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I miss this podcast. Each episode is so interesting and I’ll listen to them over and over!
I found this show during a five hour drive earlier in the summer and decided I had to start it from the beginning. I finished the show sometime last month. I miss it so much. I really hope it returns for a third season even without Allegra :( I saw a meme earlier today about not being taught how to do my taxes in school, but learning how to square dance. I thought learning how to square dance in gym class was just a southern thing. Maybe that could be an episode if y’all come back. There may be nothing to that story (I am aware that I could find out myself) I really hope the show returns, because I miss annoying my coworkers and boyfriend with Neopets trivia.
Absolutely love this show. I’m so sad to see it ended and there’s only two seasons, but I already know that I’ll be going back and re-listening to a bunch of episodes. The hosts get along so well, and their dumb jokes and banter back and forth make this one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I hope they’ll be able to team up on another podcast in the future!
Two older white men talk over a young black woman specifically to say Catholics have had it as bad as black peoples.
I miss the old format and subjects of the show it was more interesting compared to mere holidays. It’s starting to feel like a discounted “origin of everything” which covers all things on YouTube. Idk. They also haven’t been uploading in about a month so I’m losing interest.
I’m often skeptical of the format where hosts research a topic in one week (usually just online) and then “present” it via podcast. Like, I can read Wikipedia myself, thanks very much. But these three pick things they have experienced and heap plenty of entertaining and insightful commentary on top. Also, in a world of endless irony and sarcasm, it’s really nice to just have a goofy and pleasant podcast to listen to.
I found this podcast by accident and was absolutely delighted by the topics of season 2. I have a fascination with holiday traditions and where they come from, I’m the annoying person who loves to share what I’ve learned with less interested people. ;-) This Podcast IS fun and delightful and the hosts interact with each other very well.
I really enjoy the show, however, I can no longer listen to the podcast because it is explicit even though the show is in no way inappropriate. I was very sad because the show is very enjoyable
I love History of Fun. Plante, Allegra and Russ are great. I love the history of holidays, and I wanted to share a fun holiday thing my family does! Every Easter we create “Easter Soup” - a Polish tradition! In the old days families would take their meat to the Catholic Church to be blessed for their Easter meal. Now we just make what’s basically a protein soup - ham, cooked eggs and MULTIPLE kinds of sausages. I’d love to hear History of Fun talk about something like this when they get to Easter!
One time, in the States, I was at a karaoke bar and Dennis Haskins came in and started singing. I was too drunk to talk to him, but I tried to get a picture. Even so, it ended up just being a blurry mess the next day. Now, I live in Japan, where private room karaoke is the main form of karaoke. It's nice because you can go with your friends and sing a bunch of songs for as long as you want. It's also great, because you can sing any song you want and no one cares if it's slow or whatever. No more bar karaoke for me ever again.
I like this show because it feel more like a group of friends telling each other interesting facts about a certain subject rather than a team presenting a final project to a teacher. If you're looking for a show that gives you 'all' the detail facts about a topic than this may not be for you, but if you just want to enjoy hearing three people who enjoy each others company talking about some interesting things than listen up.
The History of Fun was a podcast I really enjoyed in the first season. I listened to most of the episodes. I disagree with the reviews saying that the hosts should be rethought. I think the three of them have good chemistry and the variety of ages is important because it provides wider perspectives. My first problem with the podcast now is that it’s about holiday stuff, which doesn’t interest me. My bigger problem is the new Explicit rating on Apple Podcasts. I’m not sure why it was added because the earlier episodes didn’t come of as inappropriate for teens. But with the combination of subjects that don’t interest me and the new ‘E’ rating, I have unsubscribed. Sorry History of Fun.
I love this podcast and love their humor and their ability to laugh at anything and everything but one of the episodes “A presidential pardon to turkeys” is literally just the same episode but with a different title as the Macy thanksgiving parade, but otherwise the best podcast ever
This is a fantastic podcast by the way, I’m so excited to see what season two brings. So! I’m from Florida and we didn’t have any official pranking night but one halloween long enough ago so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for it now I decided I was going to make a little money for Halloween. I went and TP’d a bunch of houses in my neighborhood of people I knew. I stuck forks in the group, I threw toilet paper through trees, even wrapping bushes totally. The real part of my plan was then going the next day and offering to clean everything up for them at the small price of $10 bucks a house. I made $150 dollars easily. Which I then used to fund my underground snack selling at school.
happy that its back.. but a few minutes in I quickly remember the issue I have with the show. what exactly does alegra add to the podcast? she just laughs through everything and her only commentary is to repeat the punchline of the joke and then laugh some more. annoying. getting rid of her would probably improve the show
Knock Knock Who’s there? A ghost goes... A ghost goes who? No, a ghost goes boo! Great show you all!
