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There is one one Creator who could lovingly make all that we see and discover: the Lord Jesus Christ, as in a literal interpretation of the Bible in both John 1 and Genesis 1. Romans 1 states the dire consequences of rejecting that fact. ID is great about the issues of science that point to the Creator, but it refuses to identify Him. That is my only complaint: keep up the great work!
Really great podcast that sits in the middle of brain bending science jargon and tell it to me like a 5th grader. Definitely something I’ll refer my skeptical friends too.


I really enjoy the content and interviews with many practicing scientists
Especially enjoyed Dr. Stephen Meyer’s interview with Prof. Brian Keating on The INTO THE IMPOSSIBLE Podcast posted here. Keep up the wonderful work
Qualified specialist here raise questions and explain growing evidence for a new view of the beauty of the science of nature. Bite size science given for the common, thinking citizen.
Wonderful cases for ID are discussed by experts in various fields. Discussions are based on empirical evidence and well formulated.
Excellent minds on this show. Intelligent Design (ID) is growing, and for good reason. I’m happy to see it reaching more people. And no, scripture is never quoted in these podcasts (I’m sure that people who are hostile toward ID will say that this is a Bible podcast).
Where else can you find engaging presentations on ID by the experts themselves! It’s a must for the science enthusiast. I get smarter each show I listen to!
I appreciate the varied expert guests who are continuing to think through the evidences and implications of Design Theory. I’m glad I found this podcast.
ID begins with a presupposition of theism and then tries to find evidence for itself. It’s the opposite of science.
ID the future has such a rich cadre of presenters and discussions across the spectrum of scientific pursuit. I really enjoy this podcast and it provides a tremendous bibliography for fact checking and getting cutting edge views on relevant topics.
Bumped into this podcast by accident but have been listening ever since. A lot of topics and information that I have never thought about. Like how you present fact based rational for your content - there is no ideological driven agenda: here are the facts which you think point to ID and if the listener doesn’t agree it doesn’t mean they are the enemy like is the case in so much discourse today.
Very interesting and in-depth discussions that are compatible with reality and filled with enlightening facts. I especially recommend this for youth to teach them facts based science instead of baseless and ridiculous teachings of evolutionary theory
I have been listening to and enjoying ID the future for many years. In my experience there is no better place to get the most up-to-date and user-friendly information on the miserable state of materialistic science and the unquestionable evidence for design in the universe than this podcast.
Great site! Always interesting and informative.
I love this podcast! It gives me hope to see that there are such notable scientists out there fighting for the belief in intelligent design. The podcast gives me more confidence to discuss intelligent design with those that don’t believe in It. I personally see no problem in the length as the 17-20 min podcasts are the same length as my commute to work , however, I can see how somebody could want lengthier versions .
Those who truly want to follow the truth will find these podcasts helpful. Don’t want to broaden your thinking, don’t listen!
Love the work you do! Very informative!
They are short, and a little rough (production wise) BUT substantial and weighty, day after day, from multiple disciplines. Very encouraging to those who believe. Maddening to those who won’t.
I have listened to the I D the future podcast for well over a decade, and I am I have always loved it. The fine people at the Discovery Institute are first rate in a handful of related disciplines. I love hearing interviews of Stephen Meyer, Ann Gauger, Douglas AXe, Michael Behe, Gunter Bechly, and so many other brilliant scientists and philosophers.


Just more non-scientific blather. Irreducible complexity does not exist in biological systems and DNA is not a computer code.
This is so needed and I’m really enjoying thus podcast. However I’m hoping that they will dive deeper into the science and details of their findings and opinions as well. It would make this podcast even better!
I enjoy listening to podcasts as I work around the house and in the yard and I find this one to consistently have amazing guests and content. My mind is continually being fed with new research and discoveries via the Discovery Institute. This is the most interesting and invaluable podcast on my downloads.
Really appreciate the guests and content on this podcast. I would agree with some of the other reviewers though that the sound quality ranges from fair to poor. Some at least occasionally longer episodes would be nice. And sometimes the interviewer takes unwarranted jabs at the other side. Great otherwise though.


