Reviews For 6 Figure Home Studio: A Music Business Podcast

These guys are awesome. They are real entrepreneurs that apply business insight to there studios and beyond. The friendly banter is great (yes, even the puns).
This podcast is the ultimate guide for any audio engineer or producer that wants to make their work sustainable in the new music industry. Incredibly informative and inspiring straight from the jump, highly recommend!!!
As a musician with a day job who aspires to start my dream business of owning my own tracking studio, this podcast could hardly be more valuable to me. In a couple of weeks, and after only 5 or 6 episodes (which also led me to start Brian’s course), I have gone from considering my idea a pipe dream to plotting exactly how I’m going to make it happen.
The six figure home studio podcast has provided an unmeasurable amount of value into both my life, and my journey towards owning a successful studio. Brian and Chris are giving us the resources they wish they had been provided with throughout their journeys. If you want to get ahead business and life in general this is a great place to start!
These guys are so much fun to listen to but, what’s even better is the wisdom they have to offer. I finally feel like a have a clear guide to what the next steps are in my business. Because of ideas that I have taken from this podcast, I have been able to 10x my profit margins on projects for my business.
This is your gift.
This is the go to podcast for anyone who wants to own and run a profitable home studio. Bedroom producers are the future!
The content in this series is gold for any entrepreneur, but especially for those in the creative arts. The starving artist is a myth, and Brian and Chris masterfully dismantle any excuse you have for not making a living from your home studio. Great work, guys! I’m a new listener, blazing through the backlog as fast as possible. Keep up the great work!
Great resource for entrepreneurs well done guys.
I was disappointed by the second episode. The interview of the host was kind of non useful, as it seems like he kind of got a golden ticket to recording. Some of us unfortunetly didnt go to school or start of knowing or meeting people in the industry. I will say that the take away is to take almost all the opportunities you can while you are first starting. Dont say no to projects and always put your self out there. As far as a business stand point the latter episodes are quite useful, definitely worth a listen just make sure you are in it to win it!
Tons of practical information, humor and inspiring all packed in this show. I listen every Tuesday, bright and early at 6:00 am.
If you run a small business of any kind, this podcast is worth your time.
I have learned so much on business and marketing listening to this podcast. Their recommendations have help grow our company over the past year and I can’t wait for more episodes to come. Ive listened to all of them once and started listening from the beginning because there is so much information to take in. Love these guys!
honestly can't believe they give such awesome advice away for free. strongly recommend.
Podcasts like this drive me nuts. It’s an hour long podcast with 15 minutes of useful information passed by 45 min of useless banter about nothing. You could’ve just made a really slick, informative 15 min podcast.
I am a music producer working on turning my business, skills and talents into a full-time income. The information that Chris and Brian discuss reaches further than just engineers and can be adapted into any avenue that you seek to excel in. Brian is rubbing alcohol and Chris is peroxide. Brian makes no apologies for the sting but he’s going to get to the root of the wound and he’s willing to kill to heal. Chris will clean the wound with advice, anecdotes and words of encouragement and you know that it’s working because you can see the bubbles. If you are not hooked on this podcast and on your way to becoming a better whatever it is that you do after listening to any two episodes here, you should seriously consider being first in line for the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps you might become successful at mindlessly dying. For the rest of us, listen and apply this First-aid, clean your wounds, make new scars and shine on...
I’m so excited that this podcast exists. I just listened to about 6 episodes in the last 2 days, and immediately sent out a group text to a bunch of my musician friends that are also pursuing this kind of career. THANK YOU🙏
I just discovered this podcast and it’s so far the most educational podcast in terms of business. There are gems in every episode, I’m so glad I found it. Thank you Brian Hood for the recommendation. 💪🏼
This podcast is the most encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting podcast in existence today. I decided to start a home studio. Bought some gear over time while I was learning. After a bit over a year, I have a home studio setup. Now what? Do you record your own songs? Do you get clients? How? Everywhere else you can find a small mixing trick that is most of the time irrelevant by itself unless in context of a mix. Well, this podcast was what I really needed. I have wasted so much time doing nothing and relearning the same thing over and over. Brian and Chris basically pushed me to open my studio for outsiders and built my portfolio. Let’s see how it goes from now on. As long as Brian and Chris keep encourage me, I will hustle until I make it happen. Thanks a million!
