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So great to listen to the gathering of the Quarantined tribe. “ALL HAIL DOPEFIEND!”
The early episodes from the 2010s are really the best. You can listen to them all on the website too!
Is there anyway to access the original dopefiend podcasts . Those are the ones I really loved. Love how much you have branched out but I miss the Dope fiends voice, the lounge , everything.
Goodbye and good luck!?
Been listening to this for years! Love it DF!
In my opinion this is the best podcast ever!
Love every aspect of this podcast! Thank you guys so very much for all of the useful info, great music and cool smart loving people
This made my freakin month!! Love the Z's and missed them soooo much...can't wait to contribute to the show now that it's finally back, no more taking it for granted :p
Love listening to The Grow Report just wish they would have a show each week. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Z!! Bring back "The Grow Report"!!!


By Plugh
A collective feed of the best and brightest free thinkers on the planet.
Addicted to the entire Dopefiend network. Mellow and informative.
I've just recently discovered dopefiend but it is by far one of the most enjoyful podcasts I've listened to. Whether you partake or just like to learn and enjoy others opinions and stories.


By Ja5on
The Dopefiend and company are all amazing - top notch, quality broadcasting. Vape on...
Dopefiend podcasts are "fanstatic, unbelievable and it's terrible, but it's true".
title says it all
Best podcast network period
This is an incredibly good show, top-notch content from many players on this network. I haven't stopped listening to this since I discovered it several weeks ago.
Very informative and entertaining. I highly recommend it.
The network has a bunch of awesome shows and they are awesome to listen to at work or when you wanna get out of the daily grind. Eazy! ~vapoRonin
I stumbled on this potcast years ago and didn't get into it. I have since re-discovered this potcast and love it. I am currently downloading and listening to every single podcast from the whole dopefiend network. So I hope the debate is over...leave all the podcasts up. I love listening to them from the beginning. Also I plan on going back and trying to find some of the great songs that Queer Ninja played in the first few Sounds of World Wide Weed. I am currently on episode 27 and can't wait to listen to the whole thing. Anyway this potcast is super awesome so spread the word...but above all stay stoned!
Nothing compares to this podcast in quality information. Keep up the good work.
One of the best pieces of entertainment and knowlegable information on my favorit plant. I think that dopefiend is a very articulate and well spoken individual. I love the fact that I can toke with him while I listen. We have virtual sessions every week.


By jss479
The best Pot-cast out there super intresting and No BS
Excellent podcasts by heads up folks. Great information with an entertaining edge. Great for the medical user. Lots Of Tips and tricks...
Tune in chill out, enjoy life.
very high quality show! DF speaks the truth!!!!!
This podcast gets me through the day at work. All i long for is a little toke- and thats what I feel like I get with Lefty's Lounge. Some great comedy ontop of some sweet music tracks. I couldn't ask for a better podcast. Smoke weed every day.
This is my absolute favorite podcast.
Man, after 130+ shows, the DopeFiend is still churning out some excellent content. Whether at work or just chillin' at the house, it's a perfect vibe for you and/or the friends. Check out the whole network, every show is notable. And! If you're looking for an entertaining romp through Salvia Land, check out my one time show "The Salvia Podcast" in the Stocking Stuffer season around the New Year. Peace and Love to you and yours.
amazing podcast... would suggest you remove that part about MOM though dopefiend
I find this podcast very entertaining. At first, I found it sort of a "chore" to listen to my podcasts. But as time went on, I couldn't wait for the next episode. The music on Lefty's Lounge is GREAT. It is exposing me to different artists that I wouldn't know about otherwise. Then I buy the songs on iTunes!!
The best keeps getting better!!
my favorite potcast on the net 4 sure
You know that a podcast is great when you feel as if you know the people producing it. These people are my friends and I have never spoken to them once. If you are looking for mind captivating entertainment...... SUBSCRIBE. I have been listening for 2 years and I still eagerly await every episode. Keep it up Dopefiend I don't know what I would do if you had not followed your vision.
If you really want to educate yourself on this topic and enjoy great comedy and music.. You'll love this! Please listen, learn and spread this message...