I have subscribed to many of the podcasts out there and this is by far the best. The quality is so good that it feels like I am in the same room. And Alison? What can I say, she speaks to us like she is an old friend who just stopped by for a chat. She does not read from a script, just talks about the craft life, books to read, movies to see. And the people that she interviews come alive with their enthusiasm and knowledge. A great podcast - I look forward to each and every one.
Alison talks to a wide variety of people involved in many different aspects of crafting, art, design and creativity. Even if you don't find one specific topic relevant, the next one could be just for you. And the conversation is always entertaining, whether she is talking with a guest, sharing about a book she is reading or encouraging all of us to get busy crafting.
Alison is a fantastic interviewer! Guests always comment on it, and so I started to pay close attention to try to figure out what Alison does differently. It turns out attention is the key - she pays attention to her guest and what they are saying. She doesn't run down a list of questions, she holds a genuine conversation. She is interested in each and every guest and it shows. We as the listeners are the winners. Besides getting to hear great interviews, you're going to learn a lot of neat stuff if you subscribe to Craftcast. Alison has a great balance between craft-specific guests and general creativity guests. I've listened to her speaking with someone about a craft, like polymer clay, and thought, "I'm not into that, but I'll listen anyway," only to find myself several months later standing in front of the clay section at the craft store, my basket loaded with four different colors. I always take a look at the books from the authors she interviews because she's got good taste. I've picked up some good reads as a result. All in all - a definite 5!
A great podcast for any level of crafter. It's become a must-have for my commutes. Alison's interviews always have solid information, plus a dynamic format that includes music and book reviews. Definitely worth downloading!
After reading the other comments posted here, I may reconsider my initial reaction to delete all the Craftcast sessions I downloaded. Tried to listen to two of them this morning but was quite turned off by the amount of time wasted (in my opinion) at the beginning with personal chatter. I am a pretty patient person, by nature, but actually stopped both of the podcasts (gave it a second chance) and listened to someone else's show. I don't know about other listeners, but I would prefer the host get more directly to the topic, allow us to enjoy the interviews she has prepared, and save random personal tidbits for the end.


i listen to many podcasts on my ipad while traveling in the car or with the sewing machine going. i can hear all the rest of the podcasts well but yours is so low with the volume all the way up i can't hear. i enjoyed the podcasts when i can hear it - can you turn up the broadcast?
I have listened to your podcast for a long time. I am facinated by the kinds of crafts you discuss. I do not do most of them, but it's still interesting to learn about them. I really enjoyed the conversation with Zak and I enjoy hearing about your son's latest work. Thanks for all of the sharing. Sarah in Houston
I love the variety of crafters and artists that she interviews. Her interview style is very natural, she asks the questions I would ask if I had the chance to speak with these people. Alison Lee, the host, provides just enough of herself to make you feel like you're listening to a friend, but not so much that you find yourself wondering when she will get to the craft stuff. I wish there were more podcasts like Alison's. I highly recommend Craftcast to anyone who enjoys crafting.
Listening to this podcast makes me so happy. I think we are soul mates as everything you like I like...sometimes I laugh the wholetime and other times I can't wait to get my rocks out or my paints or waterever you are talking about but it usually is in the middle of the sleepless night and I just can't go digging for them...Tomorrow will have to get here first. And it does get here. Keep up the wonderful work cause so many of us love it.
This podcast is like having a knowledgable friend with you in the studio. A must for those who desire to be among creatives. The guest artists are facinating and Alison Lee is a hoot!
Just listening to an epsiode of Craft Cast is like a shot in the arm of creativity. Time flies when I am working and listening! Love it!
I have been listening to Craftcast for about a year and it is one of my favorite podcast. I love the interviews and diversity of interviewees interviewed by Alison. The show is truly inspirational in creating something yourself.
Great info and wonderful interviews
Alison is awesome! Listening to her podcast and interviews never fails to inspire me, no matter what the craft/technique/topic. It applies to ALL creative endeavors. Great exposure to alternative music, too. Thanks Alison!
My only complaint that Alison's shows go way too fast. I know it's selfish, but I'd like her to be on more often and longer!
