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Wonderful discussion and real experts! What can be better?
My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew Marr and his family as he recovers. It might have been better if they had let this show go on hiatus during his illness, as the guest moderators, great as they may be in their fields of expertise, cannot direct and guide the discussions with the expertise that Andrew Marr could.
I, too, learned of this outstanding program from an endorsement by Stephen Metcalf of Slate's Culture Gabfest, and it's now one of my three must-listen shows each week. Civil, engaging, stimulating conversation with a host adept at his work.
Great show highlighed on the Slate Cultural gabfest this week
I've enjoyed this program for a few years. However, it seems like they only keep the previous week's program in the podcast queue. Somehow my computer missed an episode 3 weeks ago and I am unable to download it now, because only the current program is listed. (I'm a little behind on listening to the episodes.)
For anyone wondering where Start the Week has gone, do not fret, it is returning on October 6th, 2008
He does an amazing job at getting guests with varying backgrounds to have intelligent, interactive conversation. It has become the first thing I listen to Monday mornings. (They're on break until Oct 08, however).
great podcast. has it stopped updating, or is it me???
Start the Week always fascinates me, even when the topics discussed are ones I would have sworn could never interest me. Four authors read each other's books, then get together with Andrew Marr to discuss them. The result is a conversation, brilliantly led by Marr, which invariably stimulates, entertains and often leads me to my next perfect read. I never miss Start the Week; listen to one programme, and you won't either.
The best culture show in the English speaking world. Enthralling guests, always dexterously guided by Mr. Marr and thankfully the "theme" serves only as a leaping off point.
This is a great show. Each week there are around four different guests who talk about some broadly construed topic. Each guest gets some time to talk about his or her pet project. The best part, though, is that they usually have all done their homework regarding the other guests, so the war correspondant has read the poet, who's gone to see the director's movie, and so on. It makes for a very lively discussion.
This weekly show examines a theme from within the context of a variety of media. It is interesting, intelligent and refreshingly British. I look forward to each show.