Reviews For Words At War - Stories from WWII

Nice that at one time radio was made to go over important topics and inform the public... the easily digested "dialogue" I've come across with the ones I've listened to here are very good- and many of the topics are still important today.
I'm so glad to have found this podcast, and the only way I can think to promote it is by word of mouth or by writing a review that could express my excitement. James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstockings Tales brings early frontier days alive - when the "frontier" was just beyond the Hudson River. Have you read or seen "The Last of the Mohicans"? If so, you'll have an idea of the beauty and color with which Mr. Cooper has woven his stories. Hurrah! to Dennis Murphy for bringing these our attention, and making them available to all listeners. On behalf of my grandchidren, I thank you, and wish much continued success in these podcasts :o)