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Reap retreat is something EVERY teen needs. CHACOLATE MILK. God bleaa
I love having access to the reap team's talks and thoughts. I've been on 2 of their retreats and they're awesome. I think they're doing a good job educating youth about many different things!
the REAP team to me has been a lifesaver. they have talked to me personaly. Paul, mary, Gretchen and Dawn are amazing; not to mention all the others like Pete and dan. They know what thier talking about and if you let them, they will guide you into your faith as a catholic.
these ppl r the most random ppl ever but some how got their point across at a retreat i went to... uranus.( you'd get it if you were there)
Dude these guys are highlarious
nice job
Thanks for your insights and interviews. A very worthwhile podcast to listen to.
Going to this REAP Retreat was awesome. I learned so much, and I'm hoping that I can join the REAP team.
These guys came to a retreat that went to and all the stuff that they said i was able to relate to
Seriously Uplifting, Seriously Amaxing, Seriously Inspiring...