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Pixie, where have you been? We miss you. Hope all is well. As far as anyone looking for a podcast about knitting Pixie has Atlanta GA covered. This is a great podcast about knitting for warmer temps and has some great input about Pixie's adventures. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. The reason I gave 3 stars is because as you can see Pixie has really slowed down. Hope to hear more Pixie soon.
pixie, your podcast was nothing fancy (No intro, music, etc...) but it was FULL of useful, timely, and much needed knitting information. I would rather listen to a podcast with more substance than fluff - please return soon
I listen to a lot of pod casts and I like them all but I really love this one because I don't know any one who knits and when I listen its like having a knitting chat with a friend. Please don't stop now.
Great podcast. No music, lots of knitting. Great voice. Informative. A+.
Hey Pixie~ Where are you?? I have missed you and your podcast. Please don't quit. I look forward to your podcast every week if not twice a month.
I don't know what else to say, but thanks, and I will keep waiting for a new one!!!
Please don't stop!
I have subscribed and unsubscribed to a number of knitting podcasts.This one stays! Our hostess is personable,informative,and fun.A variety of topics,not just socks or spinning.Pixie appeals to all levels of knitting experience, as well.Great job,Pixie! Keep up the good work!
I really love this podcast. I especially appreciate the lack of music. I do like music, but that is not necessarily what I want to hear on a knitting podcast. Its so much fun to hear the new projects she is working on. Great Job!
pixie purls is just a perfect name for this entertaining podcast, the host is just so pixie-ish! It's comfortable and down to earth, like sitting and listening to an old highschool friend you lost touch with -- you feel you know her even though you really don't. Check it out!
This podcast is one of my favorites - relevant topics that I want to hear about and we are usually on the same page about our taste in patterns, etc. I also like that she does not play music, which I usually find to be a distraction when listening to other podcasts. Keep up the good work!
You wicked thing. I just bought myself a spinning wheel and it's all your fault! See what power you have over us. Seriously, keep the episodes coming. I love to listen. Thanks.
Pixie's Podcast is one of my favorites to listen to. She has a great "DJ" voice and I always learn something from her. Rock ON Pixie!
Pixie Purls is a great podcast. She is a delight to listen to. She always has informative things to say.
I am so happy to have found you! I love the pattern, blog, yarn, and technique reccomendations. Pixie Purls and I seem to have similar tastes in patterns and yarns, so her tips have been very valuable to me. I am a self-taught internet knitter,and use knitting patterns, knitalongs, and tutorials that are available online. It seems that she has cruised the internet even more extensively than myself and highlights the best of what is out there for knitters. I also like that she doesn't play music; I always fast forward through other podcasters musical selections. Thanks and keep 'em coming!
I listen to 7 knitting podcasts, and this one is by far my very favorite. Finally there is a knitting podcast that I can relate to. It's young and fun, and not at all too formal, and the no music thing is kind of nice. Her personality is adorable, and I love having all the links to the cool blogs, and yarns that she talks about! Keep up the good work!
I listen to this podcast regularly, and really enjoy it! Always entertaining, and full of good information.
Keep posting the excellent knitting content!!! Pixie Purls is a fun and entertaining podcast!