By ricb2
These guys are great!
I’m a huge fan and rarely miss an rpisode.
As a fellow ID champion and a sound engineer I’m disappointed in the poor sound quality. The content is awesome, the guest compelling, however the host sounds like he’s reading a first year interns interview questions from the shower. The world is watching AND LISTENING we need to do better.
My biggest problem with this podcast is the length. These episodes being only 15 minutes long, on average, don’t allow for a very thorough treatment of the topic. Barely any follow-up questions, back and forth, or push-back. It leaves me wanting more, in a bad way.
Don’t listen to the detractors and trolls. This podcast is an excellent database with fascinating interviews coupled with current science.
Excellent podcast series for serious seekers of truth.
Great interview that gets to the point and explains it every day language.
Thank you for excellent podcast
Great information and interviews help flesh out what is happening in ID. Keep up the great content!
They present things with no science to back it up, just a few studies that have been debunked, science is a brutal competition for scientists, these people don’t have Anything that would survive in scientific academia and then they cry conspiracy, give it up evaluation is the truth just except it please!
I am interested in what other people have say on the subject, but there needs to be better audio control or a lot of people will be turned off to a poor sounding show.
Timmy — You are Exhibit A in the proof of value of the IDTF podcast. FWIW, when you are making vague ad hominem arguments supposedly about science, at least use proper English grammar and try to avoid conflating the singular and plural in the same sentence.
Please stop proliferating this garbage. As a Christian we all need to stop believing this obscene defamation of science.
Those that argue that intelligent design is a religious argument are simply misinformed and intellectually dishonest at best. Most opponents and anti-ID folks will not even look at the studies and evidence that runs contrary to their personal beliefs. That’s your run of the mill Darwinist today. Dogma is dogma in any generation. We just replaced creationists dogma with Darwinian dogma. Neither is correct. ID brings something new and compelling to the subject of the origin of species and it should be looked at critically and honestly and wholesomely.
Great podcast! I’m surprised I haven’t found this before now.
If you can maintian some objectivity and would actually like to learn something about biology, then tune in. If you're a big fan of Materialist just-so stories, then there's nothing for you here. Maybe go read some Kipling, one-star reviewers.
The scornful prior reviewer was of course correct, Darwin did provide evidence based on the science of his time, Of course in a world of nano intercellular machines and the elucidation of DNA/protein synthesis it is almost all quite incorrect and outdated. I like the podcast, it keeps me thinking in scientific terms and not antiquated materialistic dogma.
Very informative, and it's terrific to hear some of your favorite ID authors and know the fight is still very much alive.
I teach critical thinking. I value opinions from a position I don't hold. But today, I just can't continue listening to this mendacious podcast. Here is the quote that ended my hope for any honest content from the bulk of the participants. "He [Darwin] actually prevailed, not because of his science, but because he provided a materialistic creation story that suited the temper of the times in the 19 century. He did not provide evidence for his theory as it turns out." --Jonathan Wells Intelligent Design The Future podcast April 27, 2017 That's right. Darwin provided no evidence for his theory this frequent guest on the podcast claims. The site had been a bit more than a source of logical fallacies I can teach to my students in that its discussion of the demarcation in science had some merit. But today it stepped beyond my threshold of tolerance for nonsense. Darwin provided no evidence for his theory? Simply unbelievable and worthy of the utmost scorn.
I so appreciate the devotion of Discovery Institute to the science in the face of constant criticism by those who simply are not open because of their pre-commitments to materialism. Agree or not, this is admirable scholarship, worthy of consideration. Keep up the great work, IDTF team!
No religion here. Science. Factual. Evidence-based. Thought provoking. Scientists speaking out on a wide range of subjects pertaining to intelligent design.
It's rare to hear such profoundly stupid arguments dressed up as logic and reason.
Pure and simple Bollox.
I wonder if the angry 1-star raters ever have orginal thoughts? You hate this show because you've been told how to think by poor science education on TV. If you actually listen to this show you might learn how to think for yourself, use skepticism, remember the scientific method? Science is not the popular opinion of well funded tax payer suported academics, use the brain God built for you.