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Adictive hosts. Each episode just makes me happy which is weird. Very bingeable.
I love these podcasts. I’ve shared them with my girlfriends so we can talk about it afterwards. Listening to them is like hearing my best friend tell it. I’m all about wanting to get more details about anything and everything to dive in even more.
My favorite true crime podcast! Both of them are great story tellers and so relatable for those of us who are true crime junkies at heart. Their best friend chemistry and banter makes the shows that much better and I am so sad when one of them is missing from the episode. Thank you ladies for creating this podcast for us and more importantly for not letting people missing from there families become forgotten.


By HHolla
I had a three hr car ride to work each week for three months. At this time, I got obsessed with Crime Junkies! Ash’s storytelling ability made the drive fly by. I was so sad the day I caught up with the series. I went back and re-listened to older episodes! Please keep them coming!
I love Ashley and Britt!!! Great Podcast!
I tried several crime podcasts after catching up to my all time fave. This is a great podcast for a quick summary with great details! Love!
Hands down the best podcast show , I have ever listened to, Ashley and Britt constantly have me on my toes and eager to listen to episode after episode. I find my self even listening to episodes more than once!!
This is now in my top three fave true crime podcasts. While I usually listen to more comedy/editorialized true crime pods, this one is so much more direct and researched, and I love it! It’s a great balance to alternate with the more ridiculous ones like MFM. The level of research and detail lends this a lot of credibility, and they cover a great mix of stories I’ve heard of before and more obscure ones. I’m torn on if I’d rather longer episodes, but I kind-of appreciate them being shorter like <40 min. This is the first pod I’m joining Patreon for because I want to hear more!!
I love this podcast because it tells the crime story in a very easy way to understand. however, Britt is super annoying with chiming in and often repeating exactly what Ashley says just to be able to speak.
I found this podcast before taking a solo 8 hour road trip. I was so happy to be alone and be able to totally engrossed in back to back episodes. I didn’t even want to stop for bathroom breaks because I was so into the podcasts! Then, of course, when I did stop EVERYone looked so suspicious! Highly recommend!!
I LOVE being a crime junkie! I LOVE listening to Ashley and Brit inform their listeners about all sorts of cases from cold cases to newer cases close to them. I also love telling my friends that I am addicted to a podcast hah I truly am a Junkie. I love crime junkie so much that I had to make a rule that I cannot listen to the podcast past 5pm because I started to get nightmares. It. Is. An. Addiction. and I love it. - Chloe Sobolewski @chloesobo
To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Since my mom introduced to this podcast I have been binge listening. I like that there are resources for each episode... I love putting faces to names. CAN’T GET ENOUGH !!
I could keep listening if you stopped saying the word “like”. Every time you say “like” it ruins my listening and makes me cringe.
I can’t believe I just found this podcast since true crime pods are my favorite. Currently binging it and I think Ashley is a great storyteller especially as the episodes get more recent. I do wish the episodes were longer and I think Britt sounds so nice but not sure what she adds to it. Keep up the good work! I’m definitely a fan!
I am a recent huge fan thanks to some coworkers always listening to this show. It has great content and the podcast speakers are really good! They both stay on the story with a little banter, but not enough to distract. They also dont talk too fast and add great descriptions of visuals.
Love love love the content and the cases they cover, they tend to do cases that aren't as publicized which I think is amazing for the victims and their families. However, I do get a little annoyed when they gush over any mention of a dog. I think it takes away from the seriousness of the content. Also the tiny little giggles from Britt, and her constant "full body chills" usage. Overall, I would reccomend because the stories they tell are very enticing and informative.
I am so obsessed with this podcast. I listen to it while I do everything from working to cooking.
Love this podcast ! I love how you guys get to the topic and tell the stories so well . I’m currently binge catching up


I love the podcast, but Britt Has. Got. To. Go. She has the most annoying commentary and it really takes away from the podcast. I wish it was just Ashley


