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I have been listening from states for a long while now... I am going to really miss Jane as I already do miss Jenny... it will be a different show and I am sure interesting but it will never be the same without Jane’s intelligence, wit and boldness. I know I know she is gone yet just preparing myself!
The podcasters are so rude! One mumbles and the other one interrupts all the speakers.
This podcast has made me feel so much more informed, particularly about topics that interest me (and I care about)!! I do wish, though, that the host would allow people to finish their thoughts rather than interrupting during interviews.
I have fond 1960’s pre-school memories (no nursery or kindergarten for us 6 children)sitting on a stool in the kitchen as our mother listened to Woman’s hour and we sat quietly listening to, Listen with Mother. My mother would be doing the washing in a twin tub, washing the dishes or cooking. These programs kept my mother informed and her sanity as she looked after our family in the confines of her lonely, suburban home. I was so happy after 23 years of living in Houston to be able to stay in touch with the UK and more important listen to a show focused on Women. This is one of the best quality shows ever made.
I’m a British ex-pat living in California for over 40 years. It was such a joy to discover this podcast and reconnect with a show I used to listen to when I lived in the UK. I listen daily and feel so much better informed about what’s happening in Britain. It’s a wonderful show full of in depth coverage of women’s issues in all areas of life.
I'm listening from Southern California. I just love Woman's Hour. So many relevant issues to relate to. So interesting getting perspectives from across the globe. Entertaining and informative!!! So glad I discovered this show.
I'm American, not British, but I think all women could benefit from listening to this show. It's informative and entertaining. It's rare that the subject matter does not speak to me in some way. I listen to this every day at work.
It would have been nice if Dr Paul Taylor had been allowed to finish a sentence! Really wanted to hear what he had to say.
I love listening to these podcasts although sometime i am confused when your experts only mention england and wales, are scotland and ireland not part of britain? also like hearing jenny and jane discuss their views. Great program, i live in florida and love the podcasts and as i am also scottish wonder why it is not included in your stories
I can't get enough of this podcast/radio show. It is unique, in my experience, in the way it talks about issues that are relevant to women without talking down to them, and mixes serious, newsworthy issues with lighter pieces, without trivializing the heavier subjects.
I love WH but I am getting increasingly fed up with the sporadic uploading of podcasts. Please can it be daily and dependable. Thanks.

By Lrba
Love it!
Listening to it can be stressful at times, guests talking at the same time, one over the other. The host can be brash sometimes.
I love this show. I listen to it faithfully. It covers a broad range of topics I'm interested in from a world feminists point of view. I agree I would love the podcasts to be the entire show but will enjoy the edited version if I must.
No need to say more
This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including health, politics, and popular culture. I am an American and I find most of the discussion to be interesting and relevant to my life. I am often surprised that the issues faced by women in the US and UK are so similar. It is also interesting to learn about things that are different in the UK than in the US.
This podcast is intelligent, inciteful and chock full of good stuff. Even though I am not British, I find the medical and political issues to be universal. I love the fact that women of all ages are interviewed. Great interviewer. I have found nothing like this in American podcasts on health or woman's issues, which tend to be too clinical or brief.
Although I am not British, I thoroughly enjoy listening to the varied topics this show addresses. It's refreshing to hear news with a feminine perspective, and amazing how universal our concerns and interests are. My only "'negative" feedback would be that the clips are obviously part of a larger show, and I wish I could hear it in ALL, rather than the (smaller) podcast portion. Still, Kudos to all invovled! This has become a regular part of my morning drive!
The show often deals with women in realtion to the British Government, and since I'm American, I lack the interest or understanding for these particular episodes. However, the other, more pop-culture oriented shows are interesting and informative. Most of the people in podcasting today are men, and it's nice to hear something by women and about women for a change.