A podcast that talks about ways you didn't know you were sabotaging your success. If you are serious about your business, do yourself a favor and tune in.
Awesome show! Awesome course! Funny and exactly the 7:38 of small talk every podcast needs!!! Seriously great advice/process! If you want to keep making records for a living you should listen!!
If you are serious about your recording business you NEED to listen to this podcast. Every. Single. Episode. NOW
I love this podcast. If you are a musician, audio engineer, artist, creative, content producer or small business owner than there is something here for you. These guys tackle some hard business truths but more importantly they tackle the barriers that you have unknowingly put in the way of your successes. Check it out!!!!
This podcast has been crazy helpful. Learned about it through Machine, and I’ve been hooked ever since. So much good info and a lot of reading recommendations I’m going to have to pick up. And it’s all super easy to digest and act on!
Regardless if you have a home studio or not, you should listen if you're in business. Lots of good ideas to adapt. Lots of good encouragement and positive attitude. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I need to keep going.
They do a really great job in providing the information in show notes Incase you forgot by the end. Over all, it’s good seeing two successful guys give back to the community. The majority of people have always though an audio career is for the big leads, and after this podcast, I definitely can see a money revenue in the future. Thanks guys!
Chris and Brian do an amazing job being as transparent as possible about their experiences in the music business. Whether you are just a home studio trying to make a little cash on the side or a trying to be full time in the music industry there is something for you to learn from these two. I have yet to listen to an episode where I haven’t learned something useful for my business! One of the coolest things about this podcast is that they tell you exactly what has worked to grow their businesses and what has absolutely bombed..... for FREE! I have yet to find another podcast that talks about their business secrets/ideas/workflows as openly as these two do. If you want to get a jumpstart on your business (or boost your current business) you’d be crazy to sleep on The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast! They are truly in it to help people out!
If you’re in audio in ANY capacity (especially running your own business or hoping to), the info on this podcast is essential!! It has made me think about my business as A BUSINESS for the first time in the decade that I’ve been doing it. I’ve spent years honing my craft but meanwhile neglecting the business side of things. I literally wish I could send this podcast back to me from 10 yrs ago!! Could not more highly recommend this podcast. Game changer.
Whether you have a small business or literally have a home much can be learned from these guys. It’s changed my life this year!
So this might be long winded, or short, I don't know yet. I had this podcast saved for like a year since I'm a huge Warren Huart follower (both on YouTube and his PLAP Academy) and he had mentioned this podcast. I never thought about it much, but that's life. About three weeks ago (today is 11 March 2019), I decided to listen to the #28 with Warren, and I absolutely loved it. Then I listened to the next, and had to stop. Instead of only listening from the most recent episodes, I went to #1 and basically binge-listened from back to front and saving all of those nuggets of truth being laid out for us. And oh my God, it's the best podcast ever. I literally have not learned this much in my 3 years of having my home studio. Brian H00d made me feel like a punk by saying (loosely) that you shouldn't only work when you're inspired, rather make it a routine. I seriously cannot recommend this enough to my friends that are in this industry, trying to make something of themselves. I currently have six books that are waiting to be read because I know Chris and Brian highly recommend it and it helped them earn 6-figures for their home studios. Whatever you do, make sure to listen to EVERY episode, as it'll improve your knowledge base ten fold, and literally remove the GAS you have right now for that cool new compressor in your Sweetwater cart, along with that laundry list of plugins you want to buy because it'll "make you a better mix engineer". Work on yourself, then you'll see the improvements. Thank you Chris and Brian for improving the business side of my currently non-existent studio, becuase I know now what I'm doing wrong, and am actively making the changes to go on the path towards a six figure home studio. -Angel
I am a new producer who was really hunting for some resources relevant to my challenges - I was listening to CD Baby’s podcast religiously, but I knew half the time I was skipping around with the episodes because a lot of the information wasn’t as relevant to me as a producer: it wasn’t until this podcast and discovering it that I felt fully fulfilled and actualized as a producer with the right tools and information to succeed. I LOVE business as it is what my degree is in and it was super satisfying to find a podcast that so perfectly merged my passions and goals. I am a big fan of Chris Graham and he will probably get all of my independent mastering projects from now on lol. Thanks guys for being awesome! :)
This podcast is the reason I started my home studio in the first place, and it’s also the reason I’ve been able to land a handful of clients and grow my business so quickly! If you have a home studio or if want a home studio one day, pick an episode and enjoy!
