The Strip: Las Vegas Podcast

Reviews For The Strip: Las Vegas Podcast

Love this podcast-best Vegas discussions there are. This podcast has been so wonderful. Much love to the hosts while at school.
If you want to know about Vegas happenings just listen, it's the best!
Real old school research makes Steve give great interview. Everyone seems to give more to him than any other interviewer I've heard; from Mac King to Steve Wynn who seems to have a love/ like relationship with him and seems to answer every question. Even crusty Doyle B seemed to open up more than anyones ever heard him speak before. As for the Tony Curtis interviews, wow. I visit Vegas at least 3 times a year and use the tips as and when I can. Keep it up.
If you love Vegas you have to listen to this show. Even if you are not a Vegas fan there is something for everybody. It is fantastic.
Always entertaining and informative. Steve chats up a wide variety of interesting people. Worth a listen.
I love this pod cast!! This is very professionally done pod cast. Steve and Miles are informative, fun and Steve gets some great celebrity interviews that are not found anyplace else. I love the chemistry between Miles and Steve. I have been listening since the beginning. The top secret tourist tip is one of my favorite things about the show. Thanks Steve and Miles for a great Pod cast.
This isn't just great for a podcast (which isn't saying alot given the number of truly crappy podcasts out there), it's a serious, professional, high-quality news and interview show - period. In my mind, Steve's high-caliber interviews rank The Strip up there with the best interview shows on radio, such as Terry Gross and Diane Rehm, and easily outshine the quality of "interview" on shows like Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood. Steve gives you the raw, largely uncut interview audio, and never flinches from asking the tough questions. It's almost not fair to put this show in the same category as the homemade podcasts with which it competes (and there are some good ones, Five Hundy By Midnight comes to mind), because both Steve and Miles are professional journalists and their production quality is top-notch. They've broken their share of news, being the first online outlets to break stories about various noteworth happenings in Vegas business and entertainment. Finally, their insider's view of life and business in Las Vegas make this podcast a "must listen" for anybody who knows and loves Sin City.
If you love Las Vegas and want the best information before your next trip -- if you live there and want the most relevant development news -- you must listen to The Strip. Miles and Steve are smart, well-informed, well connected, and candid interviewers of both celebrities and casino owners, resulting in a podcast that informs and entertains. An excellent program with really engaging hosts!
When I got an iPod, the first podcast I subscribed to was The Strip. Other podcasts have come and gone from my iTunes subscriptions, but this one is rock solid. Steve and Miles are the real deal -- insiders in the Las Vegas entertainment scene. These guys regularly score interviews with major celebrities and moguls, giving us listeners a peek into what makes Las Vegas tick. Add the trivia contest, the Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week, and just enough personal info to make us feel like we know these guys, and you've got the best Las Vegas podcast available.