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Really well done and entertaining.
I am so blown away by how Ashley tells a story. I feel like I’m talking with an old friend. You can tell she is full of passion, but most importantly, she’s respectful and never forgets that it’s all about real people and their tragic stories. You can tell, she really is one of the good guys.
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints I think More research should’ve gone into your comments about the latter-day Saint faith. We’re not all sick and twisted jerks. Polygamy is not our thing. There are branches off of the LDS faith( that have NO support from our faith at all) that practice polygamy. We are good people Who have been misunderstood and labeled horribly wrong. Otherwise I LOVE your podcast! 💚 Keep up the great work.
Love love this podcast!! If you are looking for a good crime podcast this is it! Been hooked and can’t stop listening to it!
At Christmas of 2018 my friend told me to try this podcast, needless to say I finished it within 2 weeks... I listened non stop (way to work, daycare, walking my dog) because I was enthralled. Every episode is so well done, has great information and I love that they don’t just cover “big cases”. Seriously awesome!
I really enjoy Ashley as a story teller. She does a great job sharing the stories, and I enjoy her speculation. However, the commentary is less than interesting. Could use less “OMG!” and “Totally!” Makes the ladies sound very immature. I do enjoy the crime stories.
I can’t listen at night because they are so good! I get creeped out. BUT I love it. These ladies have me hooked on true crime. They are sensitive and knowledgeable. Keep it up!!!
My favorite podcast!!!
I love how Ashley tells stories. She honestly has me hanging on her every word. And I feel like I am the one having a conversation with her - Britt is fabulous! She always has the same reactions and asks the same questions I want to! I’ve been binging all week and I can’t watch or listen to anything else right now.
Highly recommend! Easy to follow, funny, and informative!
This is hands down my favorite true crime podcast and not just because the hosts are fellow Hoosiers! I’ve gotten others hooked too and look so forward to each new episode! Well researched and presented true crimes!
This is my first podcast and I am so glad it’s this one. The girls do a beautiful job covering the cases!
I listen to this podcast in the mornings getting ready, in my car on the way to work, at work, and on my way home from work! I’m crazy addicted to this podcast! @DontBeABH
I love Crime Junkie! I’ve attempted to listen to several, and Crime Junkie is by far my favorite. I love how well they tell the story, how they don’t feel the need to cuss (you know, so I can recommend my mama listen!), how much research is done behind the episodes in preparation. THANK YOU for being my favorite podcast. ❤️
Absolutely love this podcast! My husband and listen to it in bed instead of watching tv before bed! These women are doing amazing things! 💕
I love this podcast. I am a huge crime junkie and I always think I’ve heard all the cases I could possibly hear and then they report on more I’ve never heard of! Great reporting, great conversation.
Excellent crime podcast. A well put together summary of all that is known on whatever crime they chose to cover. Refreshing to not have politcs gratuitously thrown in.
I LOVE this podcast! I’ve had such a hard time getting into podcasts and I’ve tried listening to all different ones of different genres but this one got me hooked IMMEDIATELY. Ashley and Brit have great podcasting voices, which is important to me. I can’t listen long if a podcaster’s voice is annoying (it’s the truth lol sorry!). They also do a great job creating the content! The stories always move at a great pace with compelling evidence that looks at the case as a whole, rather than playing into who the media may have pinned the guilt on. I love hearing their theories about different cases. Their energy and excitement in this podcast sucked me right into the podcast world of true crime!!


Love this podcast! The background music throughout the whole episode can be irritating at times, but it won’t keep me from tuning in!
Ashley and Brit you guys are amazing, I just happened to stumble upon this podcast like a week ago, and I am already hooked I can’t get enough! I have a lot of catching up to do but know I will be sad when I am all caught up!! The narrative your research the dialogue everything is impeccable. Keep up the good work and keep making more podcasts . I do have a question not sure if you have yet , but are there any good crime stories from North Carolina? That is where I have lived my whole life and I would be ecstatic to hear about one !!
Love this podcast! The hosts are excellent and upbeat and straight to the story.
The Crime Junkie Podcast is an amazing podcast with the best hosts Ashley and Brit. I’m so happy I was told about this amazing podcast! I find myself smiling, laughing and crying all in the same episode! Please keep your Pruppet stories. Thank you for all you ladies do❣️❣️❣️ #BeWeirdBeRudeStayAlive #FullBodyChills #Pruppets #CrimeJunkiePodcast #CrimeJunkie
So obsessed! I have always been crazy about true crime and this is my first time listening to a podcast based on true crime. Truly pleased! My two teenage children are obsessed now too since I started listening in the car on the way to school. They have also gotten a couple of school friends into it!
I can’t stop listening to this podcast. I get so intrigued by people around me now. Also, i am now making sure at least someone knows where i am at ALL times. I allow my iPhone to track my location... idgaf about privacy issues lol. I really connect to the girls in this podcast. Thanks for loving dogs as much as I do 💕 and thanks for starting this podcast!
