Reviews For Monster


By Gwenk44
Snoozefest. Couldn’t get past the first episode- it’s a shame Payne came out of the fate running with UAV season 1- but keeps attaching himself to these failures.
The commercials have more fluency and information then the shorter podcast “focus”
Overly funded, advertised and unfortunately lacking intrigue
Just got into podcasts and it’s hard to find stories to keep me entertained but this is not one of them it will definitely make you want to binge the whole season
I was 8 years old when the horrors in Atlanta first gained national attention. You guys did an excellent job tastefully reporting this. Thoughts and prayers to the families rocked and robbed by this monster. I am a new fan of your podcast. Highly recommend to all.
Such a HUGE waste of time. Please save yourself the disappointment. Awful podcast. And the guy is a total douche bag. Get this crap out of here! I wish I had the option to not give it a star.
I liked the first season, and the second season also has interesting content... but every 5 minutes or so he interrupts the podcast for an annoying ad about “underwear” or “New Years resolutions”. They are losing me as a listener if this continues.
Came into this podcast with great anticipation. Zodiac has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, this podcast loses all its momentum with consistent ad breaks and episodes just 30 min in length. I just finished episode 6 and haven’t learned anything that I couldn’t have seen in the movie or read on Wikipedia. I get the sense that the suspense is “manufactured” because the material is, in 2019, lifeless. I believe I’d have enjoyed much more a series on the investigations of suspects. Perhaps a focus on Toschi and his efforts to nail down the Zodiac. Overall, it’s not a bad way to spend 30 min, but would much rather lose myself into a 60-90 minute mini series.
That’s it... it’s informative and entertaining. Everyone stop being so negative. It’s a podcast... if you think you can do it better than do your own.

