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Jason Haynes and Brad Lomenick make some great book and resource recommendations that I have only heard from them, opening my mind to some great resources. And, of course the interviews and guests are amazing!
The host of the Catalyst Podcast, highlights all aspects of faith, leadership and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Appreciate the topics and the interviews - miss Ken Coleman. Hosts have Low energy which seems ironic when compared to the Catalyst event (and intro).
BEST podcast on your channel!! Truth! Fire! Destiny & Purpose!!
This podcast has so much value for life and leadership!
Seems like there is a bug. Episodes not playing.
Really like this podcast, especially the guests. The “ums” from the interviewer are quite distracting. But otherwise good
Great podcast, inspires me to lead better. Love the longevity of their work. Would give it a 5 star but Tyler seems to shame ppl a lot and be condescending.
Thanks for always having great guests! Love this podcast!
I've listened to the Catalyst Podcast for years, and it has seen a lot of changes in that time. What has been consistent is their desire to provide great content from a mixture of current voices, as well as introduce new voices to the realm of "leadership" material. Genuinely enjoy these people and their heart for helping to develop greater leaders to take us forward.
I echo the comments of another reviewer, indicating that the Podcast is awesome, but have to fast forward through the first 5 - 10 minutes. The hosts go on and on about themselves to the point of nausea. Thank you for the insightful interviews with thought leaders and big ideas. Less chit chat would be a bonus.
I love the variety of content on this podcast! Hosts are engaging and personable! Listening to this podcast not only helps me grow as a leader, but also makes me feel like a part of the Catalyst family!
The variety on the podcast is consistently huge. It's spans leaders from all kinds of workplaces and influential realms. Topics are timely and current. Hosts are engaging. Hands down one of my leadership podcast go-tos!
Catalyst does an amazing job of providing leaders with applicable content that can help you become better at leading others, no matter if you are leading thousands in your congregation, hundreds in your business, dozens in your community, or a handful in your household. I love listening to this podcast as I am getting ready for work in the morning - it gets me excited about loving others and leading well!
Love this podcast! Really relaxed and fun to listen to, and at the same time phenominal interviews talking about real issues around life, culture, leadership, and faith! A great listen while driving to and from work.
The Podcast is getting better every week. Interviews + Music + Culture + Reccomedations and introductions = a great way to learn about leadership and stay up to date with what's going on in the world.
The guests in the podcast are always great. I learn something new almost every time. Sometimes the intro/banter section gets a little long. I definitely listen for the interviews for the most part.
The signal to noise ratio of this podcast makes it unlistenable. The interviews are great...but you need to wade through a bunch of dorm room horsing around to get to it.
One big commercial for Catalyst Conferences
Some of the episodes are extremely good, others are “meh.” By and large I find this one helpful. Be warned that the episodes have grown to over 40 minutes, more than my commute.
I am new to the podcast, but I've already found it helpful. The interviews will keep you up to date on church trends, leadership trends, authors, speakers, area conferences, etc. as well as inspire you to keep moving foward in ministry. I'm probably a bit older than the target demographic, yet I really like it. I never miss a new episode, and have even gone back to listen to several older ones. All have been excellent and cutting edge. If you're interested in keeping a pulse on Christian leadership culture, this is a no-brainer. Get on it.
The conference and the podcast have been true value adds!
Learning, growing and life change are contagious! Thanks for your investment!
Less studio talk Shorter segments You have interesting guests but waste too much time getting to them.
Great find find. I listened to a curent one & decided to start at the beginning. One of my faves. Great talks, interviews and message. Give it a listen you won't regret
Having listened to every Catalyst podcast to date, I couldn’t more highly recommend it. Catalyst attracts exceptional influencers and thought leaders, and they ask the questions you’d want to ask yourself. I’m regularly inspired and challenged to lead better. Brad Lomenick and Ken Coleman are also great podcast hosts. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are as genuine in real life as they are on the podcast. Even for someone who isn’t a fan of college football, their banter is short, fun and endearing.
The interviews are usually very thought provoking, enlightening, or encouraging… but the hosts, oh goodness the hosts. Seem like great guys, but they seem to think that all the strangers listening to the podcast are really interested in the minutiae of their personal lives. They also drop names so often it could be used for a drinking game, if you were so inclined. That is all to say, I'm grateful for this free podcast to listen to while I walk my dog, but college sports are boring. There, I said it. And golf is also boring. And stories about the family vacations of strangers are boring.
Great podcast! Keep your personality in the show. Definitely adds a good dynamic. Great question what was the one leadership trait. His answer " vision- we can't stay here, we must go there!". Profound
My first time listening and was disappointing in the amount if silly stuff at the outset of the program. I love to listen to John Piper, but had to be subjected to "my favorite whatever." Cut the meaningless stuff and focus on the Lord.