I just started listening to this podcast two days ago and I just can’t get enough! Ashley Flowers is so easy to listen to and constantly keeps you on your toes! Thank you for my new obsession! @A_MAZ_ING25
Ashley and Brit have great chemistry and tell the best stories! They love their listeners and always use feedback. Crime Junkies is an incredible podcast and I can’t stop binging it to get caught up!
Ashley is such an awesome story teller! I really enjoy how much her & Britt seem to genuinely care about the victims of these cases and are very sensitive to their stories. Also, I LOVE the obsession with dogs on the podcast! ❤️
I have to give my friend Abi all the credit for showing me this podcast! I’M OBSESSED!!! I find reasons to be in my car way too often to listen. Thank goodness for my commute. You girls are the best! P. S. My new mantra is BE WEIRD👏🏻BE RUDE👏🏻STAY ALIVE👏🏻 really hoping tanks will be restocked soon!!!
I LOVE this podcast. It’s well put together, detailed, yet it doesn’t have the feel of someone just reading a script. It’s the perfect blend of all things needed for a great podcast! Can you please look into the case of a missing 16 year old girl named Karlie Gusè from Bishop, CA. It’s a strange case, with little to no leads from what I understand. Might not be much to go on at the moment but in the future!
Ashley flowers passes but Brit makes me cringe. I get she’s the side kick but as episodes goes by she’s pretty much a hype girl.
I just recently found this podcast and I love it. The stories are well put together and are very easy to listen to. Keep up the good work!
Crime Junkie is ADDICTIVE. Literally love Ashley and Brit! They are fantastic story tellers and they really make sure they present all evidence available in an honest light. I also really love how they are constantly using their fan base and platform to help share the stories of these people and to help find any info that someone may have about the missing persons cases.
I only found out about Crime Junkie 2 weeks ago and have been binge listening ever since. I have an hour commute to and from work and Crime Junkie has saved me from this usually boring drive. Officially have my SIL hooked now too!
I love these ladies. I have listened to almost all the episodes in like a week.
I’m an avid true crime podcast listener and had been searching for a new podcasts for weeks. After listening to the first episode, I was hooked! What I like about Crime Junkie Is that it’s a new case every episode. Keep up the good work!!!
After binge listening to a few crime podcasts I ran out of things to listen to that I enjoy as much. I heard about this podcast which I was hesitant at first about because I like when Podcasts are dedicated to one crime and go really deep into details about it. So the idea that each episode was a new crime didn’t seem interesting to me. I was so wrong!! This is actually way better than listening to a long podcast about the same crime. I love listening to the story telling and I love how there’s such a wide variety of stories to tell. I will definitely be recommending this to anyone who has similar podcast interests as i do.
After I found this podcast, I started looking for other true crime podcasts because I loved this one so much and none can compare! This podcast is straight and to the point. They are long enough, with lots of details and theory’s, but they don’t go overboard and talk about things that don’t matter. Every story is grippingly interesting and told in a way that keeps you on your toes while you are listening.
Ashley tells a great story but I’m not sure what the others girl’s purpose is other than yelling “full body chills” every few minutes. I could do without the high school antics. The stories are short and leave you wanting more on the really interesting ones, but they aren’t the ones to do a deep dive.
My favorite true crime podcast! I love their storytelling capabilities and that they focus on less well known cases.
I’m relatively new to crime podcasts and I have become obsessed with binging the show to catch up. I love that it’s a new story every time! Also you gotta love that Indiana connection!
My co-worker has gotten our whole office hooked. I can’t stop binge listening to this pod cast! It is so good.
Thank you to all that make this podcast work and keep it running — I’m obsessed!
I do love this podcast because I learn about crimes I wouldn't otherwise know about. My only complaint is Britt. I find myself doing a Jim Halpert look at a fake camera whenever she makes a comment. She needs to offer up actual conversation and opinions rather than empty comments like, "what? that's crazy. I can't even."
Ashley is great and really knows her crime information, but I don’t understand why she has her sidekick, who doesn’t add anything to the stories. Sorry to be mean, but .......
Awesome podcast love the factual information and the delivery is well done. Just found out about the podcast two weeks ago and I've been pretty much non stop listening since I started. @goldencali104
I’m so mad that I didn’t find this podcast SOONER. Ashley and Brit are amazing and have sucked me in so good that I am behind in all my Netflix shows. I love you guys. Your facts are spot on and your podcast is so easy to listen to!
I drive a semi for a living and y’all make my day go by so much faster. Me and my pup(Jasper) have listened to all your episodes together while traveling the country. It’s so exciting when I know or have driven through the town y’all are talking about. We look forward to listening to all future episodes. ☺️
I woke up one day and wanted to finally get into podcasts. Being the crime junkie that I am I started searching for crime podcasts. I listened to a couple that I didn’t care for and then I stumbled onto Crime Junkie, within the first 30 seconds I knew this was the one! 2 days later, I haven’t been able to stop listening, I’ve heard about 20 of them already and got my fiancé hooked too, once I catch up I will sign up for the extra episodes ;) I need my crime fix already, gotta go listen to more now!!! - Yayaittta