By Chumo
5 stars for the soundtrack
I enjoyed it.
Payne and his team did an amazing job with this podcast. As a documentary filmmaker, I love the pacing of the edits and interviews, the use of music was perfect, and Payne’s narration interjections was genius! Great job.
Way too any commercials nothing new here. If you want to know about the Zodiac through a podcast you could gain a lot more in depth information from a podcast called Criminology that did an entire season about the Zodiac case it was well done. Other podcasts have also covered the Zodiac
Everyone ignores the evidence because how could a black man possibly be guilty of killing those kids. Trying to free a guilty man. Ridiculous.
I personally really like Payne and have enjoyed all his podcasts. I like this one, but it's definitely not even close to my favorite. Or his best.
I have read many bad reviews of this podcast. In my opinion the first season of Up and Vanished was great. Atlanta Monster was not as good as Up and Vanished but I still really enjoyed it. Payne is young and not as experienced as some but as his podcasts go along they get much better. There are a lot of one star reviews but these podcasts are free. If you don’t like them then don’t listen. Stop trying to tear a guy down for bringing a cold case back to light. Thanks Payne
There are plenty of great podcasts with great storytelling, production and hosts. Sadly, this is not one of them. The story of this podcast is seeminglhy very compelling, but, the storytelling, production and host are so bad, it makes an interesting story intolerable. The host, Payne Lindsey sounds so stiff and his devlivery so forced and robotic, you'll find yourself wondering how any reasonalbe producer could allow him to host this. It's just awful in every way. The production is also painful. A flood of archival newscaster audio, often just inserted to seemingly fill time and not to support the narrative, just overwhelms the story without adding to it. Interviews are clipped, the audio design, although really great from a music perspective, is overused and insterted at weird moments that literally destroy the tension (instead of amplify or build on it). Honestly, how this level of awful production is allowed in what seems to be a professional podcast is unconscionable. Finally, the storytelling. Literally, the most important part of a great podcast and, in this case, the element that will make you want to smash your phone. In Storytelling 101, each episode builds to a tension-releasing crascendo and resolution (or, at least to some sort of conclusion). But, this story is literally all over the place with little to no rhyme or reason as to what it's trying to say or reveal. There is even an episode about conspiracy theories that is so effective in throwing the entire story off the rails, that you question why you are listening in the first place. Don't waste your time with this podcast unless you are doing research on all the wrong ways to effectively tell a story.
Waste of time
This is just bad.
Was very excited at first, but quickly realized it’s just another surface level history lesson on the same facts and details that have been told over and over again.
Season 2 Review How is this show rated so highly when all the reviews I see are negative? Positives: The Zodiac case is endlessly interesting. They have access to good sources with good info. Negatives: Horrifyingly bad commercial transitions. There's nothing to indicate when they're suddenly going to stop investigating and start selling toothbrushes. The show is pretty sure it's audience is stupid. The first episode states multiple times that what you think you know about the case is wrong. None of those claims were accurate for me. The host is not good. Doesn't guide the show well nor is he a compelling voice.
Truly awful podcast. Season 1 of up and vanished was great and then it is like his head exploded with a huge ego. Cannot listen to this rubbish any longer!
Love the podcast! The only problem I have is that the episodes are so short and so many of them. 15 separate podcasts for season 2, I mean come on. Make the episodes longer
Season 1 was okay, I kind of lost interest about half way through. But oh boy, they have me HOOKED on season 2! Great job!
It's gotten to the point that I can't stand the sound of Payne Lyndsey's voice. He seems to only be involved in podcasts that play commercials over content
I was excited to hear this podcast. I have read the book and been a fan of the David Finches movie. The subject matter is really gripping, but this podcast did not add anything new. This is a basic book report that was written by just seeing the movie and reading Robert Graysmith’s terrific novel. Just does not measure up to others.
I am trying to get into it. Hard to follow along - I guess to characters aren’t as impactful as ATLANTA MONSTER or UP AND VANISHED with that hippie girl from Colorado - not a fan ***unsubscribe***
In the first episode of season two, the host mentioned how the movie Zodiac only scratched the surface of the story. But I am now five episodes in and I have yet to learn anything new about this case. Maybe it is just difficult to offer up new information on a widely known, 50+-year-old case. I thought that season one of Monster was a vast improvement over Up and Vanished, but season two seems to offer little in the way of new revelations.
The content has potential, but I can’t stress enough how painful it is to listen to Payne’s narration. From awful inflection to the constant ego stroking, I can’t listen. I’m a true crime junkie who has listened to every podcast I can get my hands on (including U&V and Atlanta Monster) but just couldn’t take it anymore with Payne. Stop giving him attention so he can stop narrating and taking his “journalism” seriously.
Where is episode 5?
Is this for someone who has NEVER heard of the Zodiac??? Payne Lindsey is such a fraud. Theres no new information AT ALL!!! ANYone could have watched the movie Zodiac, written a 3rd grade boom report, and read that into a microphone with some stock iMovie creepy music playing. USELESS PIECE OF SH!+!!! GO AWAY PAYNE LINDSEY!!!!
This podcast is the equivalent of me in high school trying to right an essay. I never had enough content so I would add unnecessary sentences and details that had no connection to the narrative just to meet the required word count. I only made it through 2 episodes. Maybe it gets better. There’s so much background audio. It’s distracting. It makes no sense. I don’t understand how they keep letting this dude make podcasts.
Atlanta Monster was bad, and somehow this is worse. Overproduced dramatizations, ads every 5 minutes, and so little substance that I can’t even make a justification for listening.
I’m really enjoying how this is covered. Just the facts.


By Sa_mont
Terrible . Zero story line tons of ads
Typical payne podcast with an ad every 10mins during a 30min podcast.... Payne “the money grabber” has to relax if he wants to keep a following.
This is filled with a lot of stories & what ifs. Not a lot of cold hard facts or forensics. It’s entertainment not really investigative journalism. Interesting nonetheless.
I really enjoy this podcast: it’s very well-produced, info-packed and analytical. But it is just SO advertising-heavy. It’s 2 1/2 minutes of ads, trailer and theme montage before you get to any content, then there are two obnoxious ad breaks which feel like they come on every five minutes and are jarring because we go from narration and interview to Payne suddenly talking jovially about underwear or Zip Recruiter. Then there is even more advertisement at the end. There is literally only 15 minutes of actual content in a 30+ minute episode, and it feels more like 8 or 10 minutes, and it’s really frustrating. Is all of this sponsorship really necessary? I guess it would be worth it to go easier on the production value if we could perhaps hear a little more content and less advertising per episode.


I get it’s a free podcast but half of each episode is ads. No meat to this one. First season was enjoyable, not going to finish season 2.