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It was boring. It was two people talking about nothing with a song here and there. Random
Nope! Horrible.
There's like 10 minutes of actual metal on here. Sure, the talking in between songs is pretty funny, but as a new listener who is here to get put on to some new metal, I was disappointed by the imbalance.
Best metal podcast out there, unless you're a conservative metalhead that won't accept anything but generic heavy metal. These guys play pretty much everything out there. Well maybe a little too much of heavy/power metal of course, but that's just me not liking that kind of music. I've been listening to metal for quite a while yet still sometimes i learn about new awesome bands from this podcast. And when they don't play music it gets even better, cuz these guys are hillarious with great chemistry between them.
Maybe it's because I expected something different, but I wasn't very impressed with this podcast. The show mostly consists of the hosts just talking, and half the time about things not even related to metal. Songs are played occasionaly, and sometimes not even in their entirety. To be fair, the music they DO play is very good. There just isn't enough of it. So if you're looking for a talk show with music played here and there, this is great. If you're looking for music and nothing else, I'd advise you to look elsewhere.
This podcast is freakin' awesome. They play awesome music and the hosts are hilarious! They talk about metal news and they make it funny, Ronvaldr and Zachrebuff are hilarious too!
(excerpt from my blog) Lately I've been listening to this Metal podcast called Metalscape quite a bit. Well, more than quite a bit. Okay fine, it's like crack. Boasting some of the most diverse playlists in Metal online radio, these guys deliver episode after episode with epic metal, random banter, and general pwnage in all respects. Playing everything from Brutal death and raw Black metal to Epic viking and power metal, you'll never get bored with the playlists. The hosts, Zach and Ron, have great chemistry and possess the unique ability to completely lose the thread of conversation (or sometimes simply run out of things to talk about), and still keep you lolling throughout the episode. Zach comes from California and is the somewhat upbeat contrast to Ron, who hails from Nicaragua where apparently they have no mac and cheese and live in cardboard boxes (according to Zach). These two guys make the talking aspect of the podcast more interesting than the music itself, and I applaud them for it. They also have an ongoing saga of "Ronvaldr and Zachrabuff", an awesome comedy/epic show in the vein of LOTR or warcraft, with plenty of elf kicking action in every installment. If you get really into the podcast, I encourage you to join the Metalscape forums. In addition to being a good place for random banter, these boards and the people in them give you a cool perspective on the podcast in general, and gets you in on the inside jokes on the show. This is my radio of choice, Long Live Metalscape!
This show is great, Zach and Ron play a lot of cool music. I learn about at least one new band every episode and they are pretty funny too in between songs. I listen to Talking Metal as well, but Metalscape is more laid back and they seem to know a lot more about less mainstream bands.
Thy greatest metal PODcast out there. Check it out. You'll get hooked
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Wow this is some pretty great stuff. Great music selection and the talk is good; great comments and news are thrown in to keep you entertained between songs. Highly reccomended.