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By Lprat
You don't want to miss this one
Please tell how to remove a downloaded file from library
all i know is if my dad did this, he was really a little toddler that didn't have to work. you couldn't pay most adults to do this.
If you enjoy long bunches of blabbering and irritating noises coming from a petulant, full-of-herself little girl and her father, then this is perfect for you.
We love it and look forward to more... My kids are homeschoolers and this has sparked a new idea for them to create as they learn... Keep it up, we enjoy it tons..
A great way to pass time in the car with my son - especially when we are stuck in traffic. We love adding on to Josies stories - anything can happen and usually does. What fun. Great idea for a podcast - glad I found it.
This podcast made my 21mo old daughter laugh. It was very cute. Sounds alot like my 3yr old son telling me a story. Very good!