessing.
Each week we cannot wait to listen to the new mppc podcast of that week's sermon! We are always blessed. Thank you for the continual blessing you are sharing with us!
Thankyou so much MPPC for taking the time and being so gracious to post the messages from your Church online. I have been listening to messages from Jon Ortberg & your entire staff for 5 years now!!
I go to Willow Creek and miss JO's teaching a lot. John is a man who has been blessed by God with a great gift for teaching. Now I can learn not only through his books, but through Menlo Parks podcasts. This is a blessing and a gift to me for which I am thankful for.
John Ortberg is absolutely one of the best motivational speakers in America today. Not only a Christian motivational speaker, though John's talks are clearly Jesus-centric. He is cerebral without being a pedant, he is conversational without being scattered, he is relentlessly focused on delivering messages that really reach their audiences. There are few today who can hold an audience with gnat-length attention spans as John can...and enthrall them as well.
John is funny and authentic.
I am so happy to have the MPPC sermons. I just found the podcast Friday and I have already listened to 7 messages. I love John Ortberg's messges. Thanks MPPC
I am a long time fan of John Ortberg. Great to have fresh messages delivered to my Nano
As a decade-long MPPC attender, now attending the New Hope church plant, I miss the Menlo sermons. Thank you so much for providing us with a way to hear them wherever we are. For those at MPPC who are interested in the goings on at New Hope, please note the New Hope Peninsula sermon podcast.