Beyond Reason

Reviews For Beyond Reason

I’m not sure what happened to Beyond Reason but it used to be a good show. Teddy had a way about him that was reflective of Art Bell. If you are interested in other similar shows that offer something close to Beyond Reason then I highly recommend either the paranormal podcast or the farside podcast. Both of those shows are very good.
Podcasts worth listening too & extremely thought provoking. Thank you!
Some of the guests are so interesting and the talk so thought-provoking that I have listened to them over and over. Richard Bach, Martin Gray, Dr. Louise Mallory-Elliot, Dr. Mario Martinez and Dan Miller were definite favorites! Just wish the show was on more often.
The wide-ranging subjects for these generally metaphysical interviews are great. Great chemistry between the hosts, who take no particular line on anything, but focus on doing a good job getting the information out there. They have the courage to tackle topics so much of the media refuses to consider. A great, thought-provoking podcast. If your mind is open you are sure to enjoy this one.
I really like both the hosts of Beyond Reason, but with questionable guests like Gregg Braden and Caroline Myss this show has been positioned firmly in the intellectually soft "New Age". The hosts are intelligent people and I wonder if they have hard questions for some of their guests that they hold back. It's really too bad that thinking gets suspended in some of their shows.
I have gained so much insight to listening to these podcast. I'm surprised I'm not haviing to pay for the quality of insight I'm getting. I too look forward to each new interview. Keep up the great work!
Honestly, you could make up anything you want, call it supernatural, these people will believe it.
I didn't know what to expect when I first heard this podcast out of Nashville TN....I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least! Have listened to all of the archived shows and look forward every week to the podcast. Great chemistry between the hosts. One of my favorite podcasts. Thanks!
There's a diversity of subjects and interesting interviews. I'm definitely keeping up with this podcast.
Teddy Bart and Karlen Evins are real pros. Great guests, fascinating  conversation. Really intellegent content. They are on the top of my list.