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That was pathetic. A race without racing is not actually a race. What a disgrace.
Another very biased British F1 show
Something like “Lewis Hamilton can do no wrong”. So biased towards Hamilton.
Ever since Silverstone this podcast has devolved into a “let’s find new ways that Hamilton and Mercedes are victims” podcast. I don’t think of any of you as journalists, not a dig just a statement of fact, so I cant hold you to a journalists code of ethnics. but I thought and hoped you’d hold yourselves to a higher standard and not just complain about RedBull. As a fan from the US from the outside this podcast now feels like it’s sponsored by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. The two stars might seems harsh but I have had to shut off your last two podcasts because I just can’t take the Hamilton cult of personality. I hope to be able to change my two star rating in the future as I find the mix of individuals on your show to be excellent and looking forward to being able to listen to a complete podcast. Thanks
These wankers are going off how iconic Lewis’s flag celebration was after he crashed Max in to the wall and put him in the hospital. Only crooked tooth stink mouth Brits would be carrying themselves in this manner. Have some class guys! Your fans are already the biggest joke in the sporting world.
This is probably the most Hamilton-biased podcast I’ve ever listened to, everyone has their opinions but it shouldn’t be this obvious when making a podcast for an entire audience.
If you want to listen to Jack Nicholls whine about everything, this is the podcast for you.
Oh my days. Random thoughts: The banter between Jack and Jolyon is more often entertaining than cringe((like90/10) sometimes Jack or Jolyon are guilty of trying too hard to stir each other’s pot). Mr Benson is cool as a cucumber. Jennie Gow keeps the boys on track and is clutch with little tidbits that gives each show direction and flow. I now feel ruined knowing that not every episode can be one hour long, but man this Styrian Grand Prix preview has got to the best show ever. Aloha!
Enjoyed the Paul Ricard review. Ben Edwards brings an informed, intelligent and enthusiastic view of the sport. He also brings out the best in Jolyon Palmer.
I love this pod but I don’t get why they’re so rude to Jennie? They treat her like everything she says is ludicrous/wrong when she’s well informed and has great insight. In the last pod someone literally asked her: “did you watch the race?” when she disagreed. Why can’t they just disagree with her without berating her? Strange...
French GP. Checo wasn’t pushing his tires he was conserving so he could run long. They literally had a radio message that said Plan A +3. Checo 100% had a better race than Bottas. Poor take IMO
Your listeners have tuned into a podcast about F1. We like to hear your about your expertise and access. We all obviously enjoy the sport, which is why we are listening. At times, when talking about the sport itself, this podcast shines. But the constant metacommentary about Jack’s relationship with F1, mindless banter about how fast he can recap a race and pointless arguments about the purpose behind the even-more-pointless “driver of the day” award drag this show down. And, just so this isn’t dismissed as useless complaining, stuff like Jolyon explaining about how his car was incorrectly assembled during a race is fantastic. I didn’t even know that was possible and it was very interesting. Those are the bits that keep me listening. I just wish there were more.
His analysis is my favorite. There, said. Good job this season so far. Keep it up. Nichols, glad to hear you’re enjoying F1 again.
I used to be able to give this podcast a 5-star review but I find Jolyon Palmer to be increasingly insufferable to listen to each week. I’m sure he actually has a great friendship with Jack Nichols that’s full of sharp banter but on-air his putdowns and constant mocking of Nichols comes across as horribly arrogant and way too biting. It doesn’t help that Jennie seems to delight in laughing uproariously whenever Palmer derides Nichols and piles on. I love Palmer’s knowledge but someone should tell him to tone down the off-putting style.
The race was boring but you make it terrible as only speaking only about 2 guys when 20 drivers race. Come on Guys, enough about Hamilton and the other one.
Love the show...that’s why we need more of it ! Longer shows please !
Everyone complaining about the banter hates fun. The whole crew works brilliantly together. Jennie keeps them (mostly) on track and provides great questions, Jolyon and Jack offer fantastic takes and berate each other for our entertainment and Andrew provides the expertise and breadth of knowledge. No better F1 podcast!
I‘m reading through some of these reviews and all I can do is shake my head. If you have constructive criticism, great, please mention it so the podcast experience can be improved for everyone. But some of these comments are just utter crackpot-level garbage like you would find in YouTube comments. The commentators are all passionate about F1 with different backgrounds, including a former F1 driver. They all say what they think, come across as authentic, and provide great insights. The fact that they often disagree or have different styles is a plus, in my opinion. Some of these reviews are just plain moronic. If you’re too sensitive to hear a different perspective, or think someone should be removed simply because you don’t like them, please just unsubscribe and spare us your useless comment.
Enjoy this podcast but Palmer’s style is exhausting. He seems to have to argue every point and there’s this wierd dynamic with Jack Nichols that doesn’t work. Thanks goodness for the steadying expertise of Jenny Gow and the knowledge and calmnesss of Andrew Benson.
Love the podcast, but posting blank podcasts, incorrect podcasts (vs. the title), and now DUPLICATES is unacceptable. Abu Dhabi preview was loaded twice under two different titles. It’s very frustrating. George in California
Sooooo tired of “Palmer” and his useless attitude.
Have a listen to the 10/25 review of the Portugal Grand Prix. At the 43:00 mark the three of them spend a minute shouting on top of each other—absolutely unlistenable! And it’s standard for this I’m all for perky banter among broadcasters, but this crew is off the rails, week after boring week. Palmer and Nicholls are constantly one up-ing each other, while Gow keeps tossing out hackneyed, ill-formed opinions as if she truly understood the sport.
Have been listening for a while now. During Checo’s unfortunate Covid case, one of their commentators hid behind “I only report the facts” excise to constantly say that Checo shouldn’t have gone to Mexico. Maybe this commentator doesn’t love his family, for his own reasons, but he didn’t even excuse the fact that Checo comes from another culture and mindset. And as of yet, I have not heard him comment on the team’s theory that it came from one of the contracted chef’s. Euro-bias-much? 1 star for lack of integrity and implied racism. #weRaceAsOne
I love the podcast, but for several months now you've posted the qualifying podcast for 2019, not the current 2020 one!
My fav. Andrew Benson is always logical and pragmatic. But technically quite often the new episode doesn't show up. It shows as new in my feed but when I go to play it, there’s nothing there.
The content is wonderful but episode availability is glitchy.
The new episodes are always temporarily unavailable... checked with google...Tis’ true. It’s okay as long as you can catch the episodes before the race..... 5 stars either way!
This podcast always suggests it’s not available to download. When it is available it’s great. Such a shame it’s ruined by tech issues
Andrew benson talks rubbish and thinks he has absolute authority over anyone else. Jennie Gow is a pretentious liar, who doesn’t give a flying toss about f1. If she did, she won’t get the driver’s name wrong. Move on if anyone likes a bit of f1. This group of people should be sacked with this kind of level of production.
Jennie Gow is extremely partial to the British Drivers. There is not a single episode where she throws some shade at Sebastián Vettel. On the other hand Jolyon Palmer and Andrew Benson are fantastic. Jolyon brings rare insights as a former driver. He is excellent as a pundit. Andrew Benson’s experience also shows with great comments and race details. Wish BBC would make this a Jolyon and Benson show!! That would easily be a 5-star show.
Very thorough and entertaining. Jolyon is the best
Please don’t put the quali results in the episode description! I went to play the season preview episode, and you spoiled quali for me.
Why only a 3min podcast pre-race? Is there not more to discuss?


