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Very nice sermon great insight great teacher of the word love love love his sermons
I listen to Damian Kyle Evey night. He is so insightful and has so much knowledge about the Bible. Definitely recommend listing and subscribing.
Thank you for sharing these sermons weekly. They bless me deeply. God bless Calvary Chapel of Modesto.


Love Damian’s teaching not crazy about new app. Can’t get 2010 episodes to download
I learn so much from pastor Damian teaching he is my very favorite Bible teacher!
Good messages. Real answers for life.
This churches teaching near as I can tell are right from the heart of God to His people. Relevance and discernment to the times we are in, I believe are on target for any Christian. God bless!
I kinda stumbled on to this podcast and seriously it has enlightened me and opened my eyes to some serious study. Not only is Damian Kyle a great bible teacher, his associates (who ever touches the pulpit) seems to keep the integrity of the Word in tact. Praise God for you all! Please keep up the great work! - Edward Escondido, Ca
Pastor Damian teaches the Word exactly the way God intended. Clearly this man is filled with the Spirt and it shines bright in each of his sermons.
The title says it all... make him a part of your regular listening or else...
Damian Kyle is by far the finest expository teacher I listen to. God has blessed him with wisdom and understanding.
Pastor Damian teachings help me everyday I listen. When he helps me find books in the BIBLE,(where they are located) I don't feel left out - I'm learning all I can about the BIBLE, the prophets of GOD, the stories, the places ,the people , the up close GOD I worship.