By ryecvi
Great format, good hosts, overall fantastic pod!
This podcast is amazing !!! Perfect balance of crime & true reaction & I absolutely love both Ashley & Brit. If you want a great podcast that delivers a great general overview with the big picture clues & facts - this is it. This show leaves you wanting more & more. I love that it inspires you to go help with advocating for a improved criminal system, advocating for victims or even just keeping your eyes open. It provides so helpful tips in keeping yourself safe. Also Brit is essential to the show. I found it funny to read some unkind thoughts toward her. First:rude. Your unkind words have nothing to do with the quality of the podcast which is filled with AMAZING true crime stories that are presented in such a unique -perfect -way. I bet you also complain about a bad burger at a Mexican restaurant - 🤦🏻‍♀️- Second: she is helping move the conversation along - they do need to somewhat stay on there script they wrote. So if she states something that you feel is totally obvious it’s for a purpose. Third: being from Arizona I come off a little ditsy because of my use of the word “like” or just my voice in general BUT that’s just how I talk & sound & doesn’t define my intelligence. Be kind people. Be kind.
I love the sincerity and depth.
Took a second to grow on me but I binged the entire show in 2 and a half weeks. Top notch story telling
Absolutely obsessed with this podcast!!! Love learning about true crime. I have binged listened to all the episodes, but am now sad I have to wait for them week by week.
I’ve been non stop listening since i found this podcast. ❤️
I started listening to podcasts on long road trips and this is the only one that doesn’t make me want to change to a different podcast or music. The pacing, humor, and banter are perfect for the subject matter. Perfect for binging and weekly subscription listening.
Totally totally obsessed with this podcast for the past weeks. They tell you story’s in a way that keeps you so interested that I sometimes sit in my car for 15 more minutes just to hear what happens next lolol love you guys y’all are awesome !!!
I’ve listened to so many crime podcasts but I LOOOVE this one so much! There’s so many stories that I have never heard before and the hosts stay focused on the topic so you can really dive deep into the story. It’s so good. I’m binge listening nonstop!
Crime junkie is amazing l just love the full body chills keep up the good bestest work ever
Awesome podcast channel, love you both Ashley and Brit ♥️ keep being awesome. The stories are amazing. You guys have me HOOKED! I’m on Twitter! @Dmart360
Love this podcast! I just wish they would cut back on Brit’s scripted questions. It’s painfully obvious that the questions aren’t sincere.
Can’t get enough of their podcast. I feel like I’m sitting there talking with my girlfriends. Love how they tell tell a story!
Crime Junkies is by far the best true crime podcast that I have ever stumbled upon. The narration is cohesive, clear, and engaging. I love the discussion between Brit and Ashley. I have definitely binged tens of episodes at a time during long trips. I absolutely love their show and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for great true crime stories. @darbsicle on Twitter
I am absolutely obsessed with this podcast! I’m not sure where I have been but this is my first time ever listening to a podcast and I cannot get enough!
I finished binge listening and I’m so sad 😭 My new FAVORITE podcast!!
I've always been a crime junkie but I just didn't know it. This is my first true crime podcast. I love your take on the crimes and the tips to stay alive. I am also a huge dog lover. I have three dogs and two cats. 🐶🐶 Currently binging since I just discovered your podcast.
I kept seeing one of my friends post about this podcast, I had to ask about it and check it out myself. Once I started listening I haven’t been able to stop! 😩
I can’t believe I just now discovered this podcast but atleast now I’m binge listening! Keep killin’ it ladies (haha see what I did there)


Please just tell me who is going walking their puppet.
I love crime podcasts and this has got to be my favorite I’ve ever found. This is all I’ve been doing all summer. Listen at the gym, listen in the car, Listen in the shower, listen all the time. So good
Holy balls thank you for this. I was looking for a podcast that that could help move along my very boring work time. And trying to watch Netflix on my phone is apparently frowned upon :) Keep up the good work ladies! Btw I love swaggggg Twitter: @DonnaUpdike
I heard about this podcast while watching Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube. I checked out the show about the suspicious death of a teen in Georgia. I became an INSTANT FAN OF THIS SHOW! The hosts ask really relevant questions and come to excellent conclusions! SUPER ENTERTAINING !! I look forward to each and every episode!!!


Soo interesting to listen to! Love the content! Started listening last week and I’ve been hooked since!
These women are amazing!!! If you are looking for the best true crime podcast, you’re in luck, because it’s right here. I just binged the entire shows past episodes in about 2 weeks, and now I’m about to join the fan club. FULL. BODY. CHILLS!