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My title says “one of the best” but I think it might just be “The best” .NET podcasts. I listen to you guys everyday on my way into work and on my way home. I feel like I’m always learning something new or interesting and the way in which you deliver the content isn’t mundane or tedious like you can sometimes see in other podcasts. Keep doing what you are doing! It Rocks!!
I was very excited for a MS data/programming podcast but after listening to a few episodes I found it to be more banter than actual information sharing. Needs Better Structure/Agenda. It would be great if you set out a timeline. Ex. 5 minutes of your chit chat 5 minutes .Net/MS news updatea 15 minutes of the main content delivery 15 minutes for review and discussion/opinions 5 minute closing I’ve found that the show description barely aligns with the content. For example, the latest show description mentions the “life of a developer”. I was psyched to hear about others perspectives within the industry for compare and contrast. However, there was about 10-15 minutes of useless banter and back-n-forth. There was some mention of the BASH and how the non windows world is leaking into the windows developer life but that was all. Hoping you can use this as constructive feedback so you provide more industry value for all of us who are busy folks trying to be productive eliminating the noise. Thank you!
I’ve been a .NET Rocks listener for 12+ years now. This show has been and continues to be one of the few podcasts that I choose to listen to during my commutes. I listen to practically every episode even if the main topic is not my forte. Hearing from knowledgeable guests about topics that I don’t encounter in my normal 9 to 5 broadens my perspective and gives me an appreciation for what others are doing. Oftentimes, I’m inspired by a comment read by Richard or a Better Know a Framework by Carl. Being able to review the show notes and pick up a book or course recommendation has proven to be invaluable on numerous occasions. Seriously, if you’re a .NET developer specifically, or just a software developer in general, you owe it to yourself to give this show a try.
I learnt so much by listening to them for the last 7-8 years. Love u guys
I was putting off listening to the geekouts until I caught up with core shows and now everything beyond last 20 shows is gone off Apple’s Podcast app. Hope it’s a glitch.
The hosts are great, very knowledgeable! Great topics!
I have listened for 14 years. Other podcasts have passed away, but the original is still here. Great content. Great guests. Too much info to take in but there is a show for every topic.
One of the primary to start listening to podcasts was DotNetRocks. Thank you guys. One minor gripe: on few occasions the discussions digress from the main topic. Please try to keep in on topic
Great podcast, great guests. It’s amazing that they recently broke 1000 episodes.
Several times, the podcast is filled with takes of the announcer talking over the actual content. The episode on the service stack had no audio. The geek-out podcasts are never relevant and mostly a waste of time. The theme song is tired and annoying. That said, there is a lot of good content that with a good producer to oversee these issues would make this a stellar podcast.
I program in .NET for a living and stumbled upon these guys when they came to the local .NET user group. Ever since I have been hooked on this podcast and the others Carl and Richard author. I highly recommend this podcast for .NET programmers.
Love the show, never miss an episode. Keep up the great work!
I've really enjoyed listening to the shows. I especially appreciate the wide variety of topics. Helps me to keep up with trends and popular up and coming toolsets and technologies. Thanks for what you do.
Trendy topics, expert guests, nice audio quality, and most of all, great hosts
Please let me know if this is merely prob btwn kbrd and chair...using iPod touch 4th gen, when I search in iTunes I don't see the episode numbers so I have to browse the subject after searching on browser. Can you make epis #s appear in iTunes search please?
I am always impressed with the quality of the show. Deep technical expertise with lots of humor and personal insights as well. Keep up the great work guys. My commute wouldn't be the same without dotnetrocks.
I really like hearing this podcast, it is rich with information for developers. I wish you guys can do a segment on beginners in .net development. C# vs VB, etc...
I have just started listening to dotNetRocks podcasts and I love it!


Fun & informative
I listened to this podcast for the last two years and unfortunately Carl and Richard are running out of interesting topics. I am un-subscribing now and hope to find a podcast that covers Microsoft and .NET technlogy in more depth. The last episodes seemed like a complete waste of time.
The show strikes the right balance between being informative and entertaining. Industry leading guests. Great topics.
This is much better than most tech shows.
I've been listening to Carl and Richard for over a year now. This is a must-listen podcast if you are a .NET developer, are just getting started with .NET, or want to be a .NET developer. I particularly like the "Better Know A Framework" segment in the beginning of the show. Keep 'em coming guys!
Well done and informative. The content is excellent and the production values are high. Carl and Richard do a great job at presenting .NET related topics and interviewing a bunch of interesting guests. This podcast is in my normal rotation of drive-time listening. I particularly like the "Better Know A Framework" segment.
I've been listening to .NET Rocks since before the word "podcast" even existed. It's what inspired me to get off my buttocks and go forth into the dev community. Eventually, I even got to co-host the show for about fifty episodes, although that got a bit tough once I started traveling regularly. Overall, this show is amazing. The production values, the content, and Carl's tenacity have pushed it forward, year after year, and it's only gotten better as time has gone on. The .NET Rocks of 2006 is a highly refined version of what the show used to be, and Richard Campbell makes for a great co-host. Even after having worked on the show, I'm still a fan. Good stuff.

By Wiz
These guys have the best Technology oriented Podcast in the world. Both informative and entertaining. My time is too important to be listening to anything else.