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This podcast is wonderful! The hosts of this show create a space to explore the field of epidemiology in a fun and interesting way. If you enjoy listening to NPR style podcasts you will not enjoy their “delivery” of this information. If you are like some of the more sexist reviewers you will think the Erins’ sound childish. However, if you are like most of us who listen. You will love the delivery these two outrageously smart women have when dictating this podcast! They show emotion but also help to lighten up the show with laughter as well as thematic cocktails/mocktails. Overall I am so grateful to have found this podcast. I sincerely hope that more people catch onto this show and give it a try!
Listening to these two lovely, delightful individuals speak so magnificently about epidemiology makes my science-loving heart flutter. Both of you are wonderful! Please never stop making this amazing podcast!
Erin & Erin do an amazing job taking a complicated subject and making it all easy to understand. They are clearly passionate about the subject and their specialties which comes through as they talk. They sprinkle humor throughout and keep you engaged. I listen at work but noticed I will stop what I’m doing, completely focused and listening intensely. I look forward to every episode!!
I have nothing negative to say. These ladies are smart, funny, entertaining. The podcast is educational and interesting!
This podcast is formatted wonderfully. You get very easily digestible amounts of history and science told with friendly charm, passion, humor, and very good storytelling. If you ever find yourself missing the stimulation that your favorite college lectures provided, these are available at the much lower cost of FREE! Erin and Erin are great, as are their many guests. I’m also so glad we don’t have to worry (too much) about Small Pox anymore! Woo-Hoo!
I love this podcast. Each episode teaches me something new, is wildly interesting, and leaves me inspired to do further learning. It’s amazing and I cannot recommend it enough.
Love listening to this podcast and learning new things! Also I get super excited about quarantini time.
The Erin’s are fun to listen to and actually, despite the subject matter, help me feel less like I’m going to die of everything I hear about. Alcohol helps too. Thanks ladies!
I love these girls - they are so fun and passionate! But what I love the most is how they are informing us lay-people on many important diseases, exciting our brains with interesting facts, and even getting us curious about plants! Just started listening about a month back and I am hooked! Look forward to this podcast every week. And never stop laughing Erin - don’t listen to those other reviewers! Your laugh is contagious, genuine (a little awkward) and completely authentic. I love it. Keep on laughing and educating!!


By Mamajeh
Seriously awesome! If you need a new podcast and you like ooey-gooey, history, and a bit of humor—this podcast is for you! These ladies make learning much more interesting!


