R&D in the QC

Reviews For R&D in the QC

Larkin is the man and without him the pod would be trash
This podcast is an educational weekly update on Charlotte’s city politics. For a career mom with limited time, this podcast is humorous and up-to-date with current events and the political climate in the city. Larken and Tariq’s banter is hilarious and keeps me listening through the government jargon. Props for leading with Rage Against the Machine. I know to turn the sound down, but love the pumped up lead-in! Keep bringing both sides of the story and bipartisanship to CLT listeners!
The podcast is a 10 but for the music and overall decibel level of the music compared to the true content. One simple change can save a listener.
Enjoy listening to this weekly podcast. Thought episode 26 was the best yet. One suggestion: lower the volume on the intro and exit Rage Against the Machine song. Good song but I have to turn the volume down each time and then turn it back up when the pod starts.
Love these guys and their opinions. I’m so much more informed about city issues and love the opportunity to get involved. I listen every week and wish more Charlotteans would too!
The highly informed banter coupled with transparency and frequency make this one of the best communications tools in local gov history. Tune in weekly for a hot-off-the-griddle run through of City Council Meetings, Rezoning Hearings, City Budget Discussion, Public Forums and more. Tariq and Larkin speak plainly and respectfully to each other about the challenges facing the Charlotte community and then talk out possible solutions. Up your game of being a responsible Charlottean and listen in weekly!
These guys make airport noise (or at least the discussion around it) interesting to hear. Grab some popcorn and brush up on your storm water runoff ordinances, you are going to love this podcast!
Most "political" podcasts, TV shows, radio shows, etc. fall into one of two categories: (1) an echo chamber where everyone agrees with each other about everything; or (2) people with differing views raising their voices and talking over each other. R&D in the QC is such a refreshing alternative. Larken and Tariq prove that smart, thoughful leaders from opposite sides of the political aisle can respectfully discuss important issues in an engaging and entertaining way without personally attacking each other. Elected officials at all levels could learn a lot from these guys' example. R&D in the QC is a model for how political discourse should be done. Keep up the good work guys!
I'm glad these guys are taking the time to do this and have found a new way to communicate with the public, including their own thoughts on council matters and other guests they bring in. But that intro with Larken (I think) screaming the welcome over some Rage Against the Machine is godawful and makes me dread turning this podcast on every time.
Nice job covering the issues, but in 10 episodes you've had 9 male guests and only 3 female guests...come on...I know you can do better than that.
I am in love with this podcast. What a great way to get unbiased, relevant and insightful news about our city. Great idea to put this together to connect with your constituents. I’m a new regular listener and now a more informed Charlottean.
I'm really enjoying the weekly update from these two new city councilmembers. It is still in early weeks and I'm sure it will only improve. I am thankful for the transparency and look forward to the next Friend of the Pod guest. I'd love to see some interviews with representatives from each of the advisory committees - they offer a great way for citizens to get more engaged in local government. I wish these guys the best of luck - both with their podcast and their tenure on city council!
It’s wonderful having elected officials from both party look at the issues facing a growing city and working together for solutions. Bringing transparency to new levels.
Keep it up guys! Love being able to easily follow the goings on in city council. One thing - every time I hear “R & D in the QC” I think of research and development. Can be a bit confusing.
Gentlemen, what a great way to keep everyone informed and to articulate both sides of the issues. This action is a clear sign that our votes in the last election were for the right guys!
This is a podcast by two new Charlotte City Councilman from different sides of the political aisle. They get right into the content and issues of the day and provide really interesting insight for folks interested in City government and in the idea of whether bipartisanship and compromise can exist in the state of politics in this country. Very productive dialogue. We need more of this!