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Way to be Roc!!!!! Keep it spinning, bro!
Amazing, this is the tipe of music that keeps your body going. who needs prozac, if you are depressed listen to this. I still can't believe that there is only two reviews for this podcast. ROCDOLLAR is the most talented Dj I have heard in the entire Itunes library. His mixes are amazingly one of the best i have heard in my 21 years as a DJ myself. You all need to get off your lazy butts and type a review.


By Magdoll
love it.
This podcast is amazing. I have every episode downloaded and listen to them all the time. Not too much talking. Excellent drum and bass. I was greatly disappointed when it was reduced from two hours to one. Highly recommended. Big up Rocdollar!
Much respect from RJ @ L.A.B. Records :) We really diggin the smooth mixes mate. #73 helped me get through today ;) Thanks for the mash up. Ez
Theres always sweet smooth DnB every week. Fresh stuff, real talent.
Nice podcast; seems to hit up all the current latest and greatest tunes. Thanks for making this available and keep up the great work!


whoa- im speechless AWESOME!!!!!