Really engaging hosts and very interesting subject matter. One of my new favorite podcasts!
I studied microbiology in college and you just don’t learn about the stories behind the diseases. Erin and Erin do the BEST job about keeping things lighthearted while still being informative and spreading the facts! Love this podcast
These ladies are so smart and interesting. Really great content!
Love this podcast so much! Just got into it a few days ago, already on season 2! Love the info and the ease of learning about some pretty scary/difficult to understand stuff! Thanks for making these! You guys rock.
I love this podcast😭
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Very informative and fun. They make it their own and I’m glad they insert their personalities and have fun with it. Unlike MFM, they don’t sit around and chit chat for 30 mins before starting (what a waste of time), they stay on topic and engaged. I love the historical background and I’m always mind blown from tidbits of information they found. I also like the review of information being a healthcare professional, it keeps the information fresh. Thank you for making such a great podcast and keep having fun with it!
Because this podcast is so well done all around. Sound evidence-based information and they even include their sources.
I enjoy this podcast, but why does he one Erin have a conversation and the other Erin reads straight from a script? The conversational approach is much more interesting, I can read a PowerPoint on my own! Also the giggling can be a little much. I wish they wouldn’t dumb it down for us.
I really love the information provided by the Erin’s. However, the constant giggling is making me want to turn it off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Debbie Downer, just doesn’t belong here.
I love everything! ESPECIALLY THE LAUGHING!very informative and a very fun way to learn. Keeps a dark topic feeling not too overwhelming while still giving all the facts
The Erins are talented and bring the perfect tone and tenor to such a serious subject matter. Be prepared to learn a lot and laugh a bit. This is the podcast equivalent of a “bingeworthy Netflix show.”
Love it! Great in between true crime binges and well informed for super challenging topics. My skin is crawling with glee!
The hosts of this podcast do an incredible job communicating very complex science and hugely broad historical context in a casual, engaging and listenable way. With the current environment of devaluing science and ignorance regarding immunizations, this podcast cannot be lauded enough for its educational value, while still being entertaining. Every poor review here is blatant sexism in thin disguise. Oh, you find their laughter and enjoyment of their field annoying? Well, sir, you probably never wash your hands anyway.
Microbiology, two brilliant down to earth women, and a plethora of fascinating history and epidemiology? I’m obsessed. It’s as if someone scanned my brain for my dream podcast and found this. Did I mention the thematic cocktails?!? Thanks ladies for the placebo drinks as I’m now preggers and can’t imbibe. In conclusion, “This Podcast” is a nerd’s paradise!
This podcast will kill you’re will go ever go outside again. It is informative, and the Erins manage to make the biology, history, and disgusting, awful parts of disease so interesting that you can’t stop listening. even while you’re soul tries to forcefully exit your body before you catch any of the things this pod cast covers. I love it and recommend it all the time.
The premise for the show is great. But I found myself very annoyed by excessive giggling by the young women hosting the show. I think the giggling is a way of them coping with deadly serious diseases, but it, along with other elements of the show come accross as really amateurish and not up to the usual NPR standard. The other annoying aspect is the tendency to judge some of the scientiests, doctors, and other extremely harshly and exclusively by contemporary standards. Some of these characters deserve criticism but the hosts really are on the verge of "throwing the baby out of the bathwater" in many instances. All this said, I hope the producers tighten up the show and improve it rather than give it up.
I really wanted to love this podcast. The subject matter is fascinating, and the two hosts do a great job of researching the material and scripting it. But I only made it half way through the first episode ("Yellow Fever"). The two hosts' giggling and laughing is so annoying I just couldn't force myself to continue listening. Imagine listening to two high school girls giggle about their latest crushes. Yeah! It's like that.
I am in no way a scientist, but these ladies make really complicated topics so much easier to understand. I wasn’t sure I was interested in all this, but the way they explain the topics has me doing my own research now too! I love how much I am learning and how they make science seem like a cool girls game!
I’ve gotten in trouble a time or two for saying “I love Ebola” or talking to other science friends about medical topics over dinner. Listening to Erin and Erin get so excited over diseases also is so much fun, because I’ve been there too and it’s nice to feel like I’m not the only one!
As an epidemiologist myself, I find these episodes addicting and amazing. The two Erins have a great chemistry and after one day of listening I’m already on episode 5. Binge-listening at its finest!
Love this podcast! 2 very smart ladies talking about things they are passionate about. Science broken down simply and put in a real historical and current context. Def worth a try!
Erin and Erin take such delight in learning new things from each other, and the delight is infectious (forgive me)! I love their complete take take on the biology of each disease, their commitment to social justice in medicine, and especially that they cite their sources at the end of each podcast.
I love the Erin’s and this podcast! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and entertaining me always ❤️😷


By nikgurr
Their chemistry isn’t engaging and most topics while informative aren’t given a solid delivery
Fascinating! You get the history, the mechanisms behind how the disease works, and first hand accounts about the disease. I was never interested in biology or science but this has me hooked! Great job Erins!
I’ve always been fascinated by topics like viruses and epidemics. The two Erin’s share their knowledge and research on horrible diseases while drinking their “quarintini’s” - BRILLIANT! Highly educational and a fun listen!
I LOVE this show. Not only do I always get a laugh, but I also learn something new! Humans are disgusting, for real.
Love listening so much, I got my husband listening and loving it too!!!
The information presented is well researched and informative, however listening to these two giggle and “Oh my Gawd” like ‘80’s valley girls while discussing some of the most horrific diseases known to man is quite annoying.
Just awful
If you’ve ever sat in a dry lecture about pathophys or epidemiology and wondered how it could be so boring, then this podcast is the antidote. The hosts are funny and engaging, and make epidemiology and disease states so fun to learn about. My new favorite podcast!
I cried; I am crying; I can’t stop crying. Thank you😢
Love love love this podcast. I tell everyone about it! I love how I’m able to “study” and enjoy it :) at the same time. Helps supplement my microbiology class. #rabiesismyfave
This podcast was recommended to me by one of my teachers in my vet tech school. Since first listening to the Rabies episode,(we happened to be studying it at the time) I have listened to all episodes multiple times, and sometimes even look more into their sources! This Podcast has sparked a love of infectious diseases and made me super annoying to all my friends. I don’t care though I wouldn’t change it. Also hope you guys never change and keep “spreading” the word!
But the world is just full of surprises I guess.
I listen to the exactly right network and decided to start this one. The research is great for someone not familiar with anything in the topics and the hosts are also great. I like their commentary and it’s easy to follow. It kinda reminded me of a better, scientific, female version of the last podcast on the left. They still tell a story and keep it interesting while still getting a lot of info across. It’s honestly relaxing to listen to!
Love this podcast! It was recommended by my clinical instructor. Anyone who is in the medical field and wants to learn more this is a great and fun way to find out about diseases! The music part can be quite loud but other than that great!
This podcast combines some of my favorite things: women in STEM, making science and public health information more accessible to all communities, and eloquently named cocktails. But seriously, even if you neither drink nor are a scientist, we are all susceptible to disease and being educated on infectious disease makes us better humans. Thank you to the Erins for making it more fun!