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Is there a Debbie Downer award and does it automatically go to Nick Roush?
Besides Josh Allen, which of the guys we are losing do you believe developed the most in their time here? My vote is Bunchy.
Who is the player who is most under the radar who will be great this season
In honor of Madison, I have two things. Josh Paschal had a tackle in each of the last two reg season games but I don’t remember seeing him in bowl game. Health wise is he ok or is it because his conditioning isn’t up to that level play yet? How is Landon Young’s rehab progressing and what can we expect from him next season?
Would you rather fight a Vince Marrow sized Chihuahua or 75 Chihuahua sized Vince Marrows.
A big step backwards from last season even though the team stepped up. 50% more talking with 50% less actual content. So tired of hearing about KSBar. Or is this an advertising segment for it? Bring back J Lo and can the new guys!
The podcast sorely misses Freddie and Jared. Not enough pure football talk then coincide with the jokes and nonsense. It was a solid balance when you had actual x’s and o’s discussion but that’s kinda went away this season. :/
These guys are full of insightful nuggets of information and have fun sharing the details with the audience.
Listen to everything they put out
Love the interaction between the guys. Also, adding Charles Walker and Austin MCginnis was a great idea. They’re both funny and as recent UK football players.I enjoy listening to they’re breakdowns of games. Keep up the great work..Go Cats! Austin should be kicking in NFL.
I love this podcast. I’ve been listening since day 1. Yes it’s not the same without Freddie. I miss Freddie. The addition of Walker and Austin are great. But I’m sorry I have to unsubscribe and take a break. Nick I love your post and your football knowledge. Sometimes you’re to hard to listen to though. You interrupt people when they talk and you try to steal the show. I’m not saying this to be mean or say you’re a bad person or that you do it purposely. But the times you talk a million miles a hour and don’t give others a chance to talk can be nerve wrecking. But the last few have been rough. Sometimes saying less is ok. I hope you take this as constructive criticism and not slander or whatever. Hopefully I’ll be back.Please just dial it down. Good luck guys.One last thing. Nick PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE QUIT TALKING ABOUT NO INJURIES. I know you don’t want it to happen but man you talk about it way to much and you’d think after Landon You g you’d hate that word. Thank y’all
Love it
Cease and desist the Pardon My Take references.
Can we bring back the Freddie intro line for nostalgic purposes.
KSR keeps putting great shows. All the guys are great. Check out all of KSR shows.
Awesome show! It’s funny & you learn a lot about UK football
Miss having Jared on the podcast. The new guys are informative.
I want to give myself a pat on the back for giving you guys the 69th rating.
You make Nick’s awful voice somewhat manageable. Love the Charles Walker addition. Great pod.
It’s NFL Sunday ticket if that ticket was to a UK game and you were playing Nickleback in your headphones. That may not sound amazing, but it is.
Freddie would have never condoned nickelback on the podcast. Love the addition of Chuck but... nickelback?? come-on man. It’s not personal, it’s personnel
Only complaint is I wish we could get more episodes.


By ACokey2
The best podcast on the planet.