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I have followed F1 for over 30 years this group is silly and doesn’t provide any details to the event they are describing I am deleting the AP horrible BBC put something in its place
Their opinions are so bad that I wonder if they even have watched the race! Biassed and anger they hold against is bizarre!
Hamilton is the second-coming, eh?
Informative, cheeky without blathering on needlessly
This is BBC’s premier F1 podcast ? You must be joking. Gow is clueless.


By jfarq
Very entertaining very informative , mr Palmer is superb ,
Crap opinions from supposed experts
Love this podcast, but the two gentlemen are dead wrong about seb’s 5 second penalty. Anyone with eyes can seeeeee the penalty on Vettle is ridiculous.
Great short form F1 podcast. All the info and insight that you need.
As a fan of the sport in general, I find every single episode is absolute how Hamilton is a god and no other driver is worthy of being on track with him. Hamilton is a phenomenal driver but so is Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Alonso, etcetera. Instead, this podcast is a failed driver and armchair experts constantly criticizing a 4-time champion and other accomplished drivers for not constantly winning. It’s obnoxious how clearly biased this team is.
Stop putting spoilers in the episode titles!!!
You guys have ruined the race and qualifying so many times by putting who wins or who is on pole in the title. If people can’t watch right away you guys should refrain from such spoilers! So I’m out won’t listen to you ever again.
... please get Palmer off the show!! His commentary and arguments these last few episodes have been so incoherent. It almost seems like he’s got an axe to grind for his failure as a driver in F1. Jack gets 10 points in his commentary.
As an American, it is hard to find relevant F1 news and info in a regular basis. I have really enjoyed this Podcast and look forward to it before and after each race weekend.
This has become one of my favorite podcasts. The addition of Jolyon Palmer has made a great program even better.
Love the podcast but the Australian GP episode was posted really early and the title popped up on the screen before we had a chance to watch it!
Stop putting the winner in the title of the show. Not all of us who subscribe to the show get to watch the race live. Therefore you spoil the race.
Thanks a lot you morons. Hadn't had a chance to watch the race yet, but there is a notification where the winner is named when I pick up my phone to check messages. I can understand if the podcast came out a week later, but same day is ridiculous. Thanks for ruining the first race of the season. I avoid social media on race days until I have watched the race, but you found a new way to screw things up.
This is a biased podcast for British drivers and teams with non stop praising of their teams and bashing of others.
The commentary is good. The interviews are good. However, they are outrageously bias towards Lewis Hamilton in they way the disparage his teammate. I don't go out of my way to listen to it, only if I have nothing else...
I love the podcast and listen all the time. I do have one problem, Jenny Gow..not a big fan. She knows seems to be a complete opposite on-air personality (brash and unrefined delivery) of the other crew members and kind of throws the pace off when she interjects with her commentary.
This is the absolutely best podcast for formula 1 enthusiasts. The information, interviews and professionalism can't be beat. Look no further. Download this one!
Love this quality F1 podcast from BBC hosted by Jenny Gow, James Allen and Allen McNish. It is informative, insightful and spirited. Only wish they would one after the qualifying round. Nonetheless I'm happy. Must have for F1 fans.
And whats a good ferrari f1 podcast??
Just a bit too skewed towards covering British drivers but it's understandable, great content.
Are you kidding me, I open iTunes for something else, avoiding all othere media before I watch the race on tape, and the auto download starts and right there it tells me the winner for Germany because of what you named the podcast!!!!! Come on, no Spoilers! You can do better.
Need new podcast so we can download them. ???
the podcast is great - if you only want the breakdown of the top positions within the race. latest podcast turkish gp 2010 only discussed the redbulls and mclarens. there were many other interesting stories further down the grid for example the balance of power between the mercedes and renault teams, very even at the moment and a great close scrap through the entire race. and nico rosberg matching michael schumacher in the long wheelbase mercedes. maybe add in a brief team mate comparison in all the teams and mention championship position changes. by expanding your podcast to include other than the top 3 you could significantly improve this already quality podcast.
Best F1 podcast by far. WAY better than the speed & other crappy ones
Living in the USA, the only way to get a real F1 overview of racing in English is to get an English overview. This is the best F1 podcast in English. If only you would make it a video and keep it the same length of time.
Living in the US I get next to zero F1 coverage (except for SpeedTV!) and this podcast is easy to listen to and very entertaining.
'nuf said, they have the contacts and the best insight going. This is the one if you need your F1 fix.
The US is not huge into F1 But I love it! Keep the podcast's coming great to hear another perspective. Go Hamilton!
Each race weekend the BBC5 crew does 2 full podcasts - one after quali and one after the race, recorded at the track. They get quotes and feedback from drivers, team prinicpals and the engineering staff. Really a don't miss for F1 fans.
Outstanding! Never a dull moment unlike other amateurish F1 podcasts out there. Great interviews and extensive insights into the sport. I highly recommend this podcast!
WHERE ARE THE PREVIOUS SHOWS!!!.......? I FINALLY got one from the Canadian GP... BOOOYAAAHHH!!! WAY better than ANYTHING else i have heard for SURE!!! time to cancel my subscription to the others... As an F1 fanatic looking for some...ahem.....Improvm,...i mean variety in the current offerings.......I'd am stoked to hear this finally...! cheerio.
This is by far the leading F1 podcast but where are the past shows? Today with two weeks between the British and Canadian races there are no padcasts available at all. Why not make all of the podcasts for this season available for those of us who just discovered this program and need to catch up?
THE F-1 podcast to get.I've heard many,this is the best by far.Recorded at the track by Brits,it makes all the others sound like a couple of morons passing time while waiting to get a haircut.
No other podcast can come close. Recorded at the actual race location after each race weekend. Great interviews from the top drivers and behind the scenes info you cant get from anywhere else. go schumi in '06!!
Finally! I've found a Formula1 podcast that does not sound like a couple of guys trying to fill time repeating themselves over and over... this appears to be the best F1 podcast available at the moment. I'd like to also see a North American cast with this level of professionalism and knowledge, but this British show is the best for now.