The content of Catalyst Podcast is Priceless - It blows me away this gold mine is available for FREE. Now we have NO excuse to live a mediocre life - May we all Listen & Apply these invaluable principles. Kudos to Catalyst & a sincere THANK YOU!!!


Completely STUNNED by the lack of women on this podcast. Really?
The interview with John Ortberg was Amazing!!! These guys have the most inspirational things to say. I like the point that john made, about God's Will for us is to become excellent people. We need to find God call, and focus on that one area! To many times we try to make things work-out on our agenda instead of focusing on God plan for our lives. If there is anyone who is struggling with this.... Just pray and ask God to direct you to the path He wants you to go down. He will let you know the direction, just seek Him and you will find!
Get this podcast. You will not be disapointed. If you have heard of the guests on the shows you will like the interviews.
Need I say more? If you like leadership and want to do something with with the gifts God has given you... then take a listen.
thanks for the podcast i get really blessed by the interviews. Can you guys also put messages fromt he catalyst conference? thanks a lot again
sometimes a little much back-patting for me (arrogance in my humility?) over Catalyst but no one can take away the quality of the programming! Keep up the great work!
This podcast is of course, awesome. But you have to fast forward the first 10-12 minutes b/c the hosts go on and on and on about themselves to the point it makes you squirm. People listen for the guests, not the hosts. If the host time were more concise and less "hey, I went golfing" kind of stuff, this podcast would be way better.
These podcasts are more than just revelant to christians today. Business leaders, church workers, volunteers.... anyone who has face to face contact with our world would enjoy learning the perspectives from some of our society's influencers and policymakers. Not your daddy's podcast!
*These two guys are UNBELIEVABLE... and im sooo excited that they are finally getting to break in w/ the Catalyst peeps... Look for these guys to be around for a long time as they strive to make the name of Christ famous! One Love
I just listened to the podcast with Craig Groeschel, pastor of, and I was simply inspired by his words and his vision! Thank you so much for allowing us to to listen to his wisdom for free! Catalyst rocks!
These are professional-quality outstanding interviews with fascinating guests. Each guest - even some who are not Christian but are insightful business people - give outstanding insights for church leaders. Having listened to at least 10 of the 20 podcasts, I highly recommend them. Those who lead the interviews do a good job of introducing the guests and giving us two minutes of other things we should be aware of. Though aimed at young leaders, any church leader would benefit. This is a true gift to the church. Well done, Catalyst.
Louie Giglio is just an amazing person. I love to hear him speak or do an interview. But the guys at Catalyst do a terrific job in this podcast too. They really make the whole podcast a pleasure to listen to. I feel like I'm just a part of an ongoing conversation with these guys. I have loved every one. I can't wait to hear the next one! I thoroughly recommend all of them!
Guys, Thanks! My experience at the conference, has been life changing, for me my wife and my kids. Having the oportunity to continue this experience through this podcast is CLEARLY, a blessing. Keep up the good work! Blessings!
I would like to suggest that you have a short time during upcoming podcasts for recommending books for your audience to read. This would be a great value to listeners. I also would recommend that you interview Rob Bell. Thanks again for creating this great resource.
This podcast has it all! GREAT interviews with inspired, humble leaders and the latest in resources available to aid in ministry and furthering your own personal relationship with Jesus. I particularly enjoy the segment on future leaders and some of the ministries and insipiring stories that you normally don't hear about! Thanks for the great podcast!
This is the first podcast I have listened to and I loved it. Donald Miller is such a great speaker. What I like about him most is that he is so humble. His wisdom and ideas are revolutionary. I think the questions that Gabe asked him were right on. I also loved the fun questions he asked him at the end. It's nice to get to hear a little bit about Donald Miller the man, versus the author/speaker. I will definitely be listening to the next podcast and can't wait to get caught up on the ones I have missed. Keep up the good work!!
These podcasts are awesome - I love the real personal touch that you guys put on the updates...the speakers you have on here so far speak for themeselves. They are all top shelf leaders who are leading the Next Generation! Thanks for putting something out there that isn't like anything else in dealing with church today and the way culture is moving. This has been a breath of fresh air to my personal spirtual journey. There's nothing like running on a treadmill listening to you guys! Love it!!!
Catalyst is always on the cutting edge of leadership development. What a great way for leaders, both young and old, to learn valuable leadership ideas as well as be entertained. The podcasts are a great, in-depth preview for what the actual conference is like. I would recommend for anyone who wants to influence the direction of their church and community to check it out.
Andy Stanley is a great teacher!! His books are amazing! His videos are phinaomimal! And this podcast is awesome! He is really funny! I only look forward to more. I can't wait to hear from the next life changing earth shaking leader.