This is a great podcast. The topics are fun and the hosts are entertaining.
This is the first episode I listen to with the sharper image in Brookstone and believe me I was not impressed perhaps I do need to reevaluate their host and make a different concept on the show I’ll keep trying some more but I don’t know.
I genuinely enjoy this show more when Plant isn’t on it. He drags things down with his schlocky, un-clever jokes. The other hosts are funny and interesting. Take the break to nip him out of the equation.
This is the best podcast I’ve discovered in a while. Russ, Allegra, and Chris Plante are able to bring the podcast to life! I can’t wait for season two!!! I love the personalities on the show and how well they combine knowledge with comedy. I. Love. It.
Female voice and two male sounding voices do good job at talking about fun-related anecdotes. I like the male voice that’s also from Kansas City. Please talk about the quitillion (kit-trillion) high school dance thing please, we didn’t have it at my school and I refuse to look it up
This is one of the podcasts I listen to weekly — it’s great! Even when the subject matter for the week doesn’t seem like something that would be interesting to me, Allegra, Russ, and Chris always make it funny. As a follow-up to the karaoke episode, I feel like everybody thinks Bohemian Rhapsody is so good, but it’s way too long (and starts too slow) to be good for karaoke. The far superior choice is obviously Don’t Stop Me Now! Also, the most entertaining karaoke experience I’ve had was actually when I had to go on a cruise with my extended family a couple years ago, and every night at the karaoke bar this kid who was maybe like 16 performed the most high-energy, passionate, yet straight-faced renditions of such internet classics as All Star, Never Gonna Give You Up, and Bring Me to Life. None of the mostly-elderly crowd understood why it was so funny, which is partially what made it funny to begin with, but this kid was like a celebrity to me.
While I hate all three personalities and the subject is somewhat of a bore, the show is a lot of fun! Highly recommended!
Loving this podcast! The hosts have great chemistry, humor, and pacing. The length of each episode is perfect, especially for listening while I workout! I feel like I've learned so much random stuff for both things I already knew about and things I've never thought much about before.
This podcast is such fun. Between the world records and the Reader memories song, they have me laughing way too much while I listen at work. It's one of those series where as much as I want to binge the whole backlog, I force myself to listen to older ones at a more reasonable pace. Because the day where I go to listen to another and have to wait until the new one to come out will be a sad one.


My best friend recommended this podcast a few months ago when I drove from Georgia to California and I’ve kept up with since! Super fun and informing! As for karaoke , my go to is Love is Battlefield by Pat Benatar, but the best: I have a friend that does What I Like About You by The Romantics and he plays the harmonica solo. The song is fun enough to already be a crowd pleaser but then when he whips out a harmonica people go crazy. I think he’s found bars that do karaoke contests and he’s actually won some money off these performances.
Great topics that induce nostalgic memories from a wide range of topics such as video games, board games, movies, television programming, and physical activities. The trio of the cast: Russ, Allegra, and Christopher engage in hilarious, and witty commentary that convey the "hidden backstories" of the things we loved to do. Starting your day off with this Monday morning podcast, it is an absolute joy.
The History of Fun is a very entertaining and surprisingly educational podcast, and I recommmend very highly that you listen to it every week. Now that that's out of the way, I do a pretty dang decent Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. I know that sounds dubious, but let's hangout and grab a few cocktails and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. One time my wife and I took a nice day trip to Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California) and I rocked out some rad *NSYNC with a complete stranger. He was a good guy, and I think about him often. I hope you're doing well, random Karaoke buddy. Hey, check out this podcast while I have you here!
