Reviews For Atlanta Monster / Monster: The Zodiac Killer

Absolutely love it. The writing and the music is so professional, the interviews are great and it’s awesome to hear from Law Enforcement’s perspective on cases like this as well, because they are people too and they are working these difficult cases. Well done absolutely love it.
Overpromises and underdelivers. At around the halfway point into the Zodiac season, they just abandon any pretense of journalism. They dismiss established theories with dubious suspicion and little or no countervailing evidence. Yet they entertain fantastical theories of ghoullish "Zodiologists", none of which could stand under any serious scrutiny. And it has a horrific bed of music.
Starts interesting- then the authors are so eager to make it fit their theories, it loses credibility.


The first two episodes were rich with production value and story telling. Then it turned into conspiracy theory rabbit hole interviews.
Very informative and interesting the ads are the worst part of it but it was great overall...
Way too many repetitive ads and replays/teasers
Firstly, I found the knock off Stranger Things soundtrack tasteless and oppressive. This isn’t a scary movie or a Netflix tv show, these are real stories of murdered kids in the city of Atlanta. It doesn’t need to be hammed up with electronic music. Secondly, if you want to listen for information, facts about the case, etc., that is, for an actual investigation, you will be sorely disappointed with this podcast. What you get instead is a pieced together and disorganized mass of conjecture, anecdotal evidence, hearsay, etc., without much context or discussion. Simply put, they do a poor job of organizing the information and the information is not very good.
1st season was ok. 2nd starts off good but they play the intro and commercials just as you start getting into the story so a 30 min episode has 3-5 breaks... I’m coming from Case File, Dr Death, Cold, Wonderland, so I think my standard is pretty high up there. Fix that and I would give it 5 stars
I love the podcast and greatly enjoy the dynamic between B and Denver! My only qualm is that B. Scott frequently uses the word “adulate” or “odulate” when referring to switching things up or making changes. I believe the word he’s looking for is oscillate. This is definitely not coming from a place of shade, as I am totally a fan. Just something that I hope will be a helpful observation. ❤️❤️❤️ you guys!
I tried and tried to listen but could not hold my interest. A real surprise.
I enjoyed this podcast, but it seemed like there were advertisements every 5 minutes. I would like more content and less advertising!
Season one I thought was well done. But season 2 seemed like he interviewed every single conspiracy theorist. I’ve never lost interest so fast in a podcast. Just became unbearable. Payne was in over his head with the zodiac content. Thought I would get more insight on the crimes but nothing new. Feel like Payne always has a problem expanding past the meat and potatoes of a story.
This wasn’t produced w the best quality & the interviews are scattered.
love love love
Just finished season 1. Way too many ads. I’ve never fast forwarded through podcast ads before this one. Quite annoying and made me like the podcast less. Can’t listen to Season 2 yet for fear of ad-stress. As for the actual story I thought they did a good job telling it. Being born in mid 80s not in Georgia I hadn’t heard about this.


Great series!
Lots of interesting interviews and investigation details.
This is for season 1. I thought the story itself was very interesting. But shortly after episode 2 the facts were more and more ignored and wild speculation was the narrative. Felt like the definition of losing the plot. Went from a fan to seriously disappointed quickly.
Both seasons have been about interesting stories that are told well by Lindsey. However, he edits the stories in a repetitive manner. The same clips are used multiple times and I feel like you could listen to one episode, skip one, and not have missed anything because it’ll just get repeated. Also the ad breaks are awful. I’d rather he did all the ads upfront rather than spread out. Kinda makes it difficult to enjoy with the interruptions.
3-5 commercial breaks for a podcast that doesn’t give you anything new. A waste of time! Don’t listen to this because there is nothing new to zodiac story. Don’t waste your time!
Really enjoyed the insight into the Zodiac
season 1 was great, full of content, season 2 was redundant and boring after the first episode or two, hopefully next season turns it back around


