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That has a nice ring to it. A great recap of BU games, which can be tough to find even if you live in Boston. I can't wait to download April 9 version after they win the National Championship! GO BU!!
Perhaps the likes of ESPN put out better footage downloads, but (from the research I've done) BU is the FIRST COLLEGE IN THE COUNTRY to offer this. Seriously...non of the "big-machines" like Stanford, Michigan, Texas, or USC have done this yet! The image is great with good commentary. There are more highlights/images than just goals...Jack Parker on the bench, one FANTASTIC mid-ice hit, a picture book save by John Curry, and even fan shots. I would like the highlights to have 5 seconds more on the front-side, so you get a better sense of the play developing. Overall, this is fantastic and (as a sports fan) a HUGE value-add for me.
If you're a BU hockey fan, you'll love this. If you're not a BU hockey fan, noone cares what you think.