The Bleeding Edge MPEG4

Reviews For The Bleeding Edge MPEG4

Andru and the Bleeding Edge team have outdone themselves again. They are always up to speed on all the latest gadgets and technology. The best place to go to find out anything you want or need to know about anything new.
Gear Live delivers a home run here with a podcast that is both enjoyable and informative at the same time. I plan to use it as one of the primary means of staying up-to-date in the every changing world of technology.
Greatest Podcast Ever!!! They do a great job in keeping me up to date with new technology stuff.
Subscribe to this channel to watch all of the Bleeding Edge shows in the MPEG4 format, great videos. Another AWESOME production by GearLive.
One of the best podcasts I've seen! Andru Edwards is so neat and interesting. The Bleeding Edge offers looks into technology and gadgets and it's just what I need to keep up with the growing world.