Listening to Payne talk about himself and his skill as a storyteller is getting olllllllllddddd. We’re here for the story. I don’t know if I can do another one of his podcasts. We get it. You did up and vanished, and people got arrested.
I liked Atlanta Monster a lot and Zodiac pretty well, so I would consider myself a fan. But the production in the zodiac season is really over he top, it’s almost unbearable to listen on headphones because there’s always background music in all of the episodes that is really distracting. Sometimes it’s loud to cover up poor sound isolation (Rabbit Holes episode) and sometimes to add mood but it’s totally overdone. Please pair it back!
First season was stronger and more interesting. The second is a bit long and middling. I’d seen the movie Zodiac and didn’t think this covered anything I hadn’t already known. It might have been cut down to a shorter episode run and been just as informative...
I’ve got a long commute and this true crime pod cast (both Atlanta Monster and Zodiac) entertained me for many many hours on the road! It’s like getting to listens to a TV show and done well enough that you never feel like you’re missing the picture. My teens had good conversations with me about these cases too.
Worst editing I’ve heard in a podcast. Lots of whacko conspiracy theories.
A lot of info & A lot of speculation. But it is produced really well.I season 1 I believe it is of recommend the podcast Criminology.If you want a season long deep dive into the Zodiac case.Then you’ll find it there,But this is good enough if you just wanna play in the realm of the theoretical.
So the pros: A lot of great information, investigation and interviews. Cons: Narrator is stiff and can be very repetitive. I also don't care for podcasts/books where the investigator/author clearly likes to tell his own story as well. I don't care if he had to hop on a flight to meet someone. Long, confusing intros and outros.
For the love of God More!!!


First episode you kinda trash everyone who’s done research on this for countless years. Then you say what you have is groundbreaking and totally original. Quick update for those about to listen, there’s nothing original or groundbreaking here. It’s a lot of here’s the evidence, well that’s not enough. Yeah, we all know the case is unsolved. This is a clear cash grab of a popular topic.
Couldn’t make it past the second episode because one of the men giving information constantly has a smacking sound while he was talking. He was in both the first and second so I assume he’s on all of them. It sounded like he needed a drink of water every time he spoke.
As with Atlanta monster and many tenderfoot shows, it quickly devolves into rumors without any fact checking. Strings you along with absolute trash. Stick to the facts like the first episodes.
No new or compelling information about the Zodiac case, stretched out for far too many episodes. Seems like a lazy cash grab. Overall, the case of the Zodiac Killings is interesting, so it’s easy to regurgitate the same info over and over again to get people to listen. Can’t recommend this unless you know zero about this case and really, really like an abundance of advertisements.
Episodes 1-8 are good. Not great, but good if you’re into true crime stories. After that, the podcast loses focus and is painfully repetitious. I stopped listening after about episode 11... it just became boring to me! The “music” is also really annoying, and like, trying too hard.
I am completely obsessed with this podcast! Super intriguing. Love hearing both sides of this case because we know there's always two sides to a story. I have a few episodes left...but I hope justice is served once and for all. Especially since the case is officially reopened.


By rs6699
Has spellbinding moments but is twice as long as necessary -to get in more commercials i presume. A number of these true crime podcasts as like this, 2-3x as long as necessary. Please be more concise to show respect for the listener.
This was actually pretty good. Very objective. Told different sides of the story without bias.
Fairly interesting story made slightly more interesting, but there are TOO MANY ADS. The little stinger before ads is now a trigger that makes me drop whatever I'm doing and skip as quickly as possible. To be honest, the ONLY reason I'm forcing myself to stick with it is I stupidly downloaded the entire season one day and it added OVER a gig of data to my mobile usage. Not only did I literally pay for this show, I have to listen to the terrible ad reads to boot.

By Once4
Good lord. That was an excruciating exercise - just because you record everything, doesn’t mean you have to USE everything. Lost count how many times I thought, “okay, we get it.” This podcast could have easily been cut down by half. Have never listened to any of the other productions by this outfit, so not sure if they are all strung out like this one. The actual case was interesting, but not enough to go on that kind of audial death march.