According to BBC Lewis Hamilton can do no wrong.
Quali review for Abu Dabi (mislabeled as a review of the GP!) — Once again I am disappointed I can’t like this podcast more😢 But it’s the only one I can find from a major media outlet that regularly previews and reviews every F1 race. I can live with the UK-centricity since we share the language. But 20 minutes of discussing how Ferrari blew the strategy yet again, with Jennie and Jack not advancing any new ideas after the first 5 minutes, is frustrating. As the last Quali of the year it was a missed opportunity to review team mate stats for the season— or something more beyond the top 6 and too much time about $10k perfume. You have to like Jack and Jennie or be deprived like me to keep coming back.
I’m officially done with this podcast after Nicholls called Gasly’s second place in Brazil “best of the rest” with both Ferraris and Bottas out and Hamilton crashing into Albon... he just made it sound like Gasly drove 20 mph the whole race and somehow ended up on the podium. It’s a celebrated moment when a small team comes onto the podium: like 2017 Stroll in Baku and this year Kvyat in Germany. He just doesn’t get it and tries to ruin the moment for the fans listening. Complete ignorance and disrespect. GOOD CONTENT BBC, I HAVE UNSUBSCRIBED.
This podcast is basically just Jenny Gow blandly feeding easy qurestions to Andrew Benson and Jack Nicholls as they fawn over Lewis Hamilton and lying about Ferrari and Red Bull having a better car than Mercedes. The MO here is if it makes Lewis look good, go on and on and on about it. If Lewis does something wrong, ignore it and hope nobody notices because God forbid that they say anything negative about their overrated hero. The only other drivers they even acknowledge are Valteri Bottas (who they big up just enough to make it seem that Lewis has a challenger) and Seb Vettel, who they claim only won four titles because he had the best car, but with Hamilton, who also has by the far the best car, it’s a different rule. With Hamilton, it's the man, not the car. Hypocrisy. Their interview with Fernando Alonso was interesting though, so I will give a second star.


I have followed F1 for over 30 years this group is silly and doesn’t provide any details to the event they are describing I am deleting the AP horrible BBC put something in its place
Their opinions are so bad that I wonder if they even have watched the race! Biassed and anger they hold against is bizarre!
Hamilton is the second-coming, eh?
Informative, cheeky without blathering on needlessly
This is BBC’s premier F1 podcast ? You must be joking. Gow is clueless.


By jfarq
Very entertaining very informative , mr Palmer is superb ,
Crap opinions from supposed experts
Love this podcast, but the two gentlemen are dead wrong about seb’s 5 second penalty. Anyone with eyes can seeeeee the penalty on Vettle is ridiculous.
Great short form F1 podcast. All the info and insight that you need.
As a fan of the sport in general, I find every single episode is absolute how Hamilton is a god and no other driver is worthy of being on track with him. Hamilton is a phenomenal driver but so is Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Alonso, etcetera. Instead, this podcast is a failed driver and armchair experts constantly criticizing a 4-time champion and other accomplished drivers for not constantly winning. It’s obnoxious how clearly biased this team is.
Stop putting spoilers in the episode titles!!!
You guys have ruined the race and qualifying so many times by putting who wins or who is on pole in the title. If people can’t watch right away you guys should refrain from such spoilers! So I’m out won’t listen to you ever again.