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Tim and Kurt have such a nice chemistry between them as well as with their guests that I don’t even realize that I’m learning as I listen. It’s just like I’m part of a really fun, really interesting conversation. I love the growing session as well - always a great recap with a different spin!
Tim & Kurt get top-quality guests and the interviews are interesting. But I often think the show could be done in an hour max without detracting from the utility derived (sorry, couldn’t help it).
I like that this podcast attempts to make behavioral science accessible, but this podcast obscures important details and sometimes even misleads its audience as a result. There is a way to e accessible but technically rigorous at the same time. Alas, this doesn’t achieve that. For example, the rapid ode about gender stereotypes recommends taking the IAT to learn about one’s own individual biases, which is a widely known misuse of the test (Nosek et al., 2015). The test measures group-level phenomena and not stable individual traits. Another example is the Cialdini episodes featuring the claim that elections could be “predicted”. This is misleading. The behaviors Cialdini studied were not an independent variable that predicted the dependent variable. The behaviors were just another indicator of the dependent variable (voting). The behaviors studies mapped neatly into how people voted. So to say that that behavior predicted the election outcome is as insightful as saying that votes predicted the election outcome—i.e., not insightful. If anyone has recommendations for behavioral science podcasts that care about the details of open science, experimental design, statistical analysts, and logically supported conclusions, please feel free to recommend them.
This is my new favorite podcast on behavioral science. Thank you!
What a great podcast!!! I’m so glad that I found Behavioral Grooves. It’s so interesting to learn why people do some of things they do. This show also gives me insight into my employees and why they may be behaving a certain way.
Excellent podcast for helping you understand the peculiarities of the human animal. Very interesting and thought-provoking!!
Thanks for putting on this podcast. I enjoy the perspective. Your guests are unique and I wouldn’t know them if it weren’t for your podcast.
If you have any interest in learning how humans actually think and behave, stop and take a listen. Behavioral Grooves’ intoxicating combo of smarts, curiosity, humor and being good people is something that no one should ever take for granted. Our trustworthy guides through the thickets of human behavior clearly love behavioral science and show their giddiness at the smart application of it to what happens with actual pesky humans. These are all words of highest praise. It’s so clear when creators love what they’re putting out. Thank you, gents!
Two great guys talking about an amazing science.
Tim and Kurt explore a variety of different topics, all related to how we behave and how was make decisions. Spoiler alert: we are not logical as humans. They host researchers and Behavioral Economists to discuss subjects like bias, incentives, recognition, and motivation. This is one of top 5 podcasts I listen to on a weekly basis. Subscribe today!
Love these two. I almost have to listen with a notebook in my hand because there’s so much good stuff I want to use in my own work and life.
Love this podcast! Always listen to it when i'm exercising/running. They make the subject vy fun, interesting and accessible. The always have great guests and I appreciate the casual style. Gotta admit every time i hear Tim's voice i think of group The Nails (88 Lines...) :)
These guys make behavioral science fun!
I love the joy and laughter that these two display when mulling over (grooving on) ideas about behavioral science. I’ve enjoyed every episode!
I work in behavioral science and am always looking for new ways to stay on top of research and practices in the field. This is one of the few interview-style podcasts I enjoy and consistently return to due to the mix of insightful guests, real world applicability and passion that Kurt and Tim obviously have on the subject!
Whether you are a behavioral scientist or simply filled with curiosity about the subject, there are few podcasts that bring its listeners tremendous variety and quality. I subscribe to at least 20 other podcasts and Behavioral Grooves is a first choice each day. Besides the poignant content, Kurt and Tim add the dimension of incisive questions to get to the heart of the discussion with their guests and an enthusiasm that is contagious. My favorite episodes ... #52, 25, 67 and 71 to name a few. Thank you, Tim and Kurt.
Kurt and Tim -- thank you! I've been a silent listener for about a year now, and I'd like you both to know that I enjoy every episode! I love the format -- especially how you host your 'grooving' sessions. As a listener, these sessions help for me to think more critically about your discussion and prompt me to connect ideas that you discussed to other concepts - maybe even one that you discussed in a different episode. You two have great energy, and - don't tell anyone - but you've made me more critical of other podcast hosts. I don't know how you're going to maintain this rhythm, but - if you can - please keep it up. I'll listen!
Kurt and Tim leverage their decades of experience (just how many decades is shrouded in mystery) to deliver the science that can help you understand why you really do what you do. They focus on delivering real, practical value. I highly recommend listening and acting!
I just discovered this podcast a week ago, and I can’t stop listening to it. These guys and the guests they bring on are incredible. Despite the fact that they seemingly know everything there is to know about behavioral science, they still show surprise and wonder when talking with guests about what they do. I work in the business world applying behavioral science though, so Behavioral Grooves scratches all of my itches. Easily the best behavioral science podcast for people who have moved beyond the basics.
I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Behavioral Grooves podcast and met Kurt and Tim in person. The fun you get a sense of during their conversations is legit. They were so enjoyable to work with and fun to talk to. They are wicked smart, very creative and interesting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going into their archives to listen to old episodes. You’ll learn a lot as you listen, have fun doing it and you’ll feel like you made two friends along the way.
If you seek to motivate, work with, interact with, or are yourself a human being, this podcast is for you! Each episode explores an aspect of human behavior diving into the details of a particular theory but providing the background for anyone to jump right into the topic. While the focus in on application into the business world, there is applicability across various organizations and even a fresh lense to examine your own behaviors. The hosts are engaging and bring a humility and levity to the conversation that is a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend you take a listen!
The Behavioral Grooves Podcast is one of those rare gems that combines really engaging, approachable, dare I say, HUMAN BEING hosts with research-backed, informative topics. If you're at all interested in the field of Psychology, this is a great destination for you. Their guests are wide-ranging, and you'll walk away with a better understanding of Psychology than you'd ever get in any Psych 100 college course. Check it out!
Tim and Kurt do an awesome job talking behavioral science with great guests. Every episode you learn something new and also laugh. One of my favorite podcasts! Make sure to check them out and if in the Twin Cities checkout their Behavioral Grooves Meetup.
Tim and Kurt have a knack for finding great guests that both dig into the science while keeping it light and fun. The power of language as explored through their Lexicon interview was fascinating and the ability of behavioral science to SAVE lives as demonstrated by the Mumbai train project is amazing; big takeaway from this was the power of environment to shape massive behavior change, And as a bonus, if you are a music lover, their grooving on various currently little known artists is a treat. Well done!