Such a great show. Thank you for all your amusing anecdotes, and the merry go round musical moments that make this show stand out. I’ve been listening to the show from the beginning, and I don’t plan on going anywhere. Here’s to millions upon millions of future listeners sure to set a Guinness podcast record going forward. My favorite Karaoke song has to be “What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes. A crowd favorite, but I too keep a google note on my iPhone of go-tos just in case. Hugs, Tom
My go-to karaoke songs are “Billy Don’t Lose My Number” by Phil Collins and “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder, but the WORST karaoke song is “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. It is way harder to sing than people realize and really bombs every time I have tried it or have seen other people try it. Also the only Are You Afraid of the Dark moment I still remember is from the TV movie, where they were looking for a carousel horse with a blue eye and found out that it had been painted over with brown. Somehow they found the right horse anyway, I can’t really remember. Love the show, thanks!
One of my favorite shows! In reply to the Snick episode: My favorite Are You Afraid of the Dark have to be a toss up between The Tale is Dead Man’s Flow (with the VERY grotesque looking monster) and The Tale of the Dollmaker. Both of those episodes always stuck out to me for being uniquely creppy/spoopy
This show's really great to listen to on my morning commute! Also, the last episode reminded me how afraid I was of Are You Afraid of the Dark, and that one episode where a librarian stole noisy children's voices and kept them in a wooden box. Pretty creepy!
Just discovered this podcast and love everything about it, lots of 90’s nostalgia and the hosts are great
I loooove the idea to do a goopy toys episode! I wanna know all the goop scandals! Also... my favorite/worst ever “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. The one with a slime monster who hung out at the public pool, and he would slip through drain grates and creep everyone out. I still look at drain grates like “Not today, pal!”
Love the show! A highlight of my Monday’s for sure. The episode of AYAOTD is by far the red Pool Zombie one. I remember being convinced he was going to come up out of the drain in our shower and kill me, so I didn’t bathe for a whole week :)
...that I hadn’t reviewed this podcast yet. Well I’m here to fix that for fear of malignant psychic intervention. This is such a jolly podcast that brightens my Monday drive to work. I have suggested this podcast to fellow employees so there’s that. I say keep it up and I’ll keep listening! P.S. The side story saga of the ROM theme song has been thrilling. It took a while but we got there! I think...
Look forward to it every week! i never watched are you afraid of the dark but the worst food to have an eating competition of would have to be, without a doubt: dry cereal, it seems easy at first, but three handfuls in, your mouth gets so dry, it’s hard to eat anything else
This is a awesome podcast!!! I didn’t know I could love a podcast so much 💚
Love this podcast, it's informative and fun at the same time. Tangents don't take long are are funny, couple line jokes then back to the content
Love the show! I took your joke offer seriously though! Go read Shopping List in Yokohama (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou) it’s about an android who runs a coffee shop in a post-apocalypse Japan! Mother nature is reclaiming what’s her’s! It’s very chill and pretty! There’s not a lot of plot so it doesn’t take a lot of dedication!
The history of fun was my first podcast and what a great Choice! I look forward to every Monday and you guys start my day off right! :)
Great podcast with interesting topics. Hosts are have a great rapport.
Love the subjects they talk about, but cannot stand the way they do it. Most times it feels like the hosts are more focused on making terrible (and I mean terrible) jokes and pushing their personality brand. There's been episodes of theirs where roughly a third of it is just nothingness banter. I know that nobody wants a bland reading of a Wikipedia page, but I'd rather hear about the subject history over the bad jokes and endless banter 100% of the time.
think about it. marshmallows. you’d have to chew SO MUCH and they’re all sticky and sweet, it would be the worst (also this show is great you should check it out!).
Disclaimer: I’m writing this review because Russ called me out for not reviewing the podcast in the Hello Kitty episode. The History of Fun has been a great companion during my stressful move and new job. It helps me each week by giving me some fun stories to listen to and cool facts to share with my new co-workers. I highly recommend subscribing.
A unique, entertaining, informative podcast that, unfortunately, is held back by its supporting hosts, Allegra and Chris. I hate to pass judgement on something beyond a person’s control, but their voices weren’t built for an audio platform and can be grating at times. That being said, they provide a great overview of each topic.
Each episode contains lots of knowledge that while may not get you the win at Jeopardy but could someday get you that bar bucks you attempt to get every Tuesday!