Awesome shows lately! (Not that they're not always awesome, but I've especially liked the past few!) Thank you for making such an informative and well-produced podcast!
I'm so excited because I finally bought myself an iPod and this podcast is one of the first things I downloaded. I love your show! I love how you interview your guests (you ask all the right questions). Today I listened to show 100 with Tracy Bautista and it was so insightful. I could go on and on but I won't! I'm hooked....keep it up! I will tell my friends!
I recently discovered the Craftcast podcasts and wow! It's been great to go through the archives, listening to past interviews, book reviews, product reviews, tips, and music. We do a lot of 2-hour road trips; clearly I need to invest in the device to play my iPod through the car speakers so husband can listen, too. The variety of expert talent is wonderful. Great job, Alison. I highly recommend subscribing to this to anyone interested in the mixed media art world.
I recently got my first iPhone and never having had an iPod or iPhone before, I had no idea what I was missing by not having access to some really great information, the top of which is Alison Lee's fantastic "CraftCast" podcasts. I was a bit skeptical at first but was I ever in for a treat! I have been downloading and listening for the past two weeks, night and day, and loving each episode of CraftCast so very much. I will soon be caught up to the current ones and may just have to go back and listen to some of my favorites again, too (SARK in both of her interviews is amazingly awesome!, among others.) This is a great show that feeds the creative soul, whatever your favorite art or craft form might be...and Alison is the epitome of an energetic and thoughtful host!'ll be glad you did.
This podcast is a great mix of both Fine Artists and Crafters being intereviewed. I also like a taste of new music that Alison pops in there. She gives a nice mix of information that usually makes me check her website to find out more about. The book section is really helpful.
I'm sure I'm a little late to the party but VERY glad to have arrived. This podcast is so great! I am still getting caught up listening to the older shows. Well spoken. Warm and inviting. Thanks Alison for all the wonderful interviews with the leaders in our craft realm. The education and inspiration I'm receiving from your guests and you are tops!
I really enjoyed the interview with Rice, the music, and all the other interesting information. Now I'm looking forward to listening to many more back episodes.
This show keeps me from going crazy at work! Really, I look forward to it every week and have been happily checking out the archives. Alsion has become like a friend.
**Craftcast has been my square of dark chocolate every afternoon at work.** I work on a computer all day but constantly listen to my MP3 player. My hands and eyes are busy (just like someone said on your show) but my brain wasn't. I'm so inspired to restart my craft of choice (quilling, yep) after work and start selling my stuff again. I get so many ideas, I'm just itchin' to get home and get busy! Love the guests, the music and the encouragement! -Juliet
Not only does Alison have interesting guests, she asks them intelligent questions which will HELP YOU - the creative person, flourish! Her show is fun, enlightening and inspiring all rolled into one. Love it!
Such great conversations with creative types. A lot of topics are covered; some of the mechanical stuff and interesting tidbits about particular arts/crafts, but mostly it's about the mindset of the artist and how we really are alike. Lovely, inspiring show.
I find such inspiration in the interviews that Alison conducts. Other podcasts I have listened to have been too long and rambling. Alison keeps things on track, and leaves you wanting more. I feel like I have had a chance to get inside the heads of some amazingly talented people and better understand their creative process.
I almost didn't subscribe because of the interviews with the pros. I'm so glad I changed my mind! I have listened to 29 episodes in three settings and have heard at least one comment (suggestion, tip, or otherwise) in each episode that has been a keeper. I'll be listening to many a second and third time, I'm sure. This is one podcast I will keep in my library - much like tearing an article from a magazine or bookmarking a web-site. Alison's web-site is excellent as well. If you love creating - regardless of what you create - you'll find plenty in these podcasts to inspire you.
This podcast is fantastic and full of great info and interviews. There is so much insight!
I think that Alison does a perfect podcast. I love the variety of artists she interviews and the questions she asks. I love the product reviews and book reviews. Alison's voice is soothing and you can listen to her anywhere. I highly recommend this podcast. You will NOT be disappointed. Thanks Alison for all your hard work. I look forward to listening to more.
This podcast really stands out! Alison has a wonderful voice and personality, and to top it off, the show is interesting! Listen, then listen again!
Do more 'recycling,' though. Otherwise, it's amazing.