Absolutely great podcast that is easy to listen to, always has good content, makes you think, and provides actionable content. After listening to the podcast for awhile and applying what I learned I signed up for the profitable producer course and love the additional focus and content and I am actively applying this to my audio work. Highly recommend!!!!!!
Man I don't even know where to start. There is SO much great info in EVER. SINGLE. EPISODE. This podcast has really inspired me to get my business and my life moving in the right direction! Not only are Brian and Chris business geniuous, they are very entertaining to listen to and are genuinely good dudes! I hired Chris to master one of my songs and it was AWESOME. I also became a member of Brian Hood's Profitable Producer Course. 11/10 would reccomend this podcast.
If you are in to learn about the business of recording, look no further! This is the podcast for you! Everything you need to know about recording you can find it here like i did. Always looking forward to new episodes free of Gear alerts haha
Love this Podcast. Every Tuesday is Christmas Morning and I can't wait to dive into what Chris and Brian talk about. HIGHLY recommend this to anyone trying to start a studio or continue their career in audio. I've recommended this to several professionals in my circle of clients and students who I have had the opportunirty to mentor, and all are now avid listeners and are gaining success and/or traction in their niche. I've been an audio engineer for almost 16 years, and I have owned multiple studios and worked for 7 Figure plus commerical studios in 2 of the 3 most known music cities in the US...Brian and Chris are on the forefront with where things are heading from a business perspective for the audio industry and its important to "adapt or die". This is podcast you need in order to get perspective on how to do just that! Don't sleep on this, or you will watch the parade go by.
This podcast changed my life, and corrected the course I was taking. It has forced me to address the hard truths in this business, buckle down and do the work necessary to get to the next level. Spoiler alert - it isnt audio related, and it definitely isnt gear. The information was so relivant I binged their entire podcast in two weeks. I couldnt thank Chris and Brian more for creating this invaluable resource.
These guys are changing the game- I’ve seen it lived out in a friend of mine who turned me onto it, and I’m beginning my journey now and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m already seeing. This is awesome. Check it out- you won’t regret it.
This is such a great podcast to get useful tips no matter where you are in your recording career. I listen to every episode!!! Thanks fellas for making such a great podcast. -Andy Reed -Reed Recording Co.
Brian and Chris are changing the way people think about the studio business. Unlike all the other audio related podcasts out there, this podcast has shifted the focus away from how to work for your business to how to work on your business, which isn’t something most of us startups are thinking about. Thank you Brian and Chris.
This podcast is seriously one of my favorites! The guys have a great dialogue together and I find nearly every episode informative, inspirational and helpful on some level. 5 stars.
I have been a fan of Brian Hood since 2010 when I first discovered Erra and after having great heart-to-heart email conversations with him, he is so genuine and Chris Graham is a knowledgable, smart, hard-working dude. This duo knows what they're talking about and really want the best for aspiring engineers, mixers, etc.
This is by far the best resource for those that own and run a recording studio!
One of the major drawbacks of the home studio lifestyle is the feeling of isolation that sometimes we encounter. It’s great to have an advice team giving you weekly thoughts. Take them or leave them, it keeps the wheels turning and the motivation high. Thanks guys!
Super inspiring and a ton of great info!
!Update! This podcast has literally saved me from hoping into a $50,000 loan with other people who have the game all wrong! I even signed up for the profitable producer course. I’m ready to start over fresh with some solid business advice, not just buy a bunch of gear and wait for people to show up. Just started listening to this and I’ve already written down two pages of notes :-) I thought I was ready and had an idea about how to get a loan to start but boy I was wrong.