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Interesting news that you often don’t get from the mainstream media with a biblical perspective.
Give him 90 mins and he will take you around the world with his broadcast partners! It is a insightful take on today’s news from a biblical perspective
Me never miss a episode- No, not one. Me thinking it good academic shook hope show. Me no miss-SHOW bird dung Me WATCH & listening alway. You like ding chow chops- Me LOVE JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT & THE FATHER
This is by far my favorite podcast to listen to! So informative and prepares me every week to be watching! Thank you Mr Jimmy and your entire crew! May the Lord bless you all!!!
I have been listening to Jimmy DeYoung since he was on SongTime years ago as we homeschooled. Years later he is still educating us on God’s Word and how the news reflects prophecy!
Listen every week
I have been listening to this podcast for months now. Very informative and helps me understand bible prophecy and the correct timeline. I teach all my friends and family how to use podcasts in order to listen to this one. I thank Jimmy DeYoung and all his contacts around the world for the great teaching.
All I want to say is thank you for not being afraid and having the courage to speak the Truth in a world that doesn’t accept it. And not just to Dr. Deyoung but to all the journalists that go to the ends of the earth to get us breaking news that align with Biblical prophecy. Please keep up the amazing work you do, you have encouraged me to “keep looking up” and to be ready for Christ’s return. Thank you again and God bless!
So grateful for your putting world news together by so many great authors to address what is happening around the world AND in light of the the what there
I love this podcast, You can’t get better information from any news source that I know of the way Jimmy presents it. His guests or partners that deliver their weekly updates on various areas around the world are simply the best. If you want to see the world as it relates to Bible prophecy then you need to listen to this podcast. I wish it was a daily podcast I would gladly pay for a subscription.
Jimmy DeYoung and his contributors keep me updated with all the current events from the EU, Middle east, and US all through the lens of Bible prophecy and truth. An absolutely refreshing view of the news you'll most likely not hear elsewhere. Thank you brother Jimmy!
I look forward to the weekly podcast. I love to listen in on my daily walks! Good stuff and great resources!
Chris White is a much better teacher
A must for anyone that appreciates the word of God and current events
The Bible teaches believers to honor our elected leaders. I am very disappointed that some of the guests on this show speak about some of our elected leaders in such a disparaging way. God has placed these leaders in their elected positions. They deserve our respect and support. We need to pray for all of our elected leaders. I will be canceling my subscription.


Great podcasts. I listen every week. Would advise that you advertise weekly podcasts on your daily airings. I stumbled on to these by accident. blessings to you, E. Dennis Bolen
Nothing compares to any other prophecy watchers as Prophecy Today. I listen to Dr. De Young on daily basis for his comprehensive take on all news relating to prophetic events. Thank you for bringing these podcasts to us on daily and weekly basis. May your ministry increase because of urgency and top-of-the-line reporting and analysis!
What an excellent and important resource to have as a Christian living in these last days! I can't think of anywhere else that you can get this wealth of information and from such a variety of well informed guests! Thank you for making this available as a free subscription. I listen to it every week! God bless!
I consider this podcast an important weekly update that brings together a worlds worth of info in one neat package. Mr. DeYoung's life long learning and insights make clear the weeks events. The regular guests bring a unique perspective, too.


By 2four1
Thanks for keeping us up to date with prophecy. Your explinations are insiteful and easy ro understand.
if your looking for someone who has an inside scoop on the middle east its history and culture and is a bible scholar then check out all of jimmy's podcasts. very informative, educational. insightful. He digs into the work of God and expains it very well. awesome Bible teacher...Expository preaching at its best!!!