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The experts interviewed are so interesting. Alex is not a talented interviewer. If he’s selecting the experts he’s doing a wonderful job, but he’s not great at conducting interviews and brings down the quality of the conversation.
RE: mention of a Japanese man who took photos of the 1919 riots in Chicago. He’s still being marginalized because his name is not even mentioned, except as a “Japanese man.” One star for the irony of talking about him as being marginalized at the time, while still being marginalized today in this podcast. His name should be in the notes, as well as being mentioned in the podcast.
Strikes the perfect balance between academically rigorous, solid analyis and yet accessible, engaging and entertaining. Excellen choice of important topics that don't get much coverage. Devin Stewart is also an excellent inverviewer - brings out the most important info and ties it together well.
After Listening to this podcast-the feeling of playing with a ‘signature ball’ in a little league championship
These in-depth interviews are incredible. I listen to lots of great podcasts and consistently this one leaves me more informed and I recall the messages long after I've listened. Highly recommended!
Really very special as forums go; as with most forums of this ilk, some speakers are terribly boring; certain others, however, are pure gold! (Could be 5-star rather than 4 if more effort was made in the production/audio quality, which is sporadic at best)
Listening for first time to Jerry Kaplan episode: the woman who is playing host is incredibly annoying should refrain from interfering with her guest's presentation.
Thank you for publishing!
I love the podcast! Sleep to it almost every night. Great guests and interesting in depth exploration of topics. I really enjoy "the future of" talks. Would also love more historical insights on modern problems, those are always interesting.
Great materials but one needs to be able to read the titles in a list on an Ipod. Steven Leibo
This is the